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Hi, all. For those of you who still remember me, I am not gone, honest! I've been on hiatus way too long, and I want to come back! Working full-time now, and it's eating my life (OTOH, I don't have to be worried about bank overdrafts for the first time in many, many years).

So. Tell me what's going on, give me recs, give me news, inform me! I'm going to try to go over my very long flist within the next week and do catch-up and delete dead accounts (of which mine is definitely NOT), and get rid of comms I don't read (these are more political than fan-related, and I'm officially sick to death of US politics). But I want back into fandom--picking up new ones (OMG DEXTER. SOMEONE PLEASE TALK TO ME ABOUT DEXTER), but still firmly in C6D (which I doubt I will ever really leave).

So, you guys, whaddya say? Am I welcome? Is there still a seat at the fannish table? Can I come home?
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"The Wind Cries Mary", no contest.

Why? Generally, because I've always liked it, all that angsty music and lyrics is right up my alley.

Fandom-ly, because it's so very Fraser/Victoria. It's near the top of my "stuff I would vid if I actually could make vids" list.

I mean, come on, check out these lyrics: )
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  • I own three copies of Black House (So far. I'm not ruling out finding another one in a box somewhere). Two of these are hardcover.

  • Mary has invited me to go with her and Juliana to Calgary next year. I may have held my arm out for her to twist gently, before saying yes. Hopefully I can talk her into staying longer than her suggested five days. Because um. FIVE DAYS? Still, yay Calgary!

  • Song of the Day:

  • Tomorrow we go to Meadowbrook's annual Holiday Faire. I've missed the last couple of years, which is a shame since I do a whole bunch of my holiday shopping there. They have all sorts of professional vendors who rent tables and sell everything from silk dresses to handmade wooden toys to organic herbal bath products to hand-dyed wool for felting to one-of-a-kind glass ornaments--all sorts of unique stuff like that. Since my goal every season is to get non-generic gifts and get all my shopping done without once setting foot in a mall, it's the perfect place. And it supports an awesome school.

  • Have finished Torchwood (which is a very amazing show; you should watch it if you haven't yet), and have read some fic, with mixed reviews. Not all are bad--some are really very good, but I still haven't found a fandom with a more consistently talented bunch of writers than C6D. Having said that, the Torchwood bunch are pretty resourceful when it comes to AUs. My theory is that it's because for TW, AU is canon. Also and possibly unrelated, some of the stuff I've read about the behaviour of the more fringe-y part of the fandom makes me want to do this:

  • Blog of the Day: Stuff White People Like. I'm particularly partial to this one, this one and this one.
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Name 5 characters you think really need a hug. )
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Hi. I'm going to bed, really I am, but first I want to let everyone know that this year's [ profile] axial_tilt is open for sign-ups! It's multifandom, but last year there were only a couple of fics from the dS and C6d fandoms (translation: mine and [ profile] omphale23's, which is still here at the old LJ site [and also is really really good], which we wrote for each other).

Don't let the IJ location stop you from joining this ficathon--for those who haven't used it, it works just like LJ with coding and posting (you can even use the exact same lj codes for users, comms, cuts and such). You can either set up your own account or do the open ID thing.

[ profile] axial_tilt was a lot of fun to do last year and I'm hoping for some more of the wonderful writers the dS and c6d fandoms to get on board this year. The minimum word count is just 500 words, and all the fics are PG 13 or less, so there's no compulsory long fics or difficult-to-write (for me, anyway) sex scenes. It's not an anonymous challenge, so you can start giving (and getting) personal feedback right away! Also, the deadline isn't until March 15 (to be posted on March 20, hence the axial tilt theme), so you have plenty of time! Also? [ profile] dorrie6 is very cool and you will all love her. :D

So, um, yeah. Go have a look? :D :D
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  • Eeeeeeee! The only thing is, I dunno if I should go because [ profile] tapped_trish's baby might decide to show up when I'm four hours away. Or he/she might decide to show up before, or after, in which case, hmm...

  • You say "covered in muck" like it's a BAD thing.

  • Speaking of which, here's a tiny news blurb on the subject.

  • FIC REC: Every once in a blue moon I come across a story that I'm positive I've read only to find that er, no I haven't, I just thought I had because I've known about it for so long and it's part of the Fandom Primer of Fic Everyone's Read. So, um. It turns out I hadn't read [ profile] minervacat's That's Where All of the Gangsters Live, and if some you haven't either (and check, you may just think you have), you need to go do that. It's Ray K gen with a little F/K and a dash of Stella thrown in, but mostly it's Ray/Chicago.

    I love stories that paint pictures of the landscape anyway ([ profile] nos4a2no9 does this. Go read her stuff, especially her beautiful F/K story The Price of Distance), and this one is great because it also paints an amazing picture of Ray K., and character studies are another one of my favourite kinds of stories. It's also a good intro for someone just peeking into dS fandom. And yay, now I want to go to Chicago. *adds to list*

  • I need to make a plan for my life. Like, I have to get my BSN and I really want to finish up the doula certification. And then there's the whole thing about where I'm going to live (NOT IN PAWTUCKET, DEAR GODS NO). I also want to do travel nursing, which is one reason I need the BSN: Certain Countries Which Shall Remain Nameless expect you to have one to work as an RN), I have a vague idea of all of this stuff, but no organized plan. I should maybe sit down with a Life Coach or something, but I've always thought Life Coaching to be silly, so, um.

  • Book Rec: The Long Exile by Melanie McGrath. I'd bought this at Borders after hearing an interview with the author on the radio, but then I proceeded to leave it at work where it disappeared. So when I was in Ottawa last month I found another copy at Chapters (I almost overlooked it because the size, cover and even the TITLE were different from the US Version). It's heartbreaking and fascinating at the same time. It made me sad and angry and hopeful and also made me think about how much assumptions about my own culture and way of life get in the way of understanding people different than me, and how often that's hurtful to those people. I try to be aware of my own prejudices, but I don't think any of us really can do that completely. Anyway, I really recommend this book. So far, I'm also liking Farley Mowat's No Man's River, which I bought on the same trip to Chapters.

  • This whole random list is nothing but an excuse not to clean my house. I should really do that. Now Soon.

  • Non-LJ friend Sandra wants to go to Montréal before it gets too cold. She wants me to go with her. She's talking Columbus Day Weekend. Er. That would be THIS WEEKEND. *headdesk* Maybe I can talk her into Veteran's Day and buy her some leg warmers?

  • It's chilly in my room. Getting up and doing housework would really get me warmed up. So would going to Three Sisters and buying a hot fudge sundae. Well, okay, no, that last part wouldn't.

  • Speaking of ice cream, there's still an ice cream truck trolling the neighbourhood (is 'trolling' the right word?), even this late in the season (This probably has to do with the high school up the street letting out for the day). Currently it's repeat-looping an music-boxy version of what is probably Red Wing but my mind is singing "Oh, you can't scare me, I'm stickin' to the Union". Which would be a strange but oddly cool thing for an ice cream truck to be playing. Also far less depressing than "Red Wing". Here, have a video sung by the Gods:

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Another one of those characters memes, because I can't resist. This one's from [ profile] sailorscully:

12 Characters:

1. Dana Scully (The X Files)
2. Darren Nichols (Slings & Arrows)
3. Harry Potter (Harry Potter book series)
4. Ray Kowalski (Due South)
5. Jake Chambers (Dark Tower book series)
6. Benton Fraser (Due South)
7. Delenn (Babylon 5)
8. Fox Mulder (The X Files)
9. Ray Vecchio (Due South)
10. Mike Sweeney (Durham County)
11. Buddy French (Wilby Wonderful)
12. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter book series)

questions about them )
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  • From [ profile] pegkerr:

    Mom puts bullying daughter in her place. I don't know how I feel about this. On the one hand, school bullying needs to be stopped, like last century. On the other, isn't this just another form of bullying? It's kind of a scarlet letter.

  • If you like new music (and by 'new' I mean 'stuff you might not know' as opposed to 'stuff written yesterday') and you haven't done it yet, go join [ profile] lunatunes. This week's theme is Canadian music, and no, I didn't suggest it. :P.

  • I'm in the middle of a massive triage of my wardrobe. Dude, there are clothes in my closet I haven't warn since the early nineties at the latest. Also I have a whole pile of skirts that are designed to look like hippie-chic but instead serve to make me look like Mother Hubbard. The Salvation Army will be happy to get all of these, I'm hoping. They're in good shape.

  • This wants to inspire a fic. I don't want it to. *resists* :

    Jann Arden - Insensitive

  • Some YouTube for Yoo:

    Thanks to [ profile] sdwolfpup for even more fic inspiration the link:

  • [ profile] aingeal8c has posted the second annual Big dS LJ Fandom Poll. She's trying to garner info on the State of The Fandom '07. Go help her out, if you haven't already. It's fun and painless. *g*

  • My writer's block is definitely over, but still needs a jump start. I think people missed this last time I posted it, so I'll try again:

    Name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudocanon. .
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From [ profile] birth_is_normal. Gods, this is gorgeous. And triumphant and inspiring and all those good words:

In other news, I think my writers' block is going away! \0

So, to give it a push,

Name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudocanon.

(meme lifted from [ profile] dragonflymuse)

Also, if anyone has any ABBA, could you share? I'd love to hear me some ABBA (shut up), and I don't want to open my computer-sucking file-getting program to get it.
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Clearly the bullet list is my drug of choice these days:

  • Where is Stan Rogers when we need him?

    He wouldn't have been at all surprised, I'm sure. :(

  • I really want to make a list for [ profile] mission101, but I don't know if I can come up with 101 things I want to do in 1001 days. I want to make them meaningful, you know? I don't want to list something like "start list" and "finish list" and "go to the bathroom".

  • My mother's blood pressure is in the 90/50 range. She also has chronic anemia. She's been dizzy and weak. She's on several BP meds and Lasix. When she told me what her BP was (and it's been somewhat below 90/50) I practically ordered her to not take the Lasix or the BP meds until she saw the doctor. The doctor cut her Lasix in half, and also halved her lisinopril. IMO she needs to not take ANY Lasix. No edema, no symptoms of CHF. She's post-op but doing well considering. Also, one of the side affects of Lasix is ANEMIA. *headdesk* The doc said she may have to go over to Westerly Hospital for blood if her labs come back anemic. Yeah, I'd go with that, but um. I think the fecking meds are causing an exacerbation of the anemia. Of course, I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. If I did, I'd have a newer car.

    Dear AMA,

    Giving meds isn't always the answer. People aren't robots, they don't always respond the same way.

    No love at all,

    Me, on behalf of my maternal unit.

  • [ profile] songdogmi (not to be confused with [ profile] songdog, although both are Very Nice People) links to this:

    Killing wolves is still illegal in Michigan

    Why was it ever legal? Wolves are LESS AGGRESSIVE than dogs. Do we want to open up dog hunting? I don't live in Michigan, but it seems to me that unless an animal is directly attacking humans/livestock/pets, we should leave it well alone. And anyway, since wolves and dogs are almost identical genetically, how is a hunter going to tell he/she's not going after someone's Malamute? I don't remember any news article about pocket DNA tests being invented for use by hunters. wtf?

    Also? Cutest. Thing. Ever:

    (from this site, which says "wolves need friends, not owners.") See? Fraser was right. *g*

  • Fannish projects are humming along, despite RL issues. Yes, even [ profile] axial_tilt. I've also started writing what will likely be my longest fic ever (no, not the Barrett's Privateers one, although that's in the works and I'm gathering info, 'cause that one's hard). I really like the tiny scene I've written; it's one that's been in my head for weeks, and it turned out pretty good on (virtual) paper.

  • Night shift tomorrow. I'll make the obligatory "entertain me" post, I'm sure. No youTube, though, because Butler Hospital is Big Brother about youTube. :/

  • I'm going to have my Tarot cards read with [ profile] tapped_trish, et. al. on Thursday. I haven't done that in ages. I can read my own, ostensibly, but I haven't in ages.

  • My house is clean save for my room. I'll clean some tomorrow when I'm not writing (see list item re: [ profile] axial_tilt). But my kitchen! My dining room! My living room and bathroom! Yay!

  • Little Mosque holds its own opposite American Idol.

    I cannot tell you how pleased I am about this. LM is cute (not great, but cute and very watchable). AI is teh evil, and shouldn't be shown to kids under, liek, fifty. I loathe it from the depths of everything I have depths of. Bleh. Ick. Ptui. Yay, cute little sitcom!

  • Here, have some Stan Rogers:

    Free in the Harbour

  • ETA: How could I forget to add this? Happy birthday to [ profile] mickeyvt, and [ profile] kupukello! Many happy returns, dears.
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In case anyone cares, and even if you don't, the answers to my fandom love letter meme are under the cut )

In other news, after fits and starts, I'm finally finished watching H20. Holy Jesus on a unicycle, talk about an edge-of-your-seat story. The sequel? Cannot be here fast enough. *bites nails*

Oh, and on a related (at least in the synapses of my weird and overactive brain) subject: Stephen Harper and Paul Gross were born on the same day.
They don't just share a birthday, may it do ya, they were born on the same day. Coincidence or Evil Plot? Discuss. (the fact that Willie Nelson was born exactly 26 years earlier may or may not be noteworthy).

In birth news, the news isn't good.

C-Section rate rises to 30.2% )

[ profile] patchfire says this, and she's right:

"The rate, the article notes, has risen by half since 1996, undoubtedly a result of ACOG's reversal on VBAC. This is, quite simply, intolerable. Caesarean section is surgery and should be reserved for times when it is needed. Not when the doctor is impatient, or the non-medically necessary induction didn't quite take, or the bag of water has just been broken 'too long' without a sign of infection. Most authorities suggest rates should be somewhere between five and fifteen percent, depending on the source."

Also, listen to this. Finally, someone mainstream is admitting that External Fetal Monitors don't change the outcomes in any way except to increase the already outrageously high Caeserian rate, and that the only reason docs use them is so they won't get sued (the guy who invented them even said they should only be used for high-risk births). And it's nice to know that at even though EFMs are epidemic, at least the latest Stupid Gadget didn't getting accepted without question. NPR actually says "births that occur in hospitals", acknowledging that um, no, not all births do occur in hospitals. They do persist in calling birth a "medical event", though, which it is NOT, unless a. There's an actual problem, in which case the problem is the medical event, not the birth, or b. So many interventions are used by obstetricians (and yes, a lot of nurse-midwives) that it becomes a medical event.
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Okay, so um. Obviously my definition of "a few sentences" isn't the same as the rest of the world's.

Woe. Angst. Gnashing of teeth.

Tell me, someone, WWFD??!!

By way of [ profile] isiscolo, et. al.:

Sum up your former/current fandoms in a few sentences, as if they were human beings/very convincing sockpuppets on your flist. Then let others guess "who" you're writing to.

1. I met you while I was terribly depressed and heartbroken. I became lost in you as a way of avoidance and hibernation. You were exactly what I needed at the time, and I'll always thank you for that. I'll always be grateful that I found you just when I needed your grand, sweeping charm. The weird thing is, I fell out of love with you even faster than I fell in. I eventually became un-depressed, I guess, and besides, you started to get a little too delusional for me. Or maybe a lot too delusional. I admit that a big reason was that I found someone else, and left you in the dust. I should be embarrassed about this fact, but I'm really not. I still appreciate where you came from, although the spectacle you made of yourself makes me cringe to this day. You started out so beautiful and idealistic, what the hell happened?

2. I had a dance card and you were on it. Your name was jotted down, offhand, somewhere near the bottom. What little I knew about you I got from second-hand hearsay. I didn't take up with you because of some passionate epiphany, but simply because you suddenly became available and I was bored. And wow. You bowled me over so quickly I was hardly aware of it. You stole my heart with our first conversation because you never pretended to be anyone but yourself. You're warm and wild and unconventional. You mask your bone-deep sweetness with layers of wit and clever comebacks. I want to peel you like an onion. Most of the time I believe everything you tell me, because it's obvious you believe it yourself. Even the tall tales. Even the bald-faced lies. When we're out together, you don't mind if I dance with someone else as long as I remember who I came in with. And anyway, you know everyone; the club we frequent isn't nearly as popular as the shinier, fancier one down the street. It's a small crowd, but boy, do they know a whole lot of dances. And because I do remember who I came in with, I always come back to you for the last one, every single time. Because what we got ain't just a flash in the pan, buster, this one's a keeper. And still we dance.

3. I'll always love you. Even when I'm not paying attention, not showering you with praises, not even looking in your direction for huge chunks of time, don't ever doubt me. You're like a patchwork quilt; you're all at once immature, loving, combative, annoying, creative, conceited, noble, deceitful, petty, compassionate, and smug. I love your pockets. I love your sprawl and your diversity. You've touched and changed my life in ways you probably never imagined. Or intended. I don't think I'm in love with you anymore; it's been a while since I was. Even so, please, please believe me when I say that I'll most likely love you for the rest of my life, because the gifts you've given me are priceless.

4. You were my first true love. I can't imagine a world without you in it. You showed me wonders; introduced me to places and people I never knew existed. You helped me learn that I wasn't the only strange bird in the flock. The first time I saw you, you told me a story from somewhere in the middle of the long, sweeping curve of your life. I wasn't sure what you were saying, but the way you said it made me want more, more, and more still. So you told me another one, another disconnected part of the whole. I had no idea what your history was, or where you were going. I only knew that I would follow you to the finish. Sometimes neither of us was sure if you had the strength or the support to finish the run. I shouldn't have worried. I guess I forgot about your dad's courage and determination. I'm really glad to have stuck with you to the end. I think of you often, with the warm affection that can only come from an old flame. I once thought you were perfect. I don't anymore, and that's okay. Better than okay. Your flaws somehow make you even more endearing.

5. You're different from all the others. We're different together. I don't do the same sorts of things with you that I do with them. It's not because I love you less; quite the opposite. It's because I love you so much that I don't have any desire to change you in any way. Some might think I'm either crazy or lying, because of how many times you've hurt me, and how much. You've literally brought me to hot tears, screaming and swearing and throwing things, more than once. I should want to change you, they say. I couldn't do it, because you wouldn't be you anymore. Your cold-steel bluntness is part of who you are. It's the honed metal edge that gives you that stark violent beauty I got lost in so long ago. And I do love your words. Your voice makes me shiver. I belong to you, always, ever, ad infinitum. I've never wanted to be without you, not even the times when I've hated you at least as much as I love you. I guess it's a given that I can't NOT love you. I think we're soulmates, as hokey as that sounds. I'm a different person today than I was before we met. I love you more than all the others. I can't help it, it's out of my hands.

6. I knew you and I would hit it off before I introduced myself to you. I was very happy with someone else, and I didn't think I wanted anyone else, so I procrastinated. A lot. Curiosity got the best of me, and eventually I couldn't put it off anymore. I introduced myself to you, we talked quite a bit, and damned if I wasn't right. We clicked instantly, what with our shared common interests and obsessions. You were funny and complex and cool. I felt like I'd fallen in love with my best friend. Things went very well for a long time, and my other lover didn't mind sharing, which was a plus. After a while you changed. You became disjointed and directionless. It didn't seem to bother you. I'm not sure you even noticed. It confused the hell out of me. I stuck by you for a long time after that, because I loved who you were, and I hoped you could be that again. No dice. It got worse. You became another person entirely, and I didn't like who that person was. Still, I got occasional glimpses of the smart, together, quick-witted person you were when we met, and I stayed, and hoped against hope. Then you hurt someone I loved very much. You'd tossed him around for a while, and I guess he couldn't take it anymore, and suddenly he was out of my life, and I didn't want anything to do with you anymore. You kept on, pretending there was still something inside worth loving. I couldn't see it anymore. I don't know what happened to you in the end. I could find out. I'm not sure I care enough to make the effort, which is sad, because I loved you. I think of the person you were a lot these days. I also think of our long-lost friend, and it makes me sad.

7. I met you through one of your neighbours. True fact. I'm trying to write true facts, in order to give an accurate description of you. I seem to be having trouble with it. I simply can't put you into words. Problem is, you're about as close to perfect as anyone I've ever seen, and that sounds ridiculous. Except it isnt, and I know it's true because I've done my research. Everyone who knows you loves you. I've asked around. You shine, is what you do. Everyone who knows you loves you, and you're not the least bit vain about it. I don't know why your entire family hasn't taken out a full page ad in the paper or put up a billboard announcing to the world that you belong to them, that they made you. And oh, did I mention how gorgeous you are? I'm not even going to try to describe that. It's not necessary, beause all anyone has to do is look at you. Even your colours match. So, since I can't use words to describe you, I'll just have to make it my job to squire you around and introduce you to everyone I know. I love you so very, very, very much, and I also respect the hell out of you, and I'm so fecking proud of you I could bust. It's my pleasure to see to it that you get all the glory you deserve.

8. I like you. I really had a blast when we dated a few years ago. I was never in love with you, but you were a good time and we had fun together. You were like a trip to the candy store. Some of the candy fizzes in your mouth. Some have chocolate in the middle. Great taste, pretty colours, all the kids are doing it. I just never had a desire to get to know you any better than what you showed to everyone else. I don't feel regret or sorrow or anything, it's just the way it is. You're a great date and you're very attractive, but I don't want to be your girlfriend.

9. I don't know you yet. I really, really want to. Like immediately. Like intimately. We've met, you know, briefly. I liked what I saw a lot. A great big giant lot. I have your number, I know where to find you. I've seen a few pictures of you. A few of them literally take my breath away. Why haven't I tried to get to know you better before? I really need to change this, because I have a feeling we could have something hot and gorgeous and fucking incredible. I know I'm going to be kicking myself for all the time I've wasted. I will be calling you, and soon. Very, very soon, you beautiful, beautiful thing. Guh. I get all sweaty from just thinking about what we could become. Holy shit.

Woah. It took a long time to think up all of that.

In other news, [ profile] malnpudl! I got your package. I'm waiting until I'm awake before I even take it out of the box, I'm that sleepy. *hugs* Thank you so very, very much, darlin'.
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Meme where there's the possibility of giving long wordy answers. How can I resist? By way of [ profile] ceilidh, who has one of my favourite usernames. :D

Comment with the name/title of a fandom I'm aware of (if I don't know it, I'll tell you, unless you want me to make something up, which I highly doubt, although it would be fun to try. *g*), no matter how obvious you think the answers will be, and I'll reply to you with the character I love best and why, and maybe who I ship them with. Also, you're free to reply in subthreads and ask me why I ship or don't ship something. In fact I encourage it. *g*)

Also, GO TIGERS! Because the Cards beat my Mets, and because I love underdogs, and especially because I adore my [ profile] peacey so much. And the Tigers deserve it. They've worked so hard the past, oh, couple of years, really, to earn the chance for the ring.

And GIP!.

Yes, that's mine, and I love it a lot. I get at least one compliment a day on it. People always are asking what it means, which of course is my chance to do some serious pimping in the guise of information. If it weren't for [ profile] moonlight69, I'd still be sitting here with a bare wrist. *loves*
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Well, gee, whaddya know?

Caesarean birth triples maternal death risk

cut for mild rantage )

And now, for something completely different:

Fannish meme variation )

In other news, my (very overpriced) copy of Hard Core Roadshow arrived yesterday, yay!

And today, my (also very overpriced) copy of Bernie Taupin's Tribe showed up. The overpricedness is because both items are out of print. My buying them is one reason I tend to be broke.

Anyway, even though there's two, maybe three of you tops that would want this, here's the file I've been trying to get for ages, and the reason I bought the CD in the first place. That and well, it's Bernie, and well. It's Bernie. :)

Bernie Taupin - Billy Fury

I might even do a proper review of it later on and pretend everyone cares.

Oh, yes. I heart the fantasy world inside my head. *twirls*
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Leave in your journal a list of fictional characters from whom you'd love to get letters. It's your friends-list's mission, should they choose to accept it, to write you in the comments said letters from the people on the list. Feel free to post anonymously.

1. Geoffrey Tennant. (Slings & Arrows. [Television miniseries...series, Canada)])
2. Roland Deschain. (The Dark Tower, by Stephen King. [Book Series, U.S.])
3. Mister Rogers. (Mister Roger's Neighborhood. [PBS television series, U.S.]) Yes, Fred Rogers was real. His TV persona was not.
4. Samwise Gamgee. (The Lord of the Rings. [Book series, U.K.] or [Film, New Zealand/USA.])
5. Oliver Welles. (Slings & Arrows. [Television miniseries...series, Canada.])
6. Caroline Fraser. (dueSouth. [Television series, Canada])
7. Jack Sawyer. (The Talisman, by Stephen King and Peter Straub. [Book, U.S.])
8. Duck MacDonald. (Wilby Wonderful. [Film, Canada]
9. Lyra Silvertongue. (His Dark Materials, by Philip Pullman. [Book series, U.K.])
10. Abagail Freemantle. (The Stand, by Stephen King. [Book, U.S.], or [Television miniseries, U.S.] Either one)
11. Diefenbaker. (dueSouth. [Television series, Canada])
12. Remus Lupin. (Harry Potter. [Book series, U.K.])
13. Curt Wild. (Velvet Goldmine. [Film, U.K./USA])
14. Fox Mulder. (The X-Files. [Television Series, USA/Canada])
15. Benton Fraser, RCMP. (dueSouth. [Television series, Canada])
16. Delenn of Minbar. (Babylon 5. [Television series, U.S.])
17. Alex Krycek. (The X-Files. [Television series, USA/Canada])
18. The narcoleptic Argentinean. (Moulin Rouge. [Film, Australia])
19. Peter Lake. (Winter's Tale. [Book, U.S.])
20. The Metatron. (Dogma. [Film, U.S.])
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Going to work soon, but um.

Is there anyone in fandom (or not!fandom, for that matter), especially in New England, who knows how to play Tarabish? I haven't played in years, I suck at it and still need to use the bloody cheat sheet with all the values on it. I'm certainly not good enough to teach anyone, since I'd have to learn to play all over again.

I'd love to play again, maybe get involved in a group or something. I'm v. sick of the whole work, be bored, work, be bored cycle I seem to be in. So why not play an obscure yet fun Maritime card game? w00t!
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Apparently a kit is necessary for toilet training.


Oh, and. You can find my current music here (just click on the word "song" to listen or DL file). OMG Bernie sings!! Excuse me while I prostrate myself in utter worship.

If anyone can turn this into an mp3 for me, I'd oh, so appreciate it. I'll even write a drabble in some fandom if I know it. Or no fandom. I've been wanting an impetus to write recently.

Lyrics are here.

Is it scary of me to want to filk this song and call it "I Wanna be Like Draco Malfoy?". Um.

Okay, then. Off to the DMV. ETA: Not going to the DMV after all, because once again I don't have the proper paperwork. I can never win with those guys. :/


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