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NBC: Ann Coulter not banned from Today Show

See, I have this theory about Ann Coulter, which is that she might not be the conservative blowhard she wants us to believe she is.

Maybe she's a "conservative author" in the way Stephen Colbert is a conservative talk-show host. Only she's more clandestine and wants to plant herself firmly in the midst of the ultra-right lunatic fringe and thereby parodize them in such a way that they can't say a thing about it without looking like idiots.

Because if she really IS like her persona, she's pretty much an idiot. And if she's really a liberal plant, she's way, way clever in the way she does it.

And now, a poll!

[Poll #1326835]
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You are a

Social Liberal
(86% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(0% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Free Online Dating
Also : The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

I'm not sure if this is completely accurate, but I'm definitely not surprised. I've never seriously thought of myself as a socialist, but I'm pretty sure if I had to give myself a label that social democrat wouldn't be too far off. I've been thinking a lot lately about how I define myself politically and I realise I've never really thought beyond 'liberal', which is way too broad a term to really define anyone's political ideology.
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Random post of randomness, now with Numbers!

  1. Hannah called me at least four times today (technically yesterday) from her car, in which she had been lost in Boston for quite a while. I had to look up directions for all the different streets she found herself on. And by 'found herself' I do not mean 'discovered the meaning and purpose of life on Mass Ave.' but rather 'took a random detour because driving in Boston SUCKS'. I think she found her way out because the last I heard she was seeing Mass. Pike signs. Geez.

  2. Last night we had to have Baby, my niece Veronica's very sweet but very sick 13-year-old kitty put to sleep. It was sudden and sad (she had an only recently diagnosed tumour in her abdomen and the vet says she probably had a stroke because of it). On the way home from the vet ER Veronica asked us (her boyfriend Alex, who was driving, and me), if she could put on a song as tribute. The logical expectation would have been 'Stray Cat Strut' or something felinesque like that. But no, the song she played was 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra. My response: 'Okay, that's the only time I've heard that song used as a tribute to a cat'. Even Veronica was amused by the concept, which helped cheer her up some. I wonder what Sinatra would have thought of the idea.

  3. I was supposed to go to Mary's first official appointment with the midwife but [ profile] mr_t00by couldn't make it back in time for me to use his car, so she had to go by herself. I'm pretty upset about it, but I really can't do anything about it. I'll go with her next month. :/

  4. OMGBSG. Now we have to wait until next year? *flails*

  5. Holy shit. Could this actually happen? I mean, woah. Iraq might just up and kick us out? I repeat: Holy shit.

  6. U.S. Supreme Court backs Detainees' Rights, a.k.a. Constitution 1, Bush Regime 0. \O/

  7. Credit where credit is due: Stephen Harper Does a Good Thing. Seriously, I was glued to CPAC for a solid hour on Wednesday and was blubbering through most of it (and how much do I love Mary Simon?). Real history, being made right in our back yard and it barely made a blip on the news radar. Last February, Australia did something similar. It's not all that needs to be done, but it's a heartfelt start. So, yeah. I'm thinking it's way past time for the US to apologise for what we did to OUR First Nations and make some history of our own.
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Someone needs to caption this, liek, now:

Full article (which is disturbing and very worth reading) here: These people need to Go. Away. Now.

"Already, B.C. and Washington state are involved in a voluntary pilot project to develop drivers' licences that double as passports. The problem, Trew says, is "private information about Canadians will be available to Homeland Security agents in the U.S., and this is dangerous."

The same thing will happen in reverse, which might not be quite as dangerous but is still pretty scary.

"One SPP group – the North American Energy Working Group – already has almost a dozen sub-groups and expands goals regularly. It wants to see greater production at the Alberta Tar Sands project and more exports to the U.S. than 2007's 2.5 million barrels of oil a day."

Pollution, water wastage, and land rape (in the Boreal Forest, no less, which means releasing whole bunches of carbon into the atmosphere). Yeah, we need more of that. After all, there are all those Escalades and Hummers to feed!

Erm. This wasn't supposed to be a rant. I was just going to post the picture and link, honest.
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I'll post a review myself as soon as have two brain cells to rub together, but until then:

Globe and Mail review of The Trojan Horse.

and one of the comments )

Now I want to see the National Review um. Review it. Oh, wait. Not likely to happen, because I can't imagine any of their reviewers would bothe watching a Canadian production, let alone reviewing one.

But still. Some neocon must have seen it.

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This is awesome:

Dear Barack Obama,

You're actually starting to get my hopes up. This is probably a good thing. Your health care stuff isn't perfect, but it's a step in the right direction. Please don't ever let yourself get sucked into the Old Guard.

Optimistically Yours,



This? Should not be viewed while eating or drinking:

Dear John McCain,

I like you. I really do like you. Come to my house, I'll bake you cookies. Your politics kinda suck, though, which is too bad, 'cause they mostly didn't used to. Where have you gone, 2000!McCain? I miss you.

But I'm serious about the cookies.




This one? There are NO WORDS for this one:

Dear Mike Huckabee,


In utter disbelief,


Thanks to [ profile] isiscolo for the first two links, and to [ profile] topaz7 for reminding me of the third.
primroseburrows: (whattheshit) least according to Fox News, your Fair and Balanced information source:

This is satire, right? No? Oh, wait. It's Fox News. That explains things.

Kind of reminds me of this poster:

Is Your Washroom Breeding Bolsheviks? )

I tellya, Fox News has become a caricature of itself.
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Benazir Bhutto Assassinated.

RIP, Prime Minister. To say you'll be missed is a pathetic understatement.

And to think I woke up optimistic.
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Third-party asylum repugnant to Charter, federal court rules )

Original Globe and Mail article is here.

More about the Safe Third Country Agreement and why it's a bad idea.

In other news, I'm in my future home location tonight, where it's warm and there's a dishwasher and a working oven and a place to do laundry without leaving the house (and it's Massachusetts, which I dig). The trip took me an hour and a half in rush-hour traffic, which means around an hour during off-hours, when I'll actually be commuting. More yay!
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  • No g-word!baby yet. I'll let y'all know as soon as I can when s/he finally arrives. *SO EXCITED*

  • For us politics junkies, it's a wonderful time to be a dork. *crosses fingers for Australia and Canada* And yay, The Dalai Lama! I adore him even if the Chinese don't want me to.

  • Slept a good part of the day yesterday because of my evening-into-night double shift on Sunday. This is why I didn't get a chance to officially wish [ profile] patchfire a happy birthday. I'm sure she knows I was thinking of her anyway, but I wanted to mention it here nonetheless. Because she's pushing thirty now, and you know how cranky some elderly people can get (And if she's elderly, I'm DEAD.) *hugs*

  • Speaking of [ profile] patchfire, she and I both have decided that we need to learn to vid ASAP. So, what do you think, darling, maybe we could make up some kind of pseudocurriculum and learn it together that way?

  • Speaking of vidding (don't you love how all this randomness is almost bordering on the not!random? Go segues!), I've decided that since I only have a thousand other things to do, I'd do a post of some of my favourite vids. I'll probably do the non-dS vids first, and then do another post with just dS vids. And now you know. *g*

  • I did get a big chunk of my room cleaned last night. Another reason I didn't make a LJ post. If [ profile] patchfire wasn't out celebrating being almost thirty she would have wanted to chat, and since she's too pretty to turn down I'd have stayed up chatting and not cleaning. Which would have been more fun, but not very productive. *sigh*

  • is fun and addictive and a huge time waster. I'm trying to get all my unbundled tags bundled and it's the main reason I stayed up too late last night.

  • Still on S5 of The Sopranos. I'm still loving the show, but I didn't appreciate the scene in 5x06 that as far as I'm concerned was bloody violence for the sake of bloody violence without really adding to the plot. I mean, yeah, what happened to the character throughout the whole episode sends his life into a tailspin but the violent act wasn't necessary because we already KNEW his situation was tanking and fast. It's a good show, it doesn't need gratuitous scenes like that. No love, Sopranos, no love.

  • Stephen Colbert on All Things Considered. Really. Listen to this interview. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY, I PROMISE YOU.

    Example of why this man is not only an utter genius, but also the Left's best stealth weapon: "I'm on record as saying that reality has a well-known liberal bias." I can't wait to read his book.I want to marry him and have his little stealth genius babies.

  • If the sky doesn't fall (and maybe even if it does)[ profile] peacey and I will be going back to Stratford in 2008 for Hamlet. Believe it or not, I've never seen this play all the way through, although I'm sure I've seen the whole thing in bits and pieces. I'm looking forward to it big time, because, Yay, Stratford!

    It's a real shame my Wayback Machine is imaginary (and therefore nonfunctional) because then I could see this production.

  • [ profile] sam80853, I'm plugging away at your beta. Fantastic idea for a fic, btw. Be prepared to be overwhelmed (or is that overcome) by the sheer wordiness of my beta skillz. You might just hate me forever for being OMG SO WORDY. *g*

  • Today's Website of Awesome: The Cats on the Hill have their own blog. ♥♥♥

    ETA: According to the site, the address of the blogger (name of Klaus J. Gerken) is:

    Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, North America, Planet Earth,
    the Sol Planetary system, the "Milky Way" Galaxy, the Virgo cluster of Galaxies,
    the Universe, and whatever is beyond or ever was before.

    Cat!Blogger wins at addresses.

  • Okay, Wake, it's up to you.
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Congratulations, Mr. President.

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Dear Rick Mercer:

Marry me.

Love 1000000000 ,

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I don't know why this is here or how long it will be here, but Michael Moore's Sicko is up on Google video. I debated whether I wanted to see it now, but then I decided I would, since I'm sure I'm going to end up seeing it on the big screen anyway.
I'm just ten minutes into it, so I don't have a review.

Whether or not you're a fan of his, it's about time someone in popular media addressed the subject of healthcare in the US. It's one of the main issues, if not THE main issue, that's going to affect my choice for President this time. Those of you who live in a country with a national health system (read: every other developed country in the WORLD), I'd especially like to know what y'all think of the film.

ETA: Um, yeah. Watch this, if you have any time at all. It's not perfect, but it's hella revealing, and it's about time.
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Human rights body reconsiders Inuit climate change petition

Dear USA:

If the end of the world were in YOUR back yard, you'd be writing petitions, too.



I really, really hope they decide to allow it. I wonder, though, why the hearing is going to be in Washington. Maybe it should be in Iqaluit, so everyone can see firsthand.

Where is Al Gore when we need him?
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Yes, it's time for More Random Things You Probably Don't Care About!

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What Planet Am I From? )

Best. Answer. Ever. OMG. )

Hehehehyep )

Toldya New England is <strike>just</strike> a lot like Canada )

Yay! )

Also, Howard Dean for Prime Minister.

Except we need him here, right where he is, so forget about it. besides, I have a tiny, tiny crush on Monsieur Dion, anyway

I can't really figure out why he was chosen, though. I mean, why an American? I guess it was because of his success a. with his grassroots internet campaigning (no, he didn't win, but he changed the face of political campaigning forever, and for the good, IMO, because it got the average you-and-me citizen to participate AND set him in a perfect spot to become DNC chairman), and/or b. as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, because obviously he did something right if the Democrats now control Congress. Yes, a lot of it was because the Republicans did almost everything wrong, but still. Howard's a great organizer, and that's what he did.

The fact that he was governor of a border state might have something to do with it, because he talks about that in his speech.

The video of Dr. Dean's speech is here. I'm such a Howard Dean fangirl that it isn't even funny. I don't always agree with everything, but his heart is always in the right place. Go him.

Yes, I am a dork. I thought we established that.

In other news, Little Mosque on the Prairie is very cute. It's done well, too, so I'll get to see more than just the eight episodes, hopefully.

Also wtf, Dubya?. Go. Away. Now.

Jesus on a Segway, even Republicans are opposing this horrible, terrible plan. "When mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me." Damn straight it does. If you really believe this, though, why are you saying "OMG, if we left, the middle east would fall apart"? Um, if that's true, YOU caused it by attacking Iraq in the first place, you utter, utter hypocrite. And now you're sending more kids off to a war that isn't ours. Channel Nixon much, Junior? I wish someone would channel Woodward and Bernstein and get you kicked out on your arse.

And there we go, with "Al Qaeda is still active in Iraq". Same old propaganda, and he's saying it to reinforce the whole (entirely fictional) Saddam-Sept.11 connection.Maybe Al Qaeda is active in Iraq, but I bet it wasn't nearly as active, if at all, before the U.S. decided to take down Saddam (there are plenty other dictators as bad or worse, but they weren't sitting on a bunch of oil). And, um. He's dropping Joe Lieberman's name as an example of bipartisanship? This would be funny if it weren't so incredibly pathetic.

"They have watched their comrades give their lives to insure our liberty." No they haven't, they've watched their comrades give their lives for a horrible mistake made by an idiot."

And oh. Tony Blair is backing Bush, but at least he's not sending more troops in.

I hadn't planned on ranting, honest. Dubya has that affect on me. :/
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Link from [ profile] maggiesox

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So, Saddam has been executed. Now I suppose the next thing I should hear is that all those people he killed are alive again, because isn't that why he was killed?

I can understand Iraq's feelings about this. I don't agree with revenge, but I understand it. I do NOT get America's elation. Somebody needs to 'splain, Lucy, because I just don't understand killing people for killing people. I don't honestly think I ever will, really. *sigh*

And, a twenty-year-old saying "I guess it's one less person in the world we have to deal with" makes me feel icky inside.
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I remember hearing bout this in 2003:

Stem Cells Reverse Diabetes in Mice

I remember thinking that this was a giant breakthrough that might very well mean the beginnings of a cure for diabetes. But the weeks and months went on and on, and I didn't hear anything else. I thought back to it a lot, basically with a lot of wtf? kinds of thoughts.

So now I read this:

Canadian Scientists Reverse Diabetes in Mice

This research project is about pain receptors and their affect on insulin production. The first one was about stem cells from bone marrow.

So okay, I have a lot of questions about these two studies. Like what happened in the three years between them? I looked around some more and found out that both of these projects (studies? What do you call them?) had various researchers in common (i.e. scientists from the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine and the Robarts Research Institute in London, Ontario).

I realise that a lot of research has to be done before an official cure can be announced. What confuses me is that (at least to me) the first study sure looked like a giant step, and maybe even an actual cure. But so far I've not seen anything else, like trials on humans or any more announcements. Granted I haven't looked obsessively or anything, but still.

The second study appears to be looking at an entirely different approach to the problem. Yay for more research, and yay for good results, but my question is, what's happened in the three years between these projects? Has there been any forward motion towards human clinical trials for the stem cells? I'm not condemning, here, I'm just continuing with the wtf? Any scientist-types are welcome to 'splain, Lucy, because I don't understand.

Also, and I am griping a little here, um. Why is it that the ONLY major news source on the most recent study is the CBC? Why isn't CNN or NPR covering it? I might have missed it, but I did what I thought was a pretty good search. And I'm sorry, but I really think it's a little more newsworthy than the misbehaviour of Miss USA.

It might be my cynical little mind at work, here, but I can't help thinking about those news stories that say, "A blahblahblah jet crashed today in blahblah. There were no Americans killed."

There's no excuse for CNN or NPR (or the BBC, for that matter?) not covering the recent research results. I've seen diabetes do terrible things to people, and any good thing happening should be shouted from the highest hills. I know it's a sacrifice, America, but couldn't we wait a day or so to learn that Dubya is Happy for Pregnant Mary Cheney? *headdesk*

I couldn't find any major news source anywhere with a headline on the first study. It's probably dropped off Google in the past three years. I probably heard it on NPR originally, because that's my main US news source and I don't watch broadcast TV.

In other news,

Dear Lady Macbeth Rummy,

Don't let the door hit you in the arse on your way out. Please use provided basin to wash the blood from your hands before you leave.

Oh, and this one's for you:

Elton John - Goodbye

No Love at All,

Me (and millions of others, say true)

P.S. Please ignore strikeout. Any comparison between you and the aforementioned lady is incongruent, because well, she developed a conscience before she checked out.
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[ profile] starflowers wrote me fic!

Do not blame her for the really strange premise. It was my idea, which wasn't even really my idea, because it was inspired by an old post from [ profile] thefourthvine, wherein she lamented that due South seems to be the only fandom with Hockey AUs and that someone needs to rectify this and can you imagine Ron Weasley playing goalie? I actually like [ profile] starflowers idea of Goyle playing goalie better because he's physically perfect for it.

Hockey Night at Hogwarts.

Standout lines:

Still, excitement was high among the students, who welcomed a chance to vent frustration as they waited for news from their families on the progress of the coming war and the loss of relatives in the preliminary efforts to stop Voldemort’s evil attempt to take over the world. A game which seemed to be a thinly veiled opportunity for bloodshed and violence in the name of sportsmanship seemed the perfect thing.


Seamus summed it up quite well when he said, “Well, look at it this way. Why do we always get the Hufflepuffs on our side? As far as bloodshed, violence, and hockey go, I’d rather someone on my side who doesn’t flinch, whimper, and hide at the first sign of danger. Why do the good guys always get the weak and pathetic on their side while the bad guys get the ones with Unforgivables and, like, guns and swords and stuff?”

and the best one: was a well-known fact that being at Hogwarts in his seventh year rather than dashing off to engage in battle frustrated Harry beyond belief. Unfortunately for him, his own plans of war had to be put aside. Mostly in the effort of plot, really.

I really would love to host a panfandom Hockey challenge, but don't know how to go about starting one. Can anyone who's done such a thing (fic challenges, that is), tell me how? Because, really, how cool would a hockey story be in, say, the Star Wars universe? Or maybe Hard Core Logo, or OMG, Slings & Arrows (I'd co-write this one if anyone wanted to take it on)? Any suggestions? Anyone want to co-mod such a thing? Deadline could be after the New year, so as not to interfere with [ profile] yuletide or Seekrit Santa or any of the others. Whaddya think?

In other news, this (taken from here):

"There was a lot of wailing and crying about Chrétien saying, ‘don’t go into Iraq’ – and I happen to agree with him on that. It was an unnecessary engagement. All these people were saying ‘oh, no the Americans are going to hate us!’ Of course they’re going to say that they’re pissed off at us’ but it doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean they're going to tear up trade agreements. They DO stuff with us. We’re interconnected. And we have a right to have our own opinion. We’re always trying to find that dividing line – and what I was kind of trying to say with H2O was that we have to watch it, because we live in the shadow of a gigantic power unlike the world has ever known. I would argue maybe even to rival Rome."


"I love that fact that the US media has been characterized as being lefty and anti-Bush, when I don’t see how he could have had an easier ride from the moment that he went into Iraq until very recently. Nobody was questioning if this was a good idea or not. And [Michael] Moore’s got a lot of young people engaged, so if even 10% of them go out and do something, that’s an accomplishment.”


"The corporate structure is not really particularly sympathetic. It’s not really a good symbiotic relationship – corporate structure and democratic structure. One, however, is vastly more efficient than the other. So it’s a logical solution that corporate structure would come to a certain extent to dominate how a democracy is executed."

Dear Paul Gross,

Please, please, marry me write a book on politics. I promise I'll read it and pimp it like crazy prevail upon others to do likewise.

I'll even buy the audiobook. Heck, It's entirely within the realm of plausibility that I might may get obtain that one first.


With sincere and heartfelt admiration, I remain,


P.S. I wouldn't be at all upset if one or more of the following terms were used contained therein: coup d’état, anarchic order, jurisprudence, asymmetrical federalism, primus inter pares, Electoral College, dictatorship of the proletariat, constitutional monarchy, new international economic order, Parti Québécois, proportional representation.

Honestly. Brain cells are SO the pheremones of geekdom.

Of course, the whole thing might be part of the suspected conspiracy mentioned in this post. I'm adding [ profile] spikesloveslave to the list of people who shouldn't leave town. She, in fact, is more likely to be a co-conspirator than Willie Nelson, since she is Canadian and he is not. Of course, Willie could be using his American citizenship as a smokescreen. However, knowing Willie, it's probably another kind of smoke entirely. (OMG, see, [ profile] patchfire? I told you I'd use the "weird willie nelson references" tag more than once)

Also, I am embarrassed to admit that I ate all of the chocolate cheesecake that [ profile] tapped_trish sent home with me yesterday. I'm thinking PMS.

Now I have to restart Cuthbert because he's being weird and get off my arse or I'll be late for work.


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