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Morning glories on the back porch--not fannish, but pretty anyway! No extra charge for the cute dog.


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Toronto signage, February 2011 )
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Pretty, pretty, pretty! If you're reading this at night, that is. Otherwise it's just regular pretty.

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Slowly but surely uploading my Ontario pics.

Here's a preview:

There will be more soon. I have like a bazillion pictures, and not just of the Musical Ride (which was OMG SO AMAZING AND VERY FUN).

PS: Anyone know how I can post higher-res pics to Picasaweb? My camera is a 12-megapixel and these pics are so much cooler in their higher-res versions.
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Hi, I want this:

Back to RL.
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Entire Funeral Home To Be Auctioned

Seriously, take a look at this stuff.


...and here's some music to accompany your browsing:

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Juliana in Anegata. This is just a pretty picture all around:

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I couldn't not share this one:

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Day 08 → A photo that makes you angry/sad

some rich men came and raped the land; nobody caught 'em )

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Slings & Arrows, Anna/Nahum, AKA Cutest Card Ever )

due South, Fraser/Kowalski. On Valentine!pink WHILE YOU WERE OUT paper )

Thanks to both of my Valentines for sending such lovely, creative gifts. And if the same person sent both of these, then TWO thank-yous to you, and then a bunch more, all heartfelt and happy. <3<3<3<3
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...because I was lazy yesterday and didn't feel like doing it. ;)

Day 05 → Your favorite quote

I have loads. This one is my current favourite:

"If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." - Carl Sagan

Day 06 → Whatever tickles your fancy

Me, at about age six:

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Really going back to sleep now.But first, an Observation.

Captain Jack Harkness:

is the love child of )

I'm just sayin'.

Also? I want his coat.
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Look what [ profile] _scally found:

More here at her LJ.
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This picture cries out to be captioned and/or iconned, because it is priceless:

Note to self: Watching CPAC and updating LJ is something I did not have to go to Canada to do, no matter how cool it is to be able to watch on an actual television.

I should really get off my arse, anyway. We're going to Stratford a little early because Stratford is cool and I want pictures--as if the seven bajillion I already have aren't enough. And who knows, Maybe a flower has bloomed or they've added a new duck. I want to go to the gift shop, too, because I never have done that, wtf?
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From the Globe and Mail:

In early June, while attending the Banff World Television Festival, actor Paul Gross sat down with a reporter to give his opinion on the current rush of Canadian TV producers, distributors and broadcasters vying to team up with American networks. Never one to hold his tongue, Gross – whose show Due South was the first Canadian-made show to win a prime-time slot on a major U.S. network – said things that very few in the gung-ho-to-sell crowd wanted to hear.

Okay, Paul, now tell us what you REALLY think.

ETA this:


Brought to you by [ profile] sam80853 and [ profile] catechism. Gallery is here.
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[ profile] _scally found these and said I could repost. As a public service, and all.

but wait, there's more! )

Because they need to be reposted so everyone can see them. [ profile] malnpudl, this means YOU.

I generally hate photoshoot magazine-spread stuff. My entire worldview is torn asunder.

Now for a (short) nap before work.
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Name 5 characters you think really need a hug. )
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Annoying RL is annoying.

This? Makes me happy:

[ profile] suchthefangirl, you may now commence with the mocking. ;)
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*stares some more*

Going to bed now. Mary's couch is comfy.


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