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Bah. Back still sucks. Postponing my vacation until later this summer because of the back and money and probably having to move house yet again.

I need a Vecchio icon that says, "Why is this my life?"

Betas are continuing apace, if a bit slowly.
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Currently having issues with sitting down for any appreciable amount of time. I'm still working on the betas I'm doing, but it's taking a bit of time--rest assured, I have been working on them. When I'm home I'm going to try to rig up something that will let me use my keyboard from a more comfortable position. Replies are coming, you guys, I promise!

I'm trying to see if I can get TDI. My nurse manager advised it and I think she's right, even though I'd have to wait three weeks or so for any benefits whatsoever because the State of RI and Providence Plantations is slowass. Still, it's better than working when I'm no good to myself or my patients.

However, I still have to work THIS shift which makes no sense, because I'm seriously not sure if I'm going to fall down, pass out, throw up, or all three. And then there's driving home, which means sitting for over an hour AND clutching and braking and going over bumps. Yes, this is me whining. Sorry about that.
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Ramirez Suspended 50 Games For Drug Violation.

I'm sure a lot of people who read about this (not you, flist, y'all are smarter than that) are going to immediately assume that this is a steroids thing, which apparently it isn't. And? I have no idea why, but I believe the guy. For one thing, he's never had a positive drug screen, and he takes a lot of them on purpose. And also because I'm probably liek, the only one left in Red Sox Nation who still has a soft spot for Manny. *sigh*

In other news, I went to the chiropractor on Tuesday and he did an adjustment and now my back, etc. feels somewhat better (translation: pain level lower than an eight for longer periods of time). I'm feeling well enough to do some housework today, which I need to do before [ profile] songdog arrives.

Cleaning without running water is a challenge, but definitely doable (in case I didn't mention it, I lost running water a while back due to burst pipes, and can't afford to get it fixed yet). It's interesting, but I'm learning a LOT about water conservation and how much I was using, and how it's really not so bad having to work around it. I still manage to stay clean/fed/dressed in clean clothes. Schlepping water is pain, but at least I'm schlepping fresh, clear stuff and I don't have to walk ten miles to do it, which means I'm much better off than most people in the world.

P.S. I know I've missed a lot of my flist's posts lately; it's because I've been working/visiting family/having owies. If there's anything that I simply have to see or answer or know about, please tell me? I should be back to more thorough reading soon. :)
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Hmmm. Why didn't this register on my radar?.

Not that I mind a bit, because I like Arlen Specter. I wonder why he became a Democrat and not an independent, though, because he pretty much doesn't tow the party line for either camp. Which? Is why I like him. But it's all good, because now the Dems are almost filibuster-proof, and will be for real if/when Norm Coleman finally stops beating a dead horse .

In other news, I can sit sans meds without screaming this morning, but still very ow. *sigh* First physical therapy was yesterday. Craniosacral, mmmm, I like it. Hopefully it will help, because I hate Vicodin with the force of a thousand fiery pharmacists.

In still other news, Jack Layton is now following me on Twitter. I'm probably way more amused about this than I should be.
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Well. Motrin apparently wasn't the best drug of choice. 500 mg of Naproxen's brought the pain level down to 5-ish when 600 mg. of Motrin wasn't even touching it. Not great, but better, so I'll get some more tomorrow. Hopefully it's not just a fluke.

First physical therapy appointment on Tuesday. Highly recommended group, too. Apparently they do craniosacral therapy, which I've had as part of massage, and which I LOVE.

When this is better I'm taking yoga, so hopefully it won't happen again. Now? I'm going to bed. Work (again) tomorrow (today?). G'night all. :)
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Okay, so it hurts to lie down, it hurts to SIT down, it hurts to bend and it hurts to drive. I can stand up and I can walk without much of a problem, but it's pouring down rain out so I can't go outside. What am I supposed to do, walk around the house aimlessly? I can't clean because, well. See part about bending. *screams*

Ugh. Maybe I'll go to the mall, despite the driving part. Which means I must be at the very end of my rope, because bleh. I HATE THE MALL. But it's a place to walk, and walking usually makes things feel better.

In other news, I'm 3/4 finished with my LJ layout. I'll finish up when I can sit for more than thirty seconds at a time.
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Dr.'s app't today that I have jump through rings to get to. I thought about cancelling until it's more convenient, but I decided to go for it. Because putting on a sock should not HURT, dammit.

Back after work (if they even let me GO to work). Have I mentioned grr? Grr.
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I'm very cautiously optimistic that I might be on the mend. Pain even less today, except for a brief flare-up late this morning. Still crampy/tight in the calf, and some pins and needles off and on, but otherwise much better. 'Course, that could be all about the Skelaxin, but since I only have one of those left, we shall see. *crosses fingers, eyes, etc*.

Also, because not all videos spew hate:

And performed live in 2002 at the World's Largest Concert:

Why have I not heard this song before? It's--wow.
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Pain Update: Seems to be quite a bit better today. The only time I was in pain that was yellworthy was right after I got out of bed this morning. Right now I'd say it's at about a four or five, and that's sitting down, which I haven't been able to do hardly at all for the past couple of days.

I haven't taken pain meds since early this morning, either, which is another good sign. The tiredness from the meds, though, that keeps going after the meds have worn off, so I'm still groggy and a little sleepy. Like I said before, I can't imagine why people LIKE being on Vicodin and muscle relaxers and drugs like that, because all it does for me is make me feel like I'm in a giant fog, which added to my normal ADD brain, is definitely NOT a happy happy fun space. Not to mention the vague nausea Vicodin gives me. :/

I'm not getting my hopes up until I see what happens after an entire night of lying in pretty much one position. I really think moving around helps, so I keep getting up and walking around. I even managed to pick up a couple of things (which didn't change the fact that my house is disgustingly dirty and should be condemned, but still).

Phone update: Still gone. I'm thinking that this time I'll have to get another one, at which point my old one will likely turn up, such is the way of my life.

Still planning on getting an MRI (because feeling better doesn't mean the problem that caused the symptoms in the first place is gone) but it doesn't feel so urgent right now. Besides, I can't find a pay phone to call my neurologist. The one outside Market Basket doesn't seem to be there anymore, and I can't find one anywhere else. They used to be a dime a dozen, but now they're turning into relics of another era. Bleh.
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Pain update: OW44530659

Lying down is good, and by good I mean a level between six and eight out of ten.

Sitting, not so much. A couple of minutes at a time is all I can manage right now. Which means I've had to drop out of [ profile] ds_c6d_bigbang. I was considering it anyway, on account of all the other RL stuff, but I'm still really disappointed.[ profile] ds_con_envy is still a go, since it won't take me as long and I can do a lot of that longhand.

I have a few Vicodins and a few muscle relaxers left. They work some but not a lot and not for long. And the Vicodin upsets my stomach, so bleh.

I'm going to call my neurologist for an MRI referral tomorrow. The doc-in-a-box I went to yesterday wouldn't do it because they were afraid of the insurance company. I can't go for an MRI up here because my insurance isn't accepted anywhere but SE Massachusetts and RI, and I'm in NE Mass. God bless America.

Phone update: Still can't find it. It's probably under some piece of furniture or something, which mean the chances of finding it in the near future are slim and OMG ARE YOU CRAZY?

RL is no longer an evil zombie serial killer. Now it's turning into an evil zombie serial killer with a bayonet. And possibly nuclear weapons.

Going to take a nap, now. The muscle relaxers and Vicodins might not work for very long, but they make great sleeping pills. I don't get how people LIKE feeling like that, wtf?


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