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I sure have! I've participated in Occupy Providence, gone to a couple of marches/rallies, and generally supported them (I'm on their mailing list, have gone to several events at Occupy, etc.). I'd be doing even more if I didn't have my stupid back injury. I've learned a lot about my own feelings about politics from my experience with Occupy, and the ridiculous, horrible way my country is being run, no matter what party is in power. Democrats? Yeah, you're not that much better than the Republicans. I'm really glad I never became a member of the Democratic Party.

I think Occupy is a very important movement--because of Occupy, people in Washington are talking about income disparity again. If nothing else is accomplished (and a lot more has been--support for homeless and foreclosed-upon people, are a couple of big examples), Occupy is changing the national conversation to actually include income disparity and how 1 percent of Americans have 90 percent of the wealth, and how that's a bad thing, both for the poor and middle classes, and for the nation as a whole.

Now that so many Occupy camps have been forced out, the movement is changing, becoming a presence at school board meetings, state legislature committee meetings, even stuff like the Iowa caucuses. Occupy Providence is doing a lot of that, too, and the OP camp is is still going strong as a camp, as well--and keeping Burnside Park cleaner than it was before it was Occupied. Go, Occupy!
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Павел Андреевич Чехов, naturally.

And not just because I had a mad crush on him when I was sixteen.

Also? I need a Star Trek icon.
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Curling. And Nibbles. And why is "sport" in quotes?
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Scrapple (don't knock it 'til you've tried it), Brussels sprouts, and my mom's famous mashed potatoes.

In other news, I now have GIMP and want to learn how to make icons with it.
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Stupid, stupid question. Because who knows what I (or anyone else, for that matter) would do if this happened to me. I'd probably wake him/her and everyone else who is asleep up anyway, with all my screaming and panicking.
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My astrological sign has not changed, and neither has anyone else's. I'm still a bona fide Gemini, and y'all are whatever you've always been. Get a grip, people.
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This one, every time:

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See icon.

What, did you think maybe it would be something else? If you want to know why, go read the book. And then read the next six.
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Oh, yeah. The Wizard of Oz. The only version I watch these days is this one:

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Best Actor: Jesse Eisenberg.
Best Actress: Dunno, haven't seen enough movies this year.

But yeah, Jesse Eisenberg.
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Temperate (because "temperate" DOES have four seasons, duh!) I hate, hate extremes of temperature, but I couldn't live in a place without seasons. This is one reason I find Florida boring and Maine fun.

In other news, I really should be finishing my paper that's due tonight instead of virtually wandering around Kensington Market. Curse you, Google Street View.
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You know what? I honestly don't know. It would definitely depend on who it was (there's a pretty long list). But I would definitely say something. I'd like to think I'd ask for an apology. I'd like to think they'd give me one.
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Dear gods, yes. I'm pretty sure I saw Moulin Rouge at least ten times. In the theatre. I think the final count was eleven. There is no upper limit. Why should there ever be an upper limit?

And I go through phases and re-fall in love with something for a while. Right now I'm revelling in the wonder that is this beautiful thing. This time I'm in love with the cinematography.

I mean, can you blame me? Behold my current desktop wallpaper:

I wonder if there's any way I could recreate that shot with my ordinary little Canon Powershot. Maybe the boat tours go under those bridges. Definitely checking it out next year time.

Oh, and this is an interesting read, even if you've never seen H2O. Even if you never plan to see it. Here's an exerpt:

“There was a lot of wailing and crying about Chrétien saying, ‘don’t go into Iraq’ – and I happen to agree with him on that. It was an unnecessary engagement. All these people were saying ‘oh, no the Americans are going to hate us!’ Of course they’re going to say that they’re pissed off at us’ but it doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean they're going to tear up trade agreements. They DO stuff with us. We’re interconnected. And we have a right to have our own opinion. We’re always trying to find that dividing line – and what I was kind of trying to say with H2O was that we have to watch it, because we live in the shadow of a gigantic power unlike the world has ever known. I would argue maybe even to rival Rome.”
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"The Wind Cries Mary", no contest.

Why? Generally, because I've always liked it, all that angsty music and lyrics is right up my alley.

Fandom-ly, because it's so very Fraser/Victoria. It's near the top of my "stuff I would vid if I actually could make vids" list.

I mean, come on, check out these lyrics: )
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What do you mean, "if"? Question is misleading. :D
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See, there's this theatre company whose gay sellout artistic director dies and is replaced by his ex-best friend who spent the good part of a decade in a mental facility after having a psychotic break onstage after finding out his ex-best friend slept with his girlfriend (who is also the company's diva) despite being gay (the ex-friend, not the girlfriend). The ex-friend is now haunting the new guy as he tries to do his job without going insane (again). Hilarity and coolness ensue.

Oh, wait.

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This one, yesterday, no word of a lie:

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No, but I'm sure it sucks as much as RL bullying, of which I have been the target plenty of times. Any kind of bullying leaves scars and sometimes even kills people.

Also, wtf does "Personality goes a long way" mean? If you have a certain personality you won't be bullied? Won't bully? Huh? Does not compute.
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Myself, age fourteen. Gods, I loved freshman year of high school.
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I don't think I'd drop a character from Slings & Arrows. I mean, who would YOU drop? :/


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