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...AKA the bus trip from hell, which was replete with stupidities that definitely do NOT need exploring at this juncture (mostly because most of them were mine), I am finally here. [ profile] mr_t00by got here before me and so could meet me at the bus station (which, as it turns out, is within walking distance of the hostel). Now we need to find Stuff to Do without spending much money. I have already started up with the picture-taking, of course. :)

So, um. Hello, Canada. I've missed you.
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In honour of Der Tag der Deutschen Einheit (which I honestly didn't know about until LJ told me), here's a picture of [ profile] mr_t00by at the site of the (former) Berlin Wall, with one foot in the East and one in the West:

cut for delicate browsers )

I'd do what LJ's Writer's Block suggests and talk about the Cold War, but my brain is fried from being in two political systems at once last night (AVISO: This condition will likely not last long, you have been warned).
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You know how people ask questions like, "Do you remember where you were blahblahblah years ago?" No?

Well, um. I definitely remember where I was nineteen years ago, because I'd just given birth for the fourth (and, alas, final) time. Despite my horrendous experience at Evil Baby Factory, the end result was, and is, pretty awesome. :D :D

Happy birthday, [ profile] mr_t00by, YAAAAY! *kermitflail*

I suck at sentiment, so I'll let someone more eloquent talk instead (and yeah, this is the same thing I quoted when Hannah turned nineteen, but I'm pretty sure [ profile] mr_t00by will appreciate it more, seeing as how he's actually read the text in question).

On Being Nineteen )

And now for some pictures!

Baby!Isaac, circa 1991 )

This one's from last summer )

And this one was taken in San Juan during a cruise in January )
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[ profile] mr_t00by is in Greenland. Or Iceland. One of those. Anyway, he's going to be in each of those places at various times. He's using his LJ for a sort of travel blog. It's gotta be cool reading because, OMG Greenland and Iceland. First post (travelwise) is here.

After he gets back, he gets to go with me on a whirlwind trip to London!

Um, no. Not that London. I meant the other one.

And anyway, we get to spend a couple of days in the Centre of the Universe, and even Greenland doesn't have one of those. \o/

Greenland also doesn't have a [ profile] meresy or a [ profile] nos4a2no9, who we'll hopefully get to see.

Okay, now for sleep. G'night. Morning. Whatever.
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[ profile] patchfire, have you ever heard of Red State Rebels: Tales of Grassroots Resistance in the Heartland?

It's not specifically about the South (in fact, I think it's more about the Midwest/West), but it sounds like something you might like.

Also, [ profile] stormymouse, [ profile] j_s_cavalcante and [ profile] eldritchhobbit sent me LJ-prezzies.!

*looks disdainfully at recent posts*

Hardly any fannish stuff recently. Not Fun. Maybe after my weekend from hell is over? Yes, definitely. I have a story due, after all. :D

Things that are not hellish: [ profile] mr_t00by graduates from high school today, and later I get to see Amelia. Whee!

Things that are definitely hellish: Moving heavy furniture this Sunday after a night of no sleep in really hot weather when I have to work AGAIN Sunday night. I'm thinking of saying screw it and paying this month's rent so I can do it next week. Because ugh. I don't think it's healthy.
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  • See, now, this is why I get the CBC newsfeed:

    "It's a little bit of a shocker. Not the greatest way to wake up, but beats a cup of coffee, I guess, to get the blood going."

  • Am taking fiddle classes at the Blackstone River Theatre. A world of yay. I finally got my own fiddle back from the Fiddle Fixer Guy. Complete new set of strings and the bridge is back where it belongs (of course, I proceeded to break a string while tuning it and had to get another one). Am going to practise as soon as I'm wearing clothes instead of a post-shower towel.

  • I had a strange dream about Cape Breton last night. I was going with staff and patients from some random unit at work. Apparently we were only going to be there for a couple of days and were staying in a tiny tent with very little room to move around (I think this is the result of reading more of No Man's River directly before going to sleep). We were trying to decide where to go and one of the staff (a woman who reminded me of a cross between [ profile] mr_t00by's class teacher in grades 3-8 and my psych clinicals professor) showed me a picture of somewhere I'd never heard of and said she wanted to go there. I was all, no, we have to go to Baddeck". I don't remember what was decided. Also there was a female patient (who AFAIK doesn't actually exist IRL) who was obsessed with the colour purple. Everything was purple, her notebook, her pen, her clothes.

    I remember walking around in the sunshine, and at first I thought it was summer but then there was all kinds of snow on the ground so I figured it was late winter/early spring (apparently I didn't know what season I was travelling in) I remember saying, "I can do Cape Breton in the Winter". Which I can, since I've never been there at any other time. We were also at a beach at one point, which was windy and cold.

    I woke up with an awful sense of melancholy that I couldn't quite figure out until I realized that Celtic Colours starts in two days and I will not be there. *sigh* One good thing about not going is that if I'd gone I probably wouldn't have gone to Ottawa, and that was fecking amazing (and necessary, and quite possibly catalytic). See next list item for Another Good Thing.

  • My reason for not going to Celtic Colours isn't melancholy in the least. [ profile] tapped_trish is expecting her baby on 10/17, and I went with her for her doc's appointment yesterday. [ profile] croosa was there, too. *g* I was pleasantly surprised when he said he wouldn't check her for dilation unless she wanted to be checked (she didn't). Doc Rating is now up several points.

  • Had another dream last night which I remember almost nothing about except that I'm pretty sure Diefenbaker was in it (this Diefenbaker, not the other one, because well, that would have been really really weird). Now I'm really blaming my dreams on Farley Mowat, because there are wolves in No Man's River.

  • Finally talked to [ profile] mr_t00by about reinstalling AIM. He told me which version to try. Cross your fingers, [ profile] patchfire.

  • Speaking of Ottawa (we were, honest, just a few items ago), the other day I was out for a walk around Providence (I took some pictures which I'll post as soon as I have access to a computer that can upload them) and stopped in at Cellar Stories Bookstore. I'd never been there before. It's musty and full of old shelves and tables cluttered with all sorts of books (like a really good-condition version of Lovecraft's Providence which I've wanted forever and would have bought but I didn't want to spend seventy bucks). Anyway, I found Building the Rideau Canal: A Pictorial History, in really good shape. Of course I bought it. I'm a dork, remember? Also I found an old copy of The Library of Parliament. It doesn't list a publication date, but it has to be after 1976 because it mentions the Centennial of the Library, and before August 1979 because the foreward is by John Diefenbaker (now it's the other Diefenbaker. :D), and he died on 9/17/79 (and no, I didn't know that already. I looked it UP).

  • YouTube video of the day (I should really actually post one every day, but I'll probably forget):

    Oh, Pete. *loves*

    "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy" is prophetic and is pretty much how I feel about what's happening today in Iraq.
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But I just found this and I had to post it:

[ profile] mr_t00by never TELLS me when he puts these things up. I have to find them on my own. Geez.

Also, I need suggestions as to what colour to paint his room (note ugly walls in background). He's not giving me any suggestions except "blue". Anything's better than that mud-brown it is now.
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I've had the basics of this post for days. Apparently I'm going through a lazy phase. Or maybe I'm just plain lazy.

  • First of all, [ profile] stormymouse, I did indeed get your card and the gentlemen who came with it. You guys are the best ever. :) I'm a little afraid to try him out. I need some courage, dudes.

  • Fannish meme from [ profile] aukestrel, among others:

    mix-'n-match meme )

  • Speaking of [ profile] aukestrel: This thread makes me want to make a dS Tarot Deck. Like, a real one. I bet there are places online where you can put your own images on cards and things. Anyone know of one?

  • [ profile] mr_t00by's birthday was yesterday. He's eighteen, OMG. Yesterday we went to the Chapel as one of his presents. We stood up almost the whole time because standing room has a much better view of the field than the bleacher seats. Two national anthems, three-ish hours and thirteen runs (nine of ours, four of theirs) later the Sox had won, which means that I can hold my head up in Toronto next week. The only problem is, now the Evil Empire is in second place. [ profile] eltonroo, you must throw Good Wishes at your team so they can pull back ahead of the Yankees. Just the Yankees, mind you, and after today's game. Don't go getting carried away or anything.

  • Fannish Notice: [ profile] scally has posted some high-quality screencaps from Murder Most Likely over here (three guesses which one is my favourite). Usually MML caps are blurry unless you make them tiny but these are sharp and clear and good-sized. [ profile] scally has now taught me how to get the same results: stop the video before capping. It takes longer, but I tried it today on something else and it worked! Yay!

  • Speaking of picspam, these are gorgeous:four hi-res pictures under here )

    Oh, Martha. They're from this play which I had no idea ever existed. I really, really wish I could have seen it. I need a way-back machine. More pictures are here. Left click on "right click to download" to see the hi-res versions or, um. Right click to download. :)

  • Still not have seen OotP. I was supposed to today, but the friend I was going with didn't call me and I have to work this afternoon anyway. Bleh.

  • My hair is short. Like short. Maybe I'll post a picture sometime if I can have someone take one I could bear posting. I like the hair, mind you. It's just pictures of myself in general I can't stand.

  • Still not sure who I'm voting for in the Democratic primary, although Dennis Kucinich is saying some interesting things about some of my top issues, like health care, NAFTA, immigration and climate change. I don't agree with his take on all of the issues but for the most part I think he makes a lot of sense. I don't think he has a huge chance of winning the primary, let alone being elected President, but boy, he makes me think. I have to look at everyone else, too; he's just the one I started with because [ profile] songdog said I should. *g*

  • Two cool bits of trivia I learned recently:

    • Keifer Sutherland's grandfather was Tommy Douglas.
    • Andrea Yeager is now an Episcopal nun.
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So I spent last night at the Green Mountain Inn in Stowe, VT, while [ profile] mr_t00by visits Johnson State College. I'm getting an AAA discount, so I'm not paying full price, which is good. I'm comfortable and warm and I got to take a nice hot bath, but the utter tweeness of the place is pretty overwelming. There are STENCILS OF BIRDS AND FLOWERS AND FRUIT ON THE WALLS. EURGH. Also the canopy bed and the oh-so-New-England muted burgandies and cadet blues, and the little shelves with books nobody ever reads (um. Readers' Digest condensed books? Come ON, people). But yay complimentary wifi!

Good things about being in upstate VT:

  • Mountains and snow and old covered bridges (which are kind of scary to drive over).
  • Chocolate Strawberry dessert martini. Yum.
  • Yay complimentary wifi! I didn't even know until now that my laptop (which used to be [ profile] mr_t00by's laptop) could do wireless.

Mneh things about being in Upstate VT:

  • It apparently snowed last night, and I'm not good at driving in snow. It doesn't look like a lot, but still. Eep.
  • I didn't bring a toothbrush.
  • I think the guy at the front desk is fake. He's very courteous but sorta vacant.
  • The inn is trying waaay to hard to be quaint. See above for OMG STENCILS OF BIRDS AND FLOWERS AND FRUIT. Dude. There are two pseudo-Amish birds stenciled on the wall behind me. I had to sleep under birds made of paint.
  • etalk is as annoying as Entertainment Tonight (although [ profile] peacey might want to know that Gerard Butler was featured on etalk, and also Canada AM, which is just as annoying as The Today Show). But really, I don't care if Jake Gyllenhall and Reese Witherspoon make a good couple.
  • I have no time to do anything because I'm away from home so much these days. Tomorrow I'm bringing my mother home to Block Island (which is a good thing) and I'll be staying overnight at least, then I have to work Sunday to make up for not working Friday.
  • For reasons that I can't be arsed to explore at this juncture, my bright idea to hey! wander around southern Québec didn't happen. Not that I was jonesing to go to Québec anyway, but still. There might have been a bookstore. With a section on politics. *cries* My inner dork is NOT pleased, not at all. blrgh.

Oh, and [ profile] patchfire, take a look at this! I haven't read it yet. At first brief glance, it looks good except for some minor punctuation/quotes errors.
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Paraphrased but accurate phone conversation regarding junior class play at [ profile] mr_t00by's school:

[ profile] mr_t00by: So you know how we're doing Macbeth this year?

[ profile] primroseburrows: Yeah?

[ profile] mr_t00by: So, guess who I'm playing?

[ profile] primroseburrows: Um. Macbeth??

[ profile] mr_t00by: Yep.

[ profile] primroseburrows: *squees and gushes uncontrollably*

[ profile] primroseburrows: You'll be careful, right? Don't do anything dangerous like climbing on high ladders and stuff.

[ profile] mr_t00by: Okay.

When Dorks Collide. It's not a pretty picture.



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