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Joe "You Lie" Wilson is using RCAF discharge policies as an example of how discharging gays and lesbians under DADT doesn't affect military readiness in wartime. DOES HE NOT SEE HOW HYPOCRITICAL IRONIC THIS IS? Answer: No.

I wonder how many people he's tried to shut down who have referenced the Canadian Medicare system as an example of how single-payer healthcare won't kill our grannies and/or force us all into slavery to the government.*

*not that the current US healthcare plan is ANYTHING LIKE single-payer healthcare, because IT SO ISN'T.
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Joint Chiefs Chairman: Time to repeal 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'

Also, watch Joint Chiefs Chair Mike Mullen rock like a rocking thing while John McCain flip-flop like a fish in a bucket change his mind comes to an alternate conclusion about stuff he said last year. Bonus: Jeff Sessions' face after he figures out that he's up the creek without a paddle. Or a boat. Or a creek.

I think I have this right: If it's offered as part of a defence bill (which would make sense, because that's how DADT was introduced in the first place), Congress will need sixty votes not to GET a repeal, but to KILL one. *tiny squee of optimism*

"No matter how I look at the issue I cannot escape being troubled by the fact that we have in place a policy which forces young men and women to lie about who they are in order to defend their fellow citizens."

How can there even BE an argument against this?

ETA: Oh, and also watch this: BBC Viewpoint: Gay US airman.
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Link from [ profile] sidefire:

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A lot of you may have seen this video, but for those who haven't, I'm posting it here. This is one of the leaders of my government speaking. Holy hell.

Any Oklahomans out there who could get this person out of office?
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Ok. Gay people on my flist? I'd like to know what you think of this story:

Gay Group Doesn't Like Dodge's Fairy Ad

Anyone can chime in, actually, but I specifically would like to know what gay people think, since it's a gay advocacy group that's protesting. Do you think it's overkill, or internalised stereotyping on the group's part, or is the ad actually perpetuating gay stereotypes? I haven't seen the ad, so I can't give an opinion myself.

Whaddya think? My enquiring mind wants to know.

Okay, off to bring recyclables to the landfill. Exciting, I know. But I'm actually getting some stuff done today. A minor miracle, that, considering my energy level recently.
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"I appeal to everyone who believes in Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream to make room at the table of brother- and sisterhood for lesbian and gay people." --Coretta Scott King

Full article here. This lady will be sorely missed, by so, so many people.

Also, there's an archive of a radio programme from KQED, San Francisco's NPR station, concerning the current status of the debate over circumcision. I haven't listened to much of it, yet, but it sounds interesting. The two guests are Ed Schoen, author of Circumcision: Timely Information For Parents And Professionals From America's #1 Expert On Circumcision, and Ronald Goldman, executive director of the Circumcision Resource Center, and author of Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma and Circumcision, A Jewish Perspective.

I've never read any of these books (Darn my fiction addiction. :/ Must stop reading about fake people for a while), but I'll most likely get to one of them sometime soon. Anyway, this program sounds like it will be interesting no matter what side of the circ fence you're on.

In other news, [ profile] songdog has posted a music lyric meme. Go, guess! Some of these are hard. [ profile] robinhoo, you need to friend [ profile] songdog. I can vouch for her; I've known her since 1961. *g*

In still other news, I think Adderall XR is affecting my appetite. I got a bowl of soup and a tuna sandwich on homemade multigrain bread from Julia's for lunch, and I could only eat half the sandwich. And I haven't taken any Adderall since yesterday (evening shift, y0, I'm taking it at three now). Hmm. This is not necessarily a BAD thing, btw. I have jeans that need to fit better.

ETA: I might want to put an actual link to the circ program. *thwaps self* You can find it here.


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