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Price: $89,900
Address: 12094 CABOT TRAIL N, CAP le MOINE
Major Area: Highland Region
District: 306-Inverness County / Inverness & Area
Type: Single Family, Detached/1.5 Storey
Property Size: 1 ACRE+/-
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1
Age: 100

$89,900CAD = $73,761.23 US )

And okay, so the pink bedroom needs a repaint, but at this price? You could afford to hire someone to do it for you.

I know, I know. Too remote, too cold in winter, yadda, yadda. But gah.
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  • See, now, this is why I get the CBC newsfeed:

    "It's a little bit of a shocker. Not the greatest way to wake up, but beats a cup of coffee, I guess, to get the blood going."

  • Am taking fiddle classes at the Blackstone River Theatre. A world of yay. I finally got my own fiddle back from the Fiddle Fixer Guy. Complete new set of strings and the bridge is back where it belongs (of course, I proceeded to break a string while tuning it and had to get another one). Am going to practise as soon as I'm wearing clothes instead of a post-shower towel.

  • I had a strange dream about Cape Breton last night. I was going with staff and patients from some random unit at work. Apparently we were only going to be there for a couple of days and were staying in a tiny tent with very little room to move around (I think this is the result of reading more of No Man's River directly before going to sleep). We were trying to decide where to go and one of the staff (a woman who reminded me of a cross between [ profile] mr_t00by's class teacher in grades 3-8 and my psych clinicals professor) showed me a picture of somewhere I'd never heard of and said she wanted to go there. I was all, no, we have to go to Baddeck". I don't remember what was decided. Also there was a female patient (who AFAIK doesn't actually exist IRL) who was obsessed with the colour purple. Everything was purple, her notebook, her pen, her clothes.

    I remember walking around in the sunshine, and at first I thought it was summer but then there was all kinds of snow on the ground so I figured it was late winter/early spring (apparently I didn't know what season I was travelling in) I remember saying, "I can do Cape Breton in the Winter". Which I can, since I've never been there at any other time. We were also at a beach at one point, which was windy and cold.

    I woke up with an awful sense of melancholy that I couldn't quite figure out until I realized that Celtic Colours starts in two days and I will not be there. *sigh* One good thing about not going is that if I'd gone I probably wouldn't have gone to Ottawa, and that was fecking amazing (and necessary, and quite possibly catalytic). See next list item for Another Good Thing.

  • My reason for not going to Celtic Colours isn't melancholy in the least. [ profile] tapped_trish is expecting her baby on 10/17, and I went with her for her doc's appointment yesterday. [ profile] croosa was there, too. *g* I was pleasantly surprised when he said he wouldn't check her for dilation unless she wanted to be checked (she didn't). Doc Rating is now up several points.

  • Had another dream last night which I remember almost nothing about except that I'm pretty sure Diefenbaker was in it (this Diefenbaker, not the other one, because well, that would have been really really weird). Now I'm really blaming my dreams on Farley Mowat, because there are wolves in No Man's River.

  • Finally talked to [ profile] mr_t00by about reinstalling AIM. He told me which version to try. Cross your fingers, [ profile] patchfire.

  • Speaking of Ottawa (we were, honest, just a few items ago), the other day I was out for a walk around Providence (I took some pictures which I'll post as soon as I have access to a computer that can upload them) and stopped in at Cellar Stories Bookstore. I'd never been there before. It's musty and full of old shelves and tables cluttered with all sorts of books (like a really good-condition version of Lovecraft's Providence which I've wanted forever and would have bought but I didn't want to spend seventy bucks). Anyway, I found Building the Rideau Canal: A Pictorial History, in really good shape. Of course I bought it. I'm a dork, remember? Also I found an old copy of The Library of Parliament. It doesn't list a publication date, but it has to be after 1976 because it mentions the Centennial of the Library, and before August 1979 because the foreward is by John Diefenbaker (now it's the other Diefenbaker. :D), and he died on 9/17/79 (and no, I didn't know that already. I looked it UP).

  • YouTube video of the day (I should really actually post one every day, but I'll probably forget):

    Oh, Pete. *loves*

    "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy" is prophetic and is pretty much how I feel about what's happening today in Iraq.
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A seven-minute prank phone call. Also an example of Extreme Cape Breton Dialect Syndrome. You wouldn't believe how catchy this accent is. I spent two weeks around it and started picking it up (a less extreme version, thankfully). I kept catching myself doing it and getting all embarrased until I realised nobody would notice because they all talked that way and I'd sound perfectly normal to them.

Okay, laundry, oil change, Canada.
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Because I'm all about teh Spam tonight:

Since my old Dream House has been sold, I've found my new one. )

Price: $179,000.00 (CAD).

Info here.
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Extreme long and random mass of a thing )

  • I spent a couple days on Block Island, and took pictures!

    look under here )

    I'll post a bunch more when I feel so inclined. I still can't upload pictures from my camera to my computer, but when I get my laptop I'll be able to. I'm also planning on getting Cuthbert fixed so I can rip movies here again and watch 'em on the big monitor.

    aaaand the randomness continues! )
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    Does anyone know where I could get hold of a copy of this?

    It's just a six-minute short, so I bet it's not on DVD, but maybe someone has info?

    Cape Breton Gaelic with subtitles. It couldn't be more Made For Me if it had my name written on it. ("Ceallaigh", most likely).
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    Why on Earth haven't I linked to this before? I mean, come on, it was obviously made just for me, right?

    Um. I might actually have that frightening CD. *gestures nonchalantly toward Current Music*.

    Okay, time to get dressed and go buy cat food before my cats a. starve or b.attack.
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    • Is Benton Fraser gonna have to choke a bitch?. Fraser would never have sanctioned this. Darn him for being all fictional and stuff.

    • Now that the Due South Secret Santa authors have been revealed people are starting to link to the ones they wrote. I don't think this is mandatory, right? In any case, Light the Sun is mine, GIANT GIANT TYPOS and all. (yes, Virginia, I DO know the difference between 'there', 'they're', and 'their'). I blame the fact that I waited until the last minute to post it and was crunching the deadline. [ profile] patchfire was oh, so patient with me saying, "I can't look at that link, I have to WRITE!!!"

      I kind of figured that when people read the part about the card game from back east, they'd figure out it was me. But then I realised, maybe not, because, um. It's not like it's common trivia knowledge or anything. *g* The game (because I know you're practically dying of curiosity here) is Tarabish and really does have confusing terms and scoring and just rules in general.

      The whole scene came from an actual game experience. There I was in Scotchtown in the middle of winter, the only non-Caper in the room, me and my little Great Big Giant cheat sheet, trying to wrap my ADD-laden brain around it all. Eventually they took my papers away and made me play without them. Needless to say I lost, very badly, despite everyone else being far drunker than I was (because I couldn't drink the moonshine and therefore stuck to wine). I had a good time, nonetheless.

      I'd still love to learn to play better, so if anyone who a.knows how to play and b.lives near me wants to play, I'm all for it. I'll need three of you, though, to make a [insert obscure word that probably exists meaning "two pairs of players necessary for Tarabish"].

      Also, I'd really like to repost my story on the archive without the typos and with a couple of other authors' notes. I'll be asking the mods about that soon.

    • I have three things to watch. Well, more than three if you count EVERY EPISODE OF BSG. [ profile] elementalv's BSG-DS crossover fic has made that one imperative. [ profile] melpemone, I'll let you know how my download of your upload (doo-dah, doo-dah) came out tomorrow, because finishing that one's the first priority at the moment (I've seen like five minutes, so I can't tell yet, but it looks good so far, clarity-and-soundwise).

      Then there's this, which [ profile] scriggle is sending me. *twirls her* I have an electronic copy (yay, fast!interwebz!), but I bet the hardcopy will have even better picture quality. I've only seen a few minutes of that, as well. I got to just about where this screencap is from, and figured I'd be wise to put it away while I still could. Mnrglf. ([ profile] malnpudl, I can hear you muttering about how predictable I am from here. *twirls you as well*)

      But my house is (fairly) clean, I just have to clean my room (because it's a firetrap at the moment, omg), so I should have time for some day-off media-watching marathonage. Yay!

    • I can't find my cellphone. This is a Problem, although not a new one. I know it's in my house, and I think it's in my room, so hopefully during cleanage tomorrow it'll turn up.

    • I've found two prospective places to stay in October. I want to stay at a hostel, and apparently the Cabot Trail Hostel, which looks very nice, and is quite cheap. I need cheap because I'm staying for at least a week (a side trip to Toronto on the way back is not out of the question, so money is an object for sure). The other place I looked at is Bubbles Bay B&B, which looks so pretty and quiet and things and I'd rather go there, but it's twice as much money. It's technically not a hostel, even though I found it on a hostel search site.

    • Capèrçaillie are god, may it do ya fine.

      Capèrçaillie - Coisich, A Ruin
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    Helen Penny. Is that not the best name ever for a lottery winner?
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    Unemployment benefits harder to get on Cape Breton.

    Okay, let me get this straight:

    • 1)The unemployment rate is high, so people leave to get jobs. This makes the numbers go down.

    • 2)When that happens, the number of hours required to work to be eligible for unemployment benefits goes UP.

    • 3)When that happens, more people leave, so the rate goes down even more.

    • 4)Go to step 2, lather, rinse, repeat.

    Vicious cycle much, Canada?

    I could be totally off, here. It happens.

    And not that it's my place to say anything, because it's totally not. Erm?
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    The end of this segment has twelve-year-old John Morris Rankin talking about his fiddle playing, and a very young Rankin Family playing. Just, wow, is all. What a treasure it is.&hearts

    If anyone has the rest of this program, please let me know? I'll pay postage, copying fees, anything. I don't hold out much hope, but maybe somebody has it somewhere. Apparently it might still be available in some libraries. I have a at least a couple of people on my flist from Nova Scotia, so, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    I really, really have to look into lessons, very soon.

    ETA: Apparently this documentary was the catalyst for the Glendale Festival of Cape Breton Fiddling in 1973, which in turn gave birth to The Cape Breton Fiddlers' Association, and began a revival of an art form that had been in danger of dying out completely. Without the documentary as a wake-up call, a real tragedy might have happened, which makes it even more wow.
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    EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *does really, really bad step dance*

    Cape Breton's Rankin Family reunites for new album

    The eerie thing is that John Morris has been on my mind a lot recently. Maybe it's because I've been thinking about John Lennon and how I remember where I was when I heard he'd been killed. I also remember exactly where I was when I found out that John Morris had died. They were even the same age. Too young, way too young.

    Okay, off to get dinner.
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    The price has been reduced on my dream home. It's gone from $92,000 to $86,000. CAD. Which means in American, the asking price is $76,040.47.

    I should investigate this, just to see if

    *angsts* FIVE BEDROOMS. 1.26 acres. In the most gorgeous place on the planet. For less than what some cars cost.

    Look what happens in summer! And there's nature! and history! and yay, it's also pretty in winter!

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    I'm not going to comment on the RI Elections until the final votes are in. So there. Instead, I'll waste my time and yours!

    Autobiographical meme )

    Also, *pines*:

    And another thing. Sweet suffering Jesus on a tricycle:

    Guh. *stares and stares and stares some more*
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    Good Lord.

    This house is in the Bras D'or Lakes region of Cape Breton, a.k.a one of the most gorgeous spots in the world universe.

    It looks like this and also this. And oh, my. This. I've only seen it in winter, but, woah. Breathtaking.

    Property Description:

    "5 bedroom Heritage Home in a lovely private setting.The land is surveyed and consists of a young organic orchard consisting of pear, apple, and plum trees plus a large garden space. The house has been renovated & still has some work to be done. The original floor boards have been restored to their original glory and renos have been completed with respect to the older character of the home.The living space is bright & airy with a view to the lake with a main floor sunroom/office and garden doors to the deck.Heat is oil/hot water assisted by an attractive Jotul Woodstove."

    Here's the MLS datasheet.

    Five bedrooms. FIVE.

    1.26 acres. Organic orchard, apple pear, plum. WOODSTOVE. And it's 90 years old.

    Asking price? $92,000. That's CANADIAN DOLLARS. Which means the asking price is $82,358.92 U.S.

    I could afford this. I'm pretty sure that even with my icky credit, I could fanagle a mortgage.

    I've been to Cape Breton only twice, both times in the dead of winter. Anyone who knows me knows how much I fight against cold weather. I HATE cold weather. But the first time I stepped out of the van (and it was cold and snowy and there were PILES of snow everywhere), in the first oh, thirty seconds or so, I felt this really, really strong feeling that I'd not only been to Cape Breton before, but that I'd lived there, and that once it was home. Somewhere, back in some long-lost day, some ancestor or some incarnation lived in Cape Breton. The sulphur smell from the coalstoves mixed with the salt smell from the ocean, the music, the voices, everything. Complete love at first sight. And it didn't go away, that feeling of family, of belonging. Not then, not the next time I visited. I hated leaving, hated it, both times, and I've been trying to get back to visit again for years.

    And now here's this house (and there are more like it, believe me) for practically pennies compared to where I live, and I'm here all wibbly because it just isn't possible.

    I really shouldn't look at these websites.
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    This is true, right?

    Please say yes, because it hits so many of my dorky, geeky buttons it's not even funny.

    On a related note, anyone interested in going to Celtic Colours with me next fall (2007, not 2006)? If I can get the money and the vacation days at the same time, I'm going, full stop. It's been waaay too many years since I've been home back (since something like 1999). And I've never been to Celtic Colours.

    So whaddya say? [ profile] songdog? [ profile] patchfire? Anyone else? C'mon, it's Atlantic Canada in October. Crisp days and clear nights and mountains and ocean and beauty and music and more music and the general yayness of it all. I'm bouncing just thinking about it. Or maybe it's the Vault soda I stole from [ profile] mr_t00by.
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    Going to work soon, but um.

    Is there anyone in fandom (or not!fandom, for that matter), especially in New England, who knows how to play Tarabish? I haven't played in years, I suck at it and still need to use the bloody cheat sheet with all the values on it. I'm certainly not good enough to teach anyone, since I'd have to learn to play all over again.

    I'd love to play again, maybe get involved in a group or something. I'm v. sick of the whole work, be bored, work, be bored cycle I seem to be in. So why not play an obscure yet fun Maritime card game? w00t!


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