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Thankfully things seem to be okay so far, but if any of you live around here, could you please raise a virtual hand so I'll know for sure you're all right? Thanks!

Also, I'll be in Ottawa next week, so hopefully some of you can do lunch or dinner or something fun?
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Day 08 → A photo that makes you angry/sad

some rich men came and raped the land; nobody caught 'em )

full meme list under here )
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Hopefully you'll have enough pumpkins for the occasion, because Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie is like, well. Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. Eep.
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...AKA the bus trip from hell, which was replete with stupidities that definitely do NOT need exploring at this juncture (mostly because most of them were mine), I am finally here. [ profile] mr_t00by got here before me and so could meet me at the bus station (which, as it turns out, is within walking distance of the hostel). Now we need to find Stuff to Do without spending much money. I have already started up with the picture-taking, of course. :)

So, um. Hello, Canada. I've missed you.
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ETA because :

Thanks, guys.
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How I know I'm Not In Canada, reason number 32: There is hardly any food in my fridge.

*waves in general northerly direction*

Happy Thanksgiving, guys.

P.S. Good luck tomorrow.
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Random post of randomness, now with Numbers!

  1. Hannah called me at least four times today (technically yesterday) from her car, in which she had been lost in Boston for quite a while. I had to look up directions for all the different streets she found herself on. And by 'found herself' I do not mean 'discovered the meaning and purpose of life on Mass Ave.' but rather 'took a random detour because driving in Boston SUCKS'. I think she found her way out because the last I heard she was seeing Mass. Pike signs. Geez.

  2. Last night we had to have Baby, my niece Veronica's very sweet but very sick 13-year-old kitty put to sleep. It was sudden and sad (she had an only recently diagnosed tumour in her abdomen and the vet says she probably had a stroke because of it). On the way home from the vet ER Veronica asked us (her boyfriend Alex, who was driving, and me), if she could put on a song as tribute. The logical expectation would have been 'Stray Cat Strut' or something felinesque like that. But no, the song she played was 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra. My response: 'Okay, that's the only time I've heard that song used as a tribute to a cat'. Even Veronica was amused by the concept, which helped cheer her up some. I wonder what Sinatra would have thought of the idea.

  3. I was supposed to go to Mary's first official appointment with the midwife but [ profile] mr_t00by couldn't make it back in time for me to use his car, so she had to go by herself. I'm pretty upset about it, but I really can't do anything about it. I'll go with her next month. :/

  4. OMGBSG. Now we have to wait until next year? *flails*

  5. Holy shit. Could this actually happen? I mean, woah. Iraq might just up and kick us out? I repeat: Holy shit.

  6. U.S. Supreme Court backs Detainees' Rights, a.k.a. Constitution 1, Bush Regime 0. \O/

  7. Credit where credit is due: Stephen Harper Does a Good Thing. Seriously, I was glued to CPAC for a solid hour on Wednesday and was blubbering through most of it (and how much do I love Mary Simon?). Real history, being made right in our back yard and it barely made a blip on the news radar. Last February, Australia did something similar. It's not all that needs to be done, but it's a heartfelt start. So, yeah. I'm thinking it's way past time for the US to apologise for what we did to OUR First Nations and make some history of our own.
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Well, hmm.

Canada must be having a really slow news day.

Yeah, I'm spamming. Got yet another (unexpected) day off. Why am I not travelling? Oh, yeah, no money. Maybe I should work more.
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Third-party asylum repugnant to Charter, federal court rules )

Original Globe and Mail article is here.

More about the Safe Third Country Agreement and why it's a bad idea.

In other news, I'm in my future home location tonight, where it's warm and there's a dishwasher and a working oven and a place to do laundry without leaving the house (and it's Massachusetts, which I dig). The trip took me an hour and a half in rush-hour traffic, which means around an hour during off-hours, when I'll actually be commuting. More yay!
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If Maude is right, the new national anthem might go something like this (note perky women in red with paste-on smiles). It's a cool composition, scary creepiness notwithstanding:

*goes back to writing*
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Yay, another holiday recap instalment! Now where was I...

Oh, yeah. So I spent the night at the Comfort Inn in Trenton and then left early the next morning for Ottawa. I thought I'd find a bank first and maybe get someone to cash my cheque. The woman at the motel desk gave me directions for a local bank, but naturally I couldn't find it, so I decided to go on to the next town. Just off the exit ramp there was a CAA office, so I figured I'd try to get traveller's cheques there, since I was an AAA member and they're either the same company or do reciprocal stuff. They wouldn't do it because apparently the only way to get traveller's cheques is with cash or a debit card. I obviously didn't have either. The woman at CAA was very nice, though, and gave me directions to the Bank of Montreal in Belleville, so I went there without getting my hopes up. Good thing, too, because they couldn't help me either.

At one point I stopped at a Starbucks and tried wiring money to myself. I'd been trying to do this several times without success and I couldn't do it here either because of course they wanted me to pay for internet access (have I mentioned recently how much I really, really hate Starbucks?). I didn't have a debit card and didn't want to spend the little cash I had on something that probably wouldn't even work, so I decided to move on and try something else. I later found out that wiring money to oneself is Not Allowed by Western Union. After I got back to RI I found out that it wouldn't have worked anyway because alternate debit card I was trying to use from memory had been closed a month before even though the CSR at my bank had assured me it would stay open. Ugh.

Eventually I decided to try and get my kids to wire me money in Kingston, and after several hours I finally had enough money to last me for the next few days. I also got to eat fried cheesecake at a really nice Greek restaurant while I was waiting. I wish I'd known about the Greek place before I had the not-so-good wrap at a Pizza Pizza. But mmm, fried cheesecake.

I decided not to take the highways into Ottawa and went by the back roads. I only had to backtrack once when I took a road in the wrong direction. I'm glad I did, though, because I found a very pretty park on the lakeshore. )

I kept to the back roads all the way into Ottawa, up routes 15 and 7 through Black's Corners, Smith's Falls and Carleton Place. I wish I'd taken the time to get out and explore some of the little towns on the way. (next time, definitely). It got a little dusty and there was some road work, but hey, that meant it was Just Like Rhode Island!

Naturally I got lost on the way in. Here's what happened: The hostel is on Laurier St. I was all, yay! because I found Laurier St. with only minimal driving around (nowhere near as freaky as the Toronto Debacle; also I kept driving by the Parliament buildings which are so gorgeous that the first time I saw them my breath literally caught). I drove up and down the street for a while but couldn't find the right number. I finally asked at a hotel and finally figured out that not only was I on the wrong Laurier St. but I was also in the wrong city. And, um? Also the entire wrong province. You would think the fact that almost none of the street signs were in English would have clued me in to the fact that I was in Québec. How do you say *headdesk* in French?

Anyway, I had to ask directions one more time (who knew there was a Laurier St. E., and a Laurier St. W.?) and I got there late, but the guy who ran it was very understanding and even gave me a break on a better room. The facilities weren't great and the owners didn't seem to understand about not leaving random cleaning products and piles of sheetrock scraps around, but it was relatively clean and the owners were very nice. I think they're from India.

I was going to post the Ottawa pics in this post but I think I'll wait for the next which will probably go up today. They're my favourite of all and they really deserve a post of their own as opposed to just being tacked onto a long entry. Which means that yet again I'm way too wordy for, erm. Words.

ETA: I almost forgot: A belated happy birthday to [ profile] omphale23, and a current one to [ profile] lipsum. I wish you both joy, your fondest wishes come true, and kittens, if you so desire.
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I thought I had to work today, but yay, I don't! So here's the next picspam and Fascinating Holiday Recap. Because enquiring minds wanna know.

When I first got into Toronto I got lost for something like THREE HOURS because of all the one-way streets and the fact that I thought the streets on the map were a lot closer together than they actually were. Also, I don't drive well in cities. London was not as bad because it was a lot smaller and the hostel was on a main road. This one was tucked into a little square but was still in the middle of everything. I heard Danny, the owner, say something like "If the CN tower ever fell over it'd fall on us first". Comforting, that. Also pretty accurate; we were almost on top of it. Needless to say, I got honked at a LOT because I suck at driving in cities. I mean, dudes. I suck at driving in the city I live in, so imagine what I'm like in the busiest city in Canada (which is ANOTHER ENTIRE COUNTRY, in case some of you didn't realise that). You'd think that they'd look at my licence plate and the freaked-out expression on my face and be more understanding but nooo, they figured they'd freak me out even more by laying on their horns.

I don't have any pictures of the hostel itself, but there are some here. Danny and his wife (I think her name was Shelley) were great hosts. They have a little girl named Victoria who is something like seven or eight and loved hanging out with the guests. I should have taken her picture, too. Bleh. I didn't take all that many pictures in Toronto in general. My battery went dead when [ profile] peacey and I were at Kensington Market. Which? Was a lot of junk shops interspersed with fruit stands and little cafés.

I liked the buildings, all run-down and colourful. [ profile] peacey decidedly did not. :) I did manage to get a picture of one )

That night I went with [ profile] peacey and her sister to The Second City. I loved the show, but not so much the beer I had. Oh, well. Afterwards [ profile] peacey and Cheryl went back to their hotel and I walked around for awhile and took some more pictures. )

The CBC building was actually open, so I went in. The museum itself was closed so I couldn't go to any of the exhibits, but figured I'd go the next day after we hit the ROM.

The new batteries I bought lasted about a day. The guy at the convenience store said they were good for cameras. I didn't think so, but I bought them anyway. I did manage to take a few pictures at the ROM )

[ profile] peacey wanted to see the Rome exhibit and we were both disappointed that it wasn't there anymore. We did go to the Greece Gallery. [ profile] peacey actually owns ancient coins like some of the ones exhibited. I was v. impressed. *g* We also saw the European Galleries, specifically the Arms and Armour exhibit. My inner Arthurian and War History Geeks loved it. The amount of intricacy and attention paid to warfare is really interesting. There must be books written about it. Also the amount of ornamentation on the armour. The best part of this exhibit, though, was watching [ profile] peacey in total geekout mode. *loves*

We spent some time at the First Peoples Exhibit, and then [ profile] peacey had to leave. After she left I went off on my own, hoping to see this exhibit, and then found out it wasn't there yet. So I went back to the First Peoples exhibit and ended up being able to tag along on a guided tour that was just starting. I'm really glad I went back because the volunteer knew her stuff (yes, actually, I did take notes. Your point?). Because of her advice I got to see the last twenty minutes or so of Nanook of the North. Very cool. Now I have to see the whole thing, of course.

I bought actual camera batteries at the gift shop along with a pen and a really pretty sketch of an inuksuk, then headed back to the CBC building. Saturday afternoon, the museum was sure to be open, right? Wrong. Apparently most of Toronto is closed on Saturdays, including the CBC and the PATH shops.

And, okay, this is when things started to get sucky. I got money at an ATM and proceeded to forget the card in the machine. Which meant that the card was eaten by the machine. I didn't realise this until I was almost to [ profile] nos4a2no9's place. When I got there she made me a piña colada and let me whine about it all. [ profile] omphale23 arrived a little later with her own tales of woe and we had a very lovely time talking about fandom, academia, and [ profile] omphale23's philosophy of heights (1. high-up places are fine as long as one isn't surprised by them, and 2. heights where a fall would be fatal are less phobia-inducing than heights where one would live but break lots of body parts). She also tried to lure us into bandslash-land. I don't quite understand bandslash, but, y'know. Whatever butters your muffin. *g* The band boys do look lovely in eyeliner, I'll admit that. I still wonder if Beatles RPS is considered bandslash. Because I might be talked into that.

The next morning I went downtown to a Money Mart to try and cash a cheque. I was way too American or something, so they didn't let me. Fortunately, [ profile] nos4a2no9 did cash my cheque (possibly on account of my apparent honesty and because I generally say nice things about Canada. She should moonlight at Money Mart. American tourists with ADD would love her.). We also had a very nice lunch. [ profile] nos4a2no9 said the poutine we ordered wasn't real poutine. She called it "Ontario poutine". It was close, though, she said, and I had enough of it to realise I don't like it much, mostly because I don't like French fries much in the first place.

I had to leave earlier than I'd have liked, but I figured I wanted to get to Ottawa at a reasonable hour. The reasonable hour turned out to be the next morning because I didn't want to drive in the dark and miss out on the scenery.

More pictures, yay! )

I ended up stopping for the night at a Comfort Inn in Trenton and taking the back roads through Kingston. I was going to post the Kingston pics now but the entry is already way huge, so I'll post them with the Ottawa ones.

Next time: A Sunny Lakeshore, Fun With Western Union, and Utter Dorkery in Ottawa.
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: We have achieved Canadia.
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The long-awaited Random Bullet List!Update:

  • I just watched the first episode of The Sopranos. No, really, I've never seen the show before, having no HBO and all. If anyone tells me how the series ends I will kick them in the head. Well, okay, I won't do that, but I won't be a very happy camper. Anyway, I really like it. I knew I would; I'm a sucker for mob stories.

  • Ontarians past and present, and People Who Know Ontario: I need your help! I'll be in a. London/Stratford, b. Toronto, and c. Ottawa the last week of July/first week of Aug, with [ profile] peacey and maybe her sister.

    Suggestions for stuff to do? The only definite plan is King Lear at Stratford Theatre on the 25th, and I won't leave without touring Parliament Hill unless the sky falls or I get thrown out of the country for excessive dorkery (just look at these lovely pictures! Politics has never been so pretty. Well, okay, maybe once). Apparently I'll be doing a lot of driving, but oh, well, it can't be helped. Oh, and if you could recommend some local non-tourist-y bookstores?

  • I did not rig this, I swear )

  • Fic Rec: Well, two, actually, both by [ profile] shayheyred. Why haven't I read these before?

    • Objects in the Rearview Mirror (ds, multiple pairings/gen, R-ish). Gorgeous vignettes of various characters' thoughts at different times and places.

      You are my child as much as his -- more perhaps. My blood flows through you just as your father's does. You need someone to free you from the bonds you impose on yourself, someone to provoke you to anger, inspire you to greatness, force you to laugh at yourself, encourage you to cry, make you scream in pleasure. Love may hurt sometimes, but it should not kill your heart, or it is not love at all. Don't let the hurts of the past become your destiny. Live. Feel. Touch. Dare. Win. Lose. Love. Love whomever and however your heart tells you. If you are afraid, then be so. But don't retreat.

      Fight, Ben.

    • It Was a Very Good Year (Frannie/Turnbull, maybe mild R) Backstory for both Frannie and Turnbull, very believable. I have a big love for Frannie stories in general; this one's in firmly in the top favourites group.

      Often he surprised her by being useful. Sometimes he called with information that was helpful in a case. Once he helped locate Benton and her fake brother when they'd disappeared off the face of Lake Superior. Once or twice he acted as a buffer between the cops and that horrible witch of an Inspector who had designs on Her Benton. Yes, Turnbull had his uses. Like a footstool.

      And so of course she never noticed the footstool staring at her with wistful, hopeless, sad-sack adoration.

  • I have to see a dentist like woah. I have a missing filling that's starting to hurt due to weeks of not taking care of it, and I need a cleaning bigtime. I want to find a new dentist in the area. I'd best start searching before I have to get out the ol' string and tie it to the doorknob.

  • I watched a few minutes of CNN tonight while I was at the Chinese Buffet (eight bucks, all you can eat. Greasy, fatty, and yummy). It's getting pretty awful. I mean, yeah, it was Lou Dobbs, and I'm not exactly his biggest fan, but at least he was giving something that sounded like news (although it was really him reading letters from People Who Agree With Him, which isn't news at all).

    Then The Situation Room came on and they started talking about former Israeli soldiers posing for Maxim and how some people in the government of Israel are calling it pornography. Um. Interesting story, but I'm sure there's a whole lot more going on in Israel (and the rest of the world) that's more important. If I want modelling controversy, which I never will, I'll watch Inside Access. Which is right up there with American Idol on the Shows I Will Never Watch list.

  • Circumcision no "Silver Bullet". This basically says what I've been trying to say but haven't been able to find the words. And it's a mainstream news site, too.

  • [ profile] mr_t00by left a bag of clothes on the bus home from New Hampshire. He says it was about half of all his clothes. We tried to go to Kennedy Plaza where the bus was due in next, but it never came and all that happened is I got to use up all sorts of gas driving around while he waited because there is nowhere to park in Providence in the eveniing. The bus company was closed when he tried to call them, so we'll try again in the morning. Needless to say he is not too happy at the moment, poor kid. Cross your fingers that we can get them back. They're in a plastic bag with no ID, which isn't a good idea and he should have labelled them, but it's still a bummer that they're missing. :/

ETA: [ profile] peacey, I left a message for you at your LJ. :) :) :)
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Clearly the bullet list is my drug of choice these days:

  • Where is Stan Rogers when we need him?

    He wouldn't have been at all surprised, I'm sure. :(

  • I really want to make a list for [ profile] mission101, but I don't know if I can come up with 101 things I want to do in 1001 days. I want to make them meaningful, you know? I don't want to list something like "start list" and "finish list" and "go to the bathroom".

  • My mother's blood pressure is in the 90/50 range. She also has chronic anemia. She's been dizzy and weak. She's on several BP meds and Lasix. When she told me what her BP was (and it's been somewhat below 90/50) I practically ordered her to not take the Lasix or the BP meds until she saw the doctor. The doctor cut her Lasix in half, and also halved her lisinopril. IMO she needs to not take ANY Lasix. No edema, no symptoms of CHF. She's post-op but doing well considering. Also, one of the side affects of Lasix is ANEMIA. *headdesk* The doc said she may have to go over to Westerly Hospital for blood if her labs come back anemic. Yeah, I'd go with that, but um. I think the fecking meds are causing an exacerbation of the anemia. Of course, I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. If I did, I'd have a newer car.

    Dear AMA,

    Giving meds isn't always the answer. People aren't robots, they don't always respond the same way.

    No love at all,

    Me, on behalf of my maternal unit.

  • [ profile] songdogmi (not to be confused with [ profile] songdog, although both are Very Nice People) links to this:

    Killing wolves is still illegal in Michigan

    Why was it ever legal? Wolves are LESS AGGRESSIVE than dogs. Do we want to open up dog hunting? I don't live in Michigan, but it seems to me that unless an animal is directly attacking humans/livestock/pets, we should leave it well alone. And anyway, since wolves and dogs are almost identical genetically, how is a hunter going to tell he/she's not going after someone's Malamute? I don't remember any news article about pocket DNA tests being invented for use by hunters. wtf?

    Also? Cutest. Thing. Ever:

    (from this site, which says "wolves need friends, not owners.") See? Fraser was right. *g*

  • Fannish projects are humming along, despite RL issues. Yes, even [ profile] axial_tilt. I've also started writing what will likely be my longest fic ever (no, not the Barrett's Privateers one, although that's in the works and I'm gathering info, 'cause that one's hard). I really like the tiny scene I've written; it's one that's been in my head for weeks, and it turned out pretty good on (virtual) paper.

  • Night shift tomorrow. I'll make the obligatory "entertain me" post, I'm sure. No youTube, though, because Butler Hospital is Big Brother about youTube. :/

  • I'm going to have my Tarot cards read with [ profile] tapped_trish, et. al. on Thursday. I haven't done that in ages. I can read my own, ostensibly, but I haven't in ages.

  • My house is clean save for my room. I'll clean some tomorrow when I'm not writing (see list item re: [ profile] axial_tilt). But my kitchen! My dining room! My living room and bathroom! Yay!

  • Little Mosque holds its own opposite American Idol.

    I cannot tell you how pleased I am about this. LM is cute (not great, but cute and very watchable). AI is teh evil, and shouldn't be shown to kids under, liek, fifty. I loathe it from the depths of everything I have depths of. Bleh. Ick. Ptui. Yay, cute little sitcom!

  • Here, have some Stan Rogers:

    Free in the Harbour

  • ETA: How could I forget to add this? Happy birthday to [ profile] mickeyvt, and [ profile] kupukello! Many happy returns, dears.
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[ profile] peacey says I'm a deep cover field agent who wants to make the US gay for Canada.

I think I want to ravish her a little. *loves exponentially*
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Four things meme )

Also, OH, NOES!

*sighs wearily* [ profile] topaz7 did try to warn me.


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