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And I will try not to be so neglectful. I am so out of the fannish loop it isn't even funny. NO MORE, I SAY! FIE ON RL!

So, anyway. There's this. Which? I actually looked into because I'm going to be in Canada at around that time but haven't finalized my plans yet. I found out I would have to buy an entire subscription to see one play, so that's out.

So I was all disappointed, until I found out about this.

So, anyone want to see a Broadway play with me? :)
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Paul Gross is in Kandahar. &hearts

Okay, now I'm off to (finally) get X-rays.

ETA: X-rays tomorrow. I didn't have the paperwork today. Ah, well.
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Alberta Culture Minister defends criticism of home-grown television.

"Others were more blunt. Actor and director Paul Gross replied in an e-mail after being told about the comments by The Globe: 'It’s sad for the thousands of talented people working in Alberta to have their efforts reduced to a four-letter expletive and sad for all Albertans that this is what passes for responsible government.'"

Dear Minister Blackett,

What John Stewart said.

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Woah. How cool is this?

Watch Passchendaele online, courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada.

Also, this.
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Okay, yeah, so this is kind of really awesome:

The Leading Man: A candid chat with Paul Gross.

So, um, all you people who still think Paul's in love with himself should especially watch this.
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Paul Gross? SO not just another pretty face.

The Remix Project blog is here.

ETA: Fixed wonky link.
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So you remember that article I showed you? And the picture? Yeah?

Well, here's a companion video. From Rideau Hall, no less. He seems pretty blasé about Eastwick being cancelled, if you ask me (which, yeah, you didn't).

Oh, and he's also thinking about someday making a film about the Plains of Abraham. sdfk;ashdfsd;fhsdf. WANT NOW, PLZ.
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Aww, yay!

Oh, and a picture )
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I kinda sorta bought this from eBay:

Hey, I'm trying to decorate the new place, okay? Now I gotta find a 27"x40" frame.

In other news, I was the sole worker at a phone bank today, and I didn't take that spontaneous holiday I've been thinking about taking. I'm still not ruling out a foliage run sometime this month. Maybe by train. Ooh.

Bed now.
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So I'm in the middle of watching the season premiere of Little Mosque, and guess what's playing in the background of one of its scenes?

"Two Houses".

No, really, I played it back to be sure.

My week, she is made.
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Very nice cashier at The Grateful Heart: Did you see the new show based on The Witches of Eastwick??

Me: *gives review that is basically a giant pimpage of Paul Gross*

VNC: *actually looks interested* Did you know that the name "Eastwick" is an amalgam of East Greenwich and Wickford, RI?


VNC: Yeah, John Updike's ancestors are from here. There's even an Updike Park named for them. And Wickford's original name was Updike's Newtown.

Me: Woah. Really?

VNC: Yeah.

Here, have a pretty picture of Wickford:

In other news, it's time to unclog my drain. I bought some of this. *crosses fingers*
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Re Eastwick:

I am very amused. *uses icon in abject defiance*
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Look what [ profile] _scally found:

More here at her LJ.
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Okay, gotta go catch a plane. TTFN!
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This picture cries out to be captioned and/or iconned, because it is priceless:

Note to self: Watching CPAC and updating LJ is something I did not have to go to Canada to do, no matter how cool it is to be able to watch on an actual television.

I should really get off my arse, anyway. We're going to Stratford a little early because Stratford is cool and I want pictures--as if the seven bajillion I already have aren't enough. And who knows, Maybe a flower has bloomed or they've added a new duck. I want to go to the gift shop, too, because I never have done that, wtf?
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From the Globe and Mail:

In early June, while attending the Banff World Television Festival, actor Paul Gross sat down with a reporter to give his opinion on the current rush of Canadian TV producers, distributors and broadcasters vying to team up with American networks. Never one to hold his tongue, Gross – whose show Due South was the first Canadian-made show to win a prime-time slot on a major U.S. network – said things that very few in the gung-ho-to-sell crowd wanted to hear.

Okay, Paul, now tell us what you REALLY think.

ETA this:


Brought to you by [ profile] sam80853 and [ profile] catechism. Gallery is here.
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[ profile] _scally found these and said I could repost. As a public service, and all.

but wait, there's more! )

Because they need to be reposted so everyone can see them. [ profile] malnpudl, this means YOU.

I generally hate photoshoot magazine-spread stuff. My entire worldview is torn asunder.

Now for a (short) nap before work.
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Paul Gross Explains it All

...a.k.a. "Why don't you tell us what you really think?".

Alternate title: "That Don Quixote Guy was Really Onto Something". ♥♥♥


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