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Question Period


Now I'm off to go places and do things.
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PM must press U.S. for Khadr's return from Guantanamo, court rules.

Naturally, he's considering appealing the decision.

Pontius Pilate's worldview is alive and well, apparently.
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Apparently some of the Bush-era asshats stayed around after their Leader left the scene, as evidenced by

Exhibit A (for asshat):

and Exhibit B (for, I dunno, something horribly, terribly insulting that begins with B):

There isn't a word for how furious both of these asshats make me. Because holy shit. These guys make Ann Coulter seem tame (I couldn't even finish watching the second one. I mean, I'm nauseated enough today).

If this is supposed to be comedy, it's not even close to being funny. It's disrespectful and hurtful and just plain MEAN.

(links from [ profile] maggiesox and [ profile] mcollinknight)
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Who needs reality television when you have Canadian politics?
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...because I'm too lazy to do anything else.

  • It's official: Barack Obama is NOT the Antichrist. I know y'all were concerned about this.

  • Speaking of elections, now there are two to keep up with. And this one doesn't look pretty, not at all. Stephen Harper is not the Antichrist, either (although I'm not so sure he doesn't eat kittens), but he does break his own laws.

  • Finally saw a doc about my shoulder. The X-rays showed nothing, so an MRI is next. The doc gave me a sling (which I'm not using because it's not immobilizing my arm where it should be and because I'm stubborn like that) and a scrip for naproxen (which I filled even though I can get OTC and just take more of to get prescription strength). I think the naproxen actually helps some. I take that for arthritis in my back anyway, but I ran out, which is maybe why my shoulder's been hurting more recently. I'm still sort of thinking I have a rotator cuff tear. I hope not, bleh.

  • I'm now somewhat spoiled for Passchendaele, but it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. It was my own fault, anyway.

  • Started watching Ashes to Ashes. The first ep is pretty good, although it feels like a genderswitch redux of Life on Mars instead of an actual sequel. I also miss Sam a lot. It's good enough to watch more, though.

  • Someone has apparently declared Paul Gross Week without telling me. At least that's what it seems like on the interwebz. They've also apparently hired [ profile] _scally as Official Spokesperson. Thank you, interwebz.

  • Dear U.S. Media,

    I'm an Obama supporter. I have quite a few issues with the McCain/Palin platform and how it's being presented to the public.

    However, could you please, PLEASE stop making jabs at Sarah Palin's parenting skills? I mean, come ON, does anyone wonder whether Barak Obama ever drove his kids around without a car seat? Does anyone think, hmm. How can he deal with caring for small children and running the country at the same time?

    The answer is NO. So please be fair and lay off Governor Palin as a mother and talk more about her as a politician. There's plenty there to discuss, believe me. Either that or give Obama's parenting equal time. Because the world really might want to know how old his kid was when he started back to work again. Or if he's ever fed them junk food. Or, y'know. Not.

    Stick to the issues, fergodssake.



  • Pictures, thank-yous, etc, still planned for sometime soon. I still have almost no energy. I know if I clean my house I'll feel less like a drip, but, um. See above re: almost no energy. And my shoulder still hurts [/whine].
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Y'know, I've always thought that the US (Republican and Democrat alike) held the #1 spot in the Partisan and Proud of It contest.

Not anymore. America, you've officially been upstaged by the Conservative Party of Canada.

This video and at least one more like it is being shown at gas pumps in Southern Ontario:

No, really. AT GAS PUMPS.

[ETA] Apparently the Tories aren't going to get all the airplay they'd like--there's only one company that has the plasma screens needed to play the ad, and they've got a no-politics policy. But still. The very idea of it boggles.
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[ profile] meresy: This should answer your question. Definitely the Tories vs. Everyone Else. How utterly surprising. Or, um. not.

Want to write the PM a letter? Not that he'd listen, but he isn't gonna listen to me even more.
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So. At 3 p.m. today (in about twenty minutes), Parliament will be voting on whether to allow U.S. war resisters stay in Canada. I remember reading last year that their petition had been denied. I hadn't realised that the case was still open.

The thing is, even if the vote DOES pass, it might not mean anything, since the resolution is non-binding and the Harper government can ignore it. Which? They probably will.

My opinion doesn't matter a bit, but I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed for these guys.

If you're interested in watching the vote live (or if you just like to watch politicians yelling at each other in two languages), go here at 3 PM EST (anytime after that you'll still get stuff, but it'll be other stuff). Don't everyone all rush at once. ;)

N.B.: I wholeheartedly support the troops in Iraq (and hope they come home ASAP), but I equally support those who make a conscientious choice not to fight in an illegal war.

ETA: Well, the vote passed, so now it's up to the government. *sigh*
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Well, okay, not really, but if he really wanted to I definitely wouldn't bet against him.

Senate O'Canada, you have SO just been outclassed. And categorically pwned.

And um? I think someone mentioned that they were going to record the hearing? Hopefully? Because I sort of forgot it was Wednesday and I missed it. Eep.
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Post with link to article on Bill C-10 over at [ profile] canpolitik.

I lurk like crazy in this comm because I'm so very not qualified to comment. Maybe some of you guys who are might want to add to the mix and bring the IQ level of the comments up a little.

Addendum: Sarah Polley? Rocks. A LOT.


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