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Day 2: A song that makes you cry:

I have actually been reduced to sobbing with past listens, which is why I try to avoid hearing it in public as much as possible. Also, the song came out when [ profile] mr_t00by was fifteen, which adds to the oversentimentalization factor. I do love it, despite the inconvenience.

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This is all kinds of wonderful:

Article here (well worth reading!):

Trailblazing paratrooper broke color barrier in secret
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Okay, yeah, so this is kind of really awesome:

The Leading Man: A candid chat with Paul Gross.

So, um, all you people who still think Paul's in love with himself should especially watch this.
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Listen to this with your morning coffee. Or just any time; it's fascinating, for writers and readers alike.

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So you remember that article I showed you? And the picture? Yeah?

Well, here's a companion video. From Rideau Hall, no less. He seems pretty blasé about Eastwick being cancelled, if you ask me (which, yeah, you didn't).

Oh, and he's also thinking about someday making a film about the Plains of Abraham. sdfk;ashdfsd;fhsdf. WANT NOW, PLZ.
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There's a PROMO VIDEO for the baby shooter.

I'm appalled, insulted, amused, embarrassed, and disgusted. ALL AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME.
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  • So my amazing family and my BFF all got together and bought me the best birthday present ever. I haven't used my desktop since I got it. :D :D

  • Oh, and speaking of presents, thank you so much to [ profile] eldritchhobbit for the virtual presents!

  • Moving into a much, much smaller place is some kind of Buddhist act of casting off worldly goods. Or a hair-pulling act of frustration. I'm trying really hard to think of it as the former. And oddly, I'm succeeding. For the moment, anyway (which, um. Is also Buddhist. *g*).

  • Of all the dorky comms out there--and I mean this as an extreme compliment--I've yet to find one more wondrously dorky than [ profile] rockmemrspeaker. I've always thought that [ profile] h20_wtf ran pretty high up the dork-o-meter, but I think this one tops it.

  • Dear Stephen Colbert: MARRY ME PLZ. Dear Mr. President: LESS THAN THREE X ABOUT A BAZILLION.

  • Whether it's science or God or technology or magic or plain blind luck, I will never be convinced that there are no such things as miracles. Case in point.

  • One of the three thousand cool things about Scarecrow and Mrs. King is that all the guys wear suits. I guess even hardcore KGB agents want to look their best when they show up at spy headquarters in the morning. This is also a good show for playing Generic Bad Guy Bingo (which I suck at, but mneh).

  • I've offically cancelled my vacation for June. Since I've been out of work for almost a month, you'd think this wouldn't bother me much. Thing is, schlepping around southern New England trying to move house and recover from random and very owie back issues does not equate with hanging around London and Stratford and Toronto (oh, my!) with my kid. I'm putting in for vacation in mid- to late August, but still. Wah.

  • Now that I'm seriously pushing fifty, I've been thinking about doing some Epic Travelling to celebrate. It's two years away, so I've got a little time to plan (and save money OMG). I've been thinking about doing the Northwest for a while now but haven't figured out exactly how. So, anyway, yesterday's Vinyl Cafe broadcast was recorded from this train, and Stuart MacLean waxed so eloquent about the trip (and yeah, I know, using "Stuart MacLean" and "waxed eloquent" in the same sentence is redundant), I've added it to the List of Possibilities.

    Also on the list are:

    • U.S. Route 66.
    • U.S. Route 1, probably the north to south trek. And I could visit [ profile] patchfire along the way, whee!. Well, okay, it's not exactly "along the way". But I'd definitely make the detour. :)
    • Belgium. I'd try very hard to talk [ profile] bjohan57 into doing at least part of this one with me.
    • Oz and New Zealand.
    • Ireland (this sounds like a great tour group, even though my usual trip of choice is to travel by myself).
    • The Dempster Highway. Not so much alone for this one. I'd be afraid of breaking down in the middle of nowhere and dying of exposure or being eaten by lemmings or something.
    • The Alaska Highway.

    Some of these will eventually rule themselves out for sheer cost, and some could very well mean skipping vacation entirely next year (I'm not entirely sure I could DO such a thing, mind you). And I'll probably add to the list a lot in the next few months. A couple of these trips could actually be combined. You know, like if I win the lottery or something. I figure some kind of tentative planning should happen within a year or so.
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Dr. Dean Edell's thorough, informed video on routine infant circumcision (as well as other types, including female), with info given by medical professionals:

There are about three minutes of graphic footage, but there is fair warning beforehand.

In other news, my leg is bothering me today. Maybe it's the rain?

In still other news, my passport arrived yesterday. Not that I'll be using it any time soon. *broods*
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Dear Messed-up Humanity (I'm talking to you, Middle East),

Yeah. This.

Hopefully Yours,


(link from [ profile] chickadilly).
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I fell so hard for this I ordered The CD. Lookit:

Lyrics are here.
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Go watch this, especially if you have little girls (Warning: could be somewhat triggery for people with eating/body image disorders).

Also This one, which actually had me close to tears.

This one really did make me cry. I hate when that happens.

ETA: Fixed duplicate link.
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I don't know why this is here or how long it will be here, but Michael Moore's Sicko is up on Google video. I debated whether I wanted to see it now, but then I decided I would, since I'm sure I'm going to end up seeing it on the big screen anyway.
I'm just ten minutes into it, so I don't have a review.

Whether or not you're a fan of his, it's about time someone in popular media addressed the subject of healthcare in the US. It's one of the main issues, if not THE main issue, that's going to affect my choice for President this time. Those of you who live in a country with a national health system (read: every other developed country in the WORLD), I'd especially like to know what y'all think of the film.

ETA: Um, yeah. Watch this, if you have any time at all. It's not perfect, but it's hella revealing, and it's about time.
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Apparently the folken over at The Onion have figured out why the US behaves, well. The way we they it behaves:

U.S. May Have Been Abused During Formative Years.

In other news, I've not only discovered the wonderfulness that is Windows Movie Maker, but have found that it's preinstalled on my computerOMG. And! I've actually figured out how to do a couple of things with it. Geh, I'm already formulating a list in my head of Vids To Make. Granted, I suck at tech stuff, but with a good enough tutorial? Bring on the angsty Velvet Goldmine/HP/Babylon 5/yadda yadda muses, baybee. Of course, I'll probably be doing these from the nursing home, because I'm such a slow learner techwise.

However! I actually have Results from my practising today. I figured I should start with something I don't hate looking at. I mean, really, I probably wouldn't want to start with "Toxic Waste Dumps I Have Known" or "Naked Russian Tsars of the Past" (not that I have actual video of either of these, although the latter might be interesting, if perhaps somewhat repulsive). Might sour me to the whole thing. So, as my first easy-for-you-difficult-for-me project, I decided to clip what just might be

the most aesthetically pleasing 37 seconds of television, ever* (aka Thank You Canada).

It's all about teh kinetics. Objects in motion. Ray Kowalski meets Isaac Newton. Oh, yes.

You know you wanna fullscreen. Don't lie, you do. *maniacal laughter*

Oh, also, here's the song file that goes with it. Because it's just that cool:

Headstones - Cubically Contained.

Repeat loop OMG. I might just become a Headstones groupie. Except they broke up three years ago. Zathras is constantly late to the party.

I also learned to make screencaps, which you will be subjected to I will do as soon as I figure out the whole get-stuff-from DVDs thing.

In other news, my pantry counter is clean, my rent is paid, and I'm going to visit [ profile] moonlight69 in less than a week.

Life is good, say thankya.

*Don't even try to tell me this wasn't choreographed. It SO was.


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