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Hmmm. Why didn't this register on my radar?.

Not that I mind a bit, because I like Arlen Specter. I wonder why he became a Democrat and not an independent, though, because he pretty much doesn't tow the party line for either camp. Which? Is why I like him. But it's all good, because now the Dems are almost filibuster-proof, and will be for real if/when Norm Coleman finally stops beating a dead horse .

In other news, I can sit sans meds without screaming this morning, but still very ow. *sigh* First physical therapy was yesterday. Craniosacral, mmmm, I like it. Hopefully it will help, because I hate Vicodin with the force of a thousand fiery pharmacists.

In still other news, Jack Layton is now following me on Twitter. I'm probably way more amused about this than I should be.
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PM must press U.S. for Khadr's return from Guantanamo, court rules.

Naturally, he's considering appealing the decision.

Pontius Pilate's worldview is alive and well, apparently.
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Apparently some of the Bush-era asshats stayed around after their Leader left the scene, as evidenced by

Exhibit A (for asshat):

and Exhibit B (for, I dunno, something horribly, terribly insulting that begins with B):

There isn't a word for how furious both of these asshats make me. Because holy shit. These guys make Ann Coulter seem tame (I couldn't even finish watching the second one. I mean, I'm nauseated enough today).

If this is supposed to be comedy, it's not even close to being funny. It's disrespectful and hurtful and just plain MEAN.

(links from [ profile] maggiesox and [ profile] mcollinknight)
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US reviewing 'Buy American' stimulus clause

I'm very interested in seeing how the President deals with this one. I'm reading a lot of comments about how the clause violates NAFTA, but since I hate NAFTA with the force of a zillion fiery suns, it's not an argument that sways me.

NAFTA aside, I still don't think the clause is a very good one, because a.) It's going to piss off every single one of our trading partners, and b.) Protectionism breeds protectionism, which brings me back to a.) It's going to piss our trading partners off and maybe they'll go tit for tat and decide they okay, they won't buy any of our stuff, either, so there. And a whole big part of me wouldn't blame them.

Sure, I think the US needs to think of our own citizens and saving jobs, especially now, but alienating our allies seems like a bad way to go about it. There's gotta be more than one option. I'm so far away from being an economist it isn't even funny, but it doesn't seem like a good economic choice, because (see a.)).

Journalists are calling this issue the first big test of the new President. I think it is, because there's no way he's going to please everyone. Which is probably why he hasn't given an opinion yet. I figure we'll find out either way by Febuary 19th, tops.
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[ profile] mijan posted a wonderful rant about the separation of church and state in the US. She linked to this article from the LA Times that says a lot of stuff, notably this:

"A purist would insist that prayers in government settings blur the constitutional distinction between church and state"

Um, they do. Prayers, being religious in nature, don't belong anywhere near the workings of government.

Yeah, I'm well aware that the Founding Fathers invoked God in session. The Founding Fathers were products of their era, and also weren't perfect. Some of them (the author of the Declaration of Independence included) even OWNED OTHER PEOPLE, but we don't hear a lot of talk about that, or about how "all men are created equal" originally applied only to white males of property (which if applied today would make a mockery of the recent federal election). I admire the heck out of the Founding Fathers for their intelligence and bravery and passion and unfailing tenacity, but hey, some perspective, here.

and this:

"Pushed to its logical conclusion, such 1st Amendment fundamentalism would forbid presidents of the United States from invoking God in their speeches or participating in the National Prayer Breakfast, a tradition that goes back to President Eisenhower."

Apparently I'm a First Amendment fundamentalist, because ITA with this idea. So WHAT if the "tradition" goes back to Eisenhower? I don't care if it goes back to George Washington. Longstanding tradition ≠ rightness, wtf?

The addition of "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance goes back to the Eisenhower era, too. It was adopted as an adjunct to McCarthyism, but hey, it's still perfectly okay, and people who want it removed on the basis of the First Amendment are accused of being God haters, anti-American, or even (*gasp!*) Communists (O HAI, GHOST OF JOE MCCARTHY!). Nobody would ever call them patriots, a term universally applied to the Founding Fathers, who did all those brave, passionate, tenacious things on the basis of religious freedom and liberty for white men of property.

In the comments to her post [ profile] mijan links to this video, which might be the most disturbing thing of all:

I don't think ANY prayer belongs in government sessions, but if they are, then they ALL are. Yeah, this was heckling from the gallery, but nobody can convince me it wasn't covertly sanctioned by at least a few of the senators.

Having said all that, I'm with [ profile] mijan--if someone decides to run for office on the Pastafarian platform, I'm SO there. As long as they don't do any ritual capellini-eating during congressional sessions, of course. *g*

I really want to read American Savior. Jesus runs for President. On the BEATITUDES PLATFORM. How awesome is that? I wonder if my library has it.
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President-Elect Obama gives his first post-election press conference:

I really like how he's taking a cautious approach to the transition--he stresses the need to do everything as quickly as possible but wants to do it thoroughly as well. Also the bipartisan spirit in which he plans to get things done.

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Regarding your Most Important Issue, I'd like to offer some advice: Why not choose a dog from one of the many breed-specific rescue organizations? That way you'd be able to pick out a breed that's appropriate for a a dog-allergic person like Malia and you'd still be giving a needy animal a good home. After all, what dog wouldn't want to be the First Pet?

The Poodle Rescue of New England has lots of dogs that need homes. Poodles are intelligent, energetic and people-oriented (a lot like yourself, actually), and are recommended as an ideal pet for someone with allergies. A list of Poodles looking for a good home is here.

Or maybe a Greyhound? They're sweet and affectionate and don't need as much space as people think. Here's a list of Greyhounds up for adoption in the DC area.

Wishing you success in all you do,

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By the time I remembered the debate it was half-over, so I went with Roy instead.

I found this:

Debate, schmebate. I like this better.

In other news, I've been feeling all blah, like I'm almost coming down with something but never actually do. Bleh.

In still other news, I have now seen all thirteen eps of Wonderfalls, another wonderful overlooked gem thanks to the apathy of the network.

I think I'll go to bed now. 'Night.


Oct. 10th, 2008 09:31 pm
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Dear John McCain,

Last time I heard, it was possible to be an Arab and a decent family man at the same time. Apparently you disagree, as evidenced by this:


An American Voter

P.S. I don't blame the woman, she's just listening to all the hate attacks out there.

P.S. I used to like you. What happened?
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Dear Sarah Palin:

Debate n.: Discussion or consideration of opposing reasons; argument about or deliberation on a question.

Not!Debate: Saying whatever gets one's point across, regardless of the original question or the response of the opposition to said question.

I'm just sayin',


In related news, I can't get the video stream to work on C-SPAN, so I'm watching it on CPAC (which is webcasting both the US VP debate AND the Canadian English-language Leaders' debate). Is "ironic" the right word? Something like that.

Also, no love, US and Canada, for scheduling both debates for the SAME TIME. WTF?
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I figured Roy would chime in on the whole economy thing:

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Okay, so NOW WHAT?!
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So if someone writes Roslin/Palin, is it RPF or FPF?*

*I am not writing this, nor do I know of anyone who is. The question is completely hypothetical, honest. But still. Which would it be?
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...because I'm too lazy to do anything else.

  • It's official: Barack Obama is NOT the Antichrist. I know y'all were concerned about this.

  • Speaking of elections, now there are two to keep up with. And this one doesn't look pretty, not at all. Stephen Harper is not the Antichrist, either (although I'm not so sure he doesn't eat kittens), but he does break his own laws.

  • Finally saw a doc about my shoulder. The X-rays showed nothing, so an MRI is next. The doc gave me a sling (which I'm not using because it's not immobilizing my arm where it should be and because I'm stubborn like that) and a scrip for naproxen (which I filled even though I can get OTC and just take more of to get prescription strength). I think the naproxen actually helps some. I take that for arthritis in my back anyway, but I ran out, which is maybe why my shoulder's been hurting more recently. I'm still sort of thinking I have a rotator cuff tear. I hope not, bleh.

  • I'm now somewhat spoiled for Passchendaele, but it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. It was my own fault, anyway.

  • Started watching Ashes to Ashes. The first ep is pretty good, although it feels like a genderswitch redux of Life on Mars instead of an actual sequel. I also miss Sam a lot. It's good enough to watch more, though.

  • Someone has apparently declared Paul Gross Week without telling me. At least that's what it seems like on the interwebz. They've also apparently hired [ profile] _scally as Official Spokesperson. Thank you, interwebz.

  • Dear U.S. Media,

    I'm an Obama supporter. I have quite a few issues with the McCain/Palin platform and how it's being presented to the public.

    However, could you please, PLEASE stop making jabs at Sarah Palin's parenting skills? I mean, come ON, does anyone wonder whether Barak Obama ever drove his kids around without a car seat? Does anyone think, hmm. How can he deal with caring for small children and running the country at the same time?

    The answer is NO. So please be fair and lay off Governor Palin as a mother and talk more about her as a politician. There's plenty there to discuss, believe me. Either that or give Obama's parenting equal time. Because the world really might want to know how old his kid was when he started back to work again. Or if he's ever fed them junk food. Or, y'know. Not.

    Stick to the issues, fergodssake.



  • Pictures, thank-yous, etc, still planned for sometime soon. I still have almost no energy. I know if I clean my house I'll feel less like a drip, but, um. See above re: almost no energy. And my shoulder still hurts [/whine].
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Please, please, someone, tell me this didn't happen.

Also this.

[ profile] meresy? [ profile] dragonflymuse? [ profile] topaz7? Can I come live with one of you guys? At least until November January?

*hides head in utter embarrassment*
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Dubya exports bull semen to Iran

...but fear not, Amerika, all is not lost, because he has reserved the bull manure for the people of the United States.
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So. At 3 p.m. today (in about twenty minutes), Parliament will be voting on whether to allow U.S. war resisters stay in Canada. I remember reading last year that their petition had been denied. I hadn't realised that the case was still open.

The thing is, even if the vote DOES pass, it might not mean anything, since the resolution is non-binding and the Harper government can ignore it. Which? They probably will.

My opinion doesn't matter a bit, but I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed for these guys.

If you're interested in watching the vote live (or if you just like to watch politicians yelling at each other in two languages), go here at 3 PM EST (anytime after that you'll still get stuff, but it'll be other stuff). Don't everyone all rush at once. ;)

N.B.: I wholeheartedly support the troops in Iraq (and hope they come home ASAP), but I equally support those who make a conscientious choice not to fight in an illegal war.

ETA: Well, the vote passed, so now it's up to the government. *sigh*
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  • Some things I don't get:

    • Twitter. I watched the video and everything. Nope, still don't get it.

    • Elective Caesareans, a.k.a. Please Perform Major Abdominal Surgery On Me For No Medical Reason Whatsoever. With this mentality I should be able to get an appendectomy just because it's Sunday and I feel like one. No wonder the US Caesarean rate is 31.1% with a bullet. Quote from here:

      "I liked the idea of knowing what day and time my baby would arrive so I could schedule my parents to be here, a baby nurse, and furniture delivery[.]"

      Um, sure.Go right ahead and put yourself and your baby at risk for convenient furniture delivery. Also, baby nurse? People still have baby nurses? Wow.

    • American Idol and the whole frenzied fanatacism surrounding it. And not just because I loathe just about everything the show stands for.

      There have been plenty of talent programs in TV history that haven't used contestant humiliation as a gimmick (Community Auditions and Star Search, for example). Why has this one, and why is it so freakishly popular despite (or maybe because of) it?

    • How this isn't torture. wtf?

    • Hillary Clinton. She's a smart woman, so why can't she see that she's undermining the Democrats' chances in November by staying in the race? I get that it's a great way for the whole country to have a say in the primary election, but it sucks for the Dems. Yes, I'm supporting Obama, but I'd say the same thing if the situation was reversed.

      Also, I still don't know how I feel about Michigan and Florida. Yes, everyone's vote should be counted. But IIRC Obama didn't participate because he thought that the votes wouldn't be counted, so the outcome wouldn't be fair. One thing I'm positive of: I would definitely not want to be Howard Dean right about now.

      And. Sen. Clinton changing her mind about the whole thing now that she's not the frontrunner? Not On, Hillary, Not On. Besides, in the end it's not one person, one vote anyway. It's all down to the superdelegates and the Electoral College.

    • The Electoral College. See above. I'm sorry, Founding Fathers, but you missed the boat on this one.

  • Some things I do get:

  • A thing I want to get:

    • This. When I have $301.99 plus tax, that is. And to think that until today I had no idea such a wonderful thing existed. I emailed them anyway.Just for future reference, understand.

Obviously I'm procrastinating. Must get out of avoidance mode and go be a Responsible Adult (not easy to do and I'm not looking forward to it). Bleh.
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