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So. Apparently I now have a tumblr account.

Now could someone please tell me what the heck to DO with it?
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Dear Flist,

Can someone explain this?

"At Friday's immigration hearing, Evi Quaid alleged that a number of her husband's actor friends - among them Heath Ledger and David Carradine - had been killed in recent years.

"Randy has known eight close friends murdered in odd, strange manners," she said in what the Reuters news agency called a "rambling" presentation. "We feel that we're next."

This is crazy, right? Right?

Also, if he gets refugee status I'm thinking up something random to do so I (and an accomplice) can get refugee status, too. Unless he's telling the truth. In which case I predict that in the next few years it'll be way easier to play Canadian Actor Bingo.
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“I hope that [Attorney General Eric] Holder did discuss this with the intelligence community. If they believe they got enough from him, how much more should they get? Did they Mirandize him? I know he’s an American citizen but still.” — Rep. Peter King (R-NY), in a Politico interview

You read that right. He actually said 'but still'. Um. But still what?

And besides, Miranda has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with citizenship. It has to do with being in America. Land of the free, home of the brave, remember? Everyone gets Mirandized--white collar criminals and Mafia hit men and serial killers and kids caught with half a joint on them and axe murderers and child rapists and Bernie Madoff--because this is America. What part of "due process" does Rep. King not understand? If a suspect isn't Mirandized, it's entirely possible that s/he will be able to cry foul and walk away.

And the answer is yes, they did Mirandize Faisal Shahzad, after first questioning him under the public safety clause that allows for delaying Miranda. And he talked, before and after.

Source is here.
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Northeast Hit With Devastating Floods, As Federal Flood Insurance Expires Due To GOP Obstruction )

Dear GOP,

Thanks for all your assistance. Don't let your matches get wet.


Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

P.S. You'll probably get letters from Massachusetts and Connecticut, too.

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Ontario politician wants Toronto to become a province.

"The 'straw that broke the camel's back' is the current spread of 'coyotes' in his parts of the province, he said, a matter locals would like to settle by placing a bounty on them.

'They'll never let you do that in Toronto,' he said, suggesting the only way enough attention could come to the plight of rural Ontarians would be 'to get rid of Toronto. Let them form their own province.'"

Wait, what?
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Conservative Vision Ascendant In Latest TX History Textbooks Draft; Gingrich, Schlafly Back In

Okay, I have no problem with Gingrich and Schlafly being in a history text if it's written as history and not propaganda, but this guy refuses to by highlight prominent progressives to balance things, and worse, he also wants to VINDICATE McCARTHY, among a bunch of other stupid and racist things. Like these:

"Outspoken conservative board member Don McLeroy, who reportedly spent over three hours personally proposing changes to the textbook standards, even wanted to cut "hip-hop" in favor of "country" in a section about the impact of cultural movements. That amendment failed."

"McLeroy proposed a clause in the civil rights section that read (emphasis ours): 'Evaluate changes and events in the United States that have resulted from the civil rights movement, including increased participation of minorities in the political process and unrealistic expectations for equal outcomes.' McLeroy plans to ask for a vote on this measure at a later meeting."

I know it's a naïve and silly thing to ask, but WHEN THE HELL DID AMERICA GET THIS RACIST?

ETA: Also? You can't tell me that racism isn't behind the fact that the Obama government needs a supermajority every time they want to get anydamnthing done. WTF?

ETA #2: Everybody go out and get yourself a copy of Lies My Teacher Told Me ASAP.
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I thought I'd lost my wtf about the fuckery that goes on during hospital births a long time ago, but hmm, guess not.

From Molly Remer's Talk Birth blog:

'I recently finished reading the new book Birth Space, Safe Place by Adela Stockton (watch for my full review and a giveaway on the CfM blog next week!). The author lives in Scotland and something in the book’s glossary jumped out and caught my eye. The word was “diamorphine” and the definition was: “a semi-synthetic opoid for labour—only administered in Scotland; another name for heroin.”

The irony that giving heroin to women in labor is considered a medically acceptable practice, but that “letting” a woman labor without an IV or in water—as some of many examples—is considered unsafe or risky is so boggling my mind that I can’t even comment any further!'

I'd rant, but I really don't know what to say.


Nov. 7th, 2009 04:40 pm
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Y'know, for a second there I was surprised at the juvenile antics of elected ADULTS who are supposed to represent the American people. Then I wised up and wasn't surprised anymore, but I'm still appalled. Every single one of the interruptors should be ashamed of themselves. And yes, I'd be just as disgusted if it were Democrats acting like two-year-olds.

That sound you hear is John Adams rolling over in his grave.
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The US 1940s (Second choice would be Canada--sorry, Europe, but it was just too dangerous over your way). A lot of stuff was going on historically all over the world. Not to mention the fashion and the music of the era are gorgeous. Whoever I brought would be female, because I wouldn't want them to get drafted. I dunno who, exactly. [ profile] patchfire, maybe. Or [ profile] peacey so we could go to the USO and dance with the soldiers. I'd have to come home, though, because I'd miss everybody.

In other news, I just freaked the hell out because I thought someone had come into my apt. and puked in my bathroom sink. After a rational discussion with myself and some (ew, gross) examination of evidence I figured out it had to have been the cat. I mean, an actual human would have had to get through two doors with two different locks.
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Please, PLEASE tell me that these people are a fringe minority.
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There are no words:

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[ profile] mijan posted a wonderful rant about the separation of church and state in the US. She linked to this article from the LA Times that says a lot of stuff, notably this:

"A purist would insist that prayers in government settings blur the constitutional distinction between church and state"

Um, they do. Prayers, being religious in nature, don't belong anywhere near the workings of government.

Yeah, I'm well aware that the Founding Fathers invoked God in session. The Founding Fathers were products of their era, and also weren't perfect. Some of them (the author of the Declaration of Independence included) even OWNED OTHER PEOPLE, but we don't hear a lot of talk about that, or about how "all men are created equal" originally applied only to white males of property (which if applied today would make a mockery of the recent federal election). I admire the heck out of the Founding Fathers for their intelligence and bravery and passion and unfailing tenacity, but hey, some perspective, here.

and this:

"Pushed to its logical conclusion, such 1st Amendment fundamentalism would forbid presidents of the United States from invoking God in their speeches or participating in the National Prayer Breakfast, a tradition that goes back to President Eisenhower."

Apparently I'm a First Amendment fundamentalist, because ITA with this idea. So WHAT if the "tradition" goes back to Eisenhower? I don't care if it goes back to George Washington. Longstanding tradition ≠ rightness, wtf?

The addition of "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance goes back to the Eisenhower era, too. It was adopted as an adjunct to McCarthyism, but hey, it's still perfectly okay, and people who want it removed on the basis of the First Amendment are accused of being God haters, anti-American, or even (*gasp!*) Communists (O HAI, GHOST OF JOE MCCARTHY!). Nobody would ever call them patriots, a term universally applied to the Founding Fathers, who did all those brave, passionate, tenacious things on the basis of religious freedom and liberty for white men of property.

In the comments to her post [ profile] mijan links to this video, which might be the most disturbing thing of all:

I don't think ANY prayer belongs in government sessions, but if they are, then they ALL are. Yeah, this was heckling from the gallery, but nobody can convince me it wasn't covertly sanctioned by at least a few of the senators.

Having said all that, I'm with [ profile] mijan--if someone decides to run for office on the Pastafarian platform, I'm SO there. As long as they don't do any ritual capellini-eating during congressional sessions, of course. *g*

I really want to read American Savior. Jesus runs for President. On the BEATITUDES PLATFORM. How awesome is that? I wonder if my library has it.


Oct. 10th, 2008 09:31 pm
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Dear John McCain,

Last time I heard, it was possible to be an Arab and a decent family man at the same time. Apparently you disagree, as evidenced by this:


An American Voter

P.S. I don't blame the woman, she's just listening to all the hate attacks out there.

P.S. I used to like you. What happened?
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An excerpt from Marsden Wagner's book Born in the USA:

Florida woman forced to have Caesarean section against her will )

Original blog article is here.

Ms P's whole name is Laura Pendleton. A link to the lawsuit ruling is here (.pdf file)

In summary: The hospital called the cops on her, and the GOVERNMENT took away her reproductive rights by forcing her to have MAJOR ABDOMINAL SURGERY against her will. Holy shit.

Obviously, neither the hospital nor the Florida courts have read this (taken from here):

It's called INFORMED CHOICE, America )

This may very well be the scariest thing I've read about birth, ever, and I've been reading about birth since I was a child, and about birth politics since I was a teenager. WTF, AMERICA? (well, okay, Florida, but last time I looked Florida was still a US state).

Okay, now I'm going to bed because I worked all night and I'm knackered.
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Okay, so I'm finally watching My Life as a Dog (yes, I'm slow), and it's cute and fun and baby!Callum is prettier than he's allowed to be, and all that good stuff.

One question, though, and maybe nobody else noticed it or even cares, but um. What's with the American money? Makes no sense. Anyone maybe have a theory?
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Dear Paul Gross,

Arcade Fire and Feist?

I mean, they're wonderful and talented and all that, but still. Arcade Fire and Feist?

Love despite all the wtf?,

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WHY are we still doing this?

It's been proven over and over that the threat of capital punishment isn't a deterrent against crime at ALL. And that's not even taking into consideration that it's hypocritical and not our decision and morally wrong.

Besides, most of the cool kids are quitting.

We're not.

Wake up, America.


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