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For More Joy Day:

Photodocumentation of A Select Group of Males of the Canadian Persuasion Who Are Also No Spring Chickens, a.k.a. Hot Damn, There Must Be Something In the Water Up There

In ascending chronological order according to age )

Your challenge: Add more pictures, add more vids, add more people, add more countries! Add more genders! Add more age groups! Add your family! Add your friends! Add yourselves!

Bring on the beautiful people!* Tell why they bring you joy!

*Note: Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, and it's not always apparent at face value. Beauty doesn't always mean physical perfection. It's not only skin deep. Just sayin'.
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First of all, happy birthday to the original, inimitable, incomparable, and quite lovely Callum Keith Rennie, who is now officially older than me again. And much more attractive. *loves* I'd picspam were I home, but alas I am not. Where I am is Toronto, so here's a

Brief as hell Toronto/TIFF recap:

  • Normal was pretty good. Stuff could have been kept in, stuff could have been left out. Could have used a few more script edits. Callum? Was awesome, and looks better than ever.

  • Silk was entirely forgettable. The plot needed to have actual plot. The romance needed to have actual romance. The film needed to have an actual reason for existing. The leading role needed to have Ewan McGregor.

  • Note on washroom near theatre: "ARE YOU CONCERNED ABOUT THIS WASHROOM?" along with a couple of phone numbers to call to express our concern.

    ♥♥ Canada ♥♥

  • [ profile] meresy was very patient with [ profile] scriggle and I being Toronto-challenged. We followed her all around and she didn't complain once. And she took us to eat at the Patrician Grill, where Dead!Bob and Fraser have lunch in Victoria's Secret. It was a moment that will live in dorky infamy, I tell you. I didn't get pictures, but [ profile] meresy has some here.

  • The Tracey Fragments was the best of the three films I saw. It was trippy and intense and very, very good (and OMG, Ellen Page!). Bruce McDonald is made of awesome, even though I hid while [ profile] scriggle went and talked to him. So far Martha Burns and Stephen King are the only two I would actually approach without a second thought. I'm not sure why this is so.

  • Pimped S&A to at least two people, one of whom is a long-time Torontonian who loves theatre/film and has never seen it. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS. The other is Australian and therefore gets a pass.

  • Compare and Contrast:

    Paraphrase of recorded message on Boston Subway (MBTA): "For your own security and safety, if you see any suspicious behaviour, report it RIGHT AWAY".

    Paraphrase of recorded message on Toronto Subway (TTC): "Please collect all your belongings and any trash and take it with you when you exit the train. Thank you."

    ♥♥Canada♥♥ (part the second).

  • Reason why Toronto streets are litter-free: Wee street-sweepers whisk through every morning.

  • Saw Nanook of the North at the ROM, all the way through this time. This means that I have seen Nanook of the North MORE THAN ONCE.

  • Finally got to the CBC museum, which is tiny but fun. Saw exerpt from Fraggle Rock! Also, I asked Nice Lady at Info Desk about next year's television season. She gave me a printout. Also:

    Me: I was also wondering if you knew when The Trojan Horse is scheduled to be broadcast?
    Nice Lady at Info Desk: Let me check. *gets on phone, calls someone*
    Me: *waits*
    NLaID: *looks up, smiles* Sometime in January, 2008. *hands me pen and paper* Here, give me your name and telephone number. We'll call you when we're sure of the actual date.
    Me: Really?
    NLaID: Sure, we'd be happy to.

    This? Made my day, truly.

  • [ profile] scriggle and I were trying to figure out what to do tomorrow since we only have reservations through tonight. [ profile] scriggle casually suggests Ottawa as a possibility. Me: *holds out arm for her to twist*

    DUDE. WE ARE GOING TO OTTAWA. Sure, it's only for a day. But WE ARE GOING TO OTTAWA.

  • Next year definitely coming back to TIFF. I figure it's a good possibility that both Blindness AND Passchendaele will be shown there. Eep.

  • Was going to watch telly, but lots of people sort of burst in and wanted to watch a movie. I caught the last ten minutes of the Mercer Report. I wanted to watch the news, dammit. Blergh.

    There's lots I missed, I'm sure, but I really have to go get my laundry and go to bed. We're getting an early start because WE ARE GOING TO OTTAWA.
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Another night shift, another ramble...

First off, this article makes me happy on at least three different levels:

Niv Fichman has no fear of flying.

Level 3: Blindness sounds like it could be something fantastic. It's written by Don McKellar, and check out the cast. I've seen Sandra Oh mentioned also, but not in this article. But even without her, holy Hannah, that's quite a list. There are also people from all over the world involved, too, and, um. Did I mention it's written by Don McKellar? I did? Oh. Thought so.

Level 2: Silk sounds really good as well. I love how the article says "with Keira Knightley and Callum Keith Rennie" like Callum's Keira's lead co-star (as he should be. Also, he's a heck of a better actor than Kiera and also way hotter). It looks like he could have a decent-sized part, though,. And he might not be evil or die. Does anyone know if he's evil or dies? Please, Callum, don't be evil or die.

Level 1: Passchendaele is "now casting for an Aug. 13 start date, and while it took two solid years of fundraising, all the money for the 'shamelessly Canadian' story came from Canada." Which, all things considered, is just as it should be, say thankya, although I think it's taken longer than two years.

However, um?

"...Fichman has secured the necessary financing for Paul Gross' $19-million First World War drama Passchendaele."

Excuse me. Fichman secured all of the funding? Every bit of it? As in singlehandedly? All by himself? I don't THINK so, sai. Seems to me he had just a tiny bit of assistance with this one.

Dear Playback Magazine,

Please either a.) do better research or b.) give credit where it's due. Or possibly c.) both. Or maybe this is just reprimanding by omission, in which case, cut it OUT.

Admonishingly yours,


I mean, honestly. *headdesk*

In other news, I'm going to try to actually write something after work. And after sleep, of course. Which means no Adderall for me until I do either or both. I should give my car keys to [ profile] mr_t00by for safekeeping. Of course, then he'll probably want to drive it. This is okay, mostly, because he's doing really well in that department. :)

In still other news, I've got two legs of my trip reserved lodgingwise. I'll be staying here on the 25th (and maybe the 24th if I leave early) in London and here for three nights in Toronto. [ profile] eltonroo and [ profile] duree, we should do coffee or lunch or something. I should really try to make a Jays game, but I'm already doing that at Fenway, so I guess I've got it covered. :)

I don't know where I'm staying in Ottawa, or even how long I'm staying. I don't think any of my flist lives in there, but I wish someone did because I'd love to do the stay-at-someone's-house-and-hang-out thing. That's one activity I didn't plan for on this trip, darnit.

Oh, and I had a dream about Nekkid!Ewan last night. I <3 my subconscious. :)
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A while ago I was pimping discussing the Dark Tower series with [ profile] npirie, the main topic of which was casting a movie, which of course every DT fan does. She's never read the books, so I thought, hmm. Who would I cast as Roland? I mean, y'know, besides Retro!Clint Eastwood.

Definitely not Paul Gross, as was her suggestion (when she reads the story, she'll realise how many worlds of wrong this would be).

But she got me thinking, and what I came up with was this )

This is one of those subjects that I could waste time blithering on about for hours. However, since there's so much else to waste time blithering on about, I won't.

Anyone with any dreamcast!suggestions is welcome to chime in, though. Probably should add a couple of Americans, or it'll never get past Hollywood.

On second thought, maybe Bruce MacDonald should direct it.

Which brings up another question: Who should direct a DT film?

Credits: The first pic is from [ profile] stormymouse's site, the second from [ profile] c_regalis. I got the picture of Eddie Nick Lea from Google, so I don't know who to credit.

Okay, I'm done now.
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Commentary on the Kinetic Aesthetics of One S.R. Kowalski, CPD, and, By Association, Callum Keith Rennie:

Y'know, you can't tell me that this scene wasn't choreographed, because if Callum can do that without the music, then he's not just talented, he's some kind of alien moving thing (the jury is actually still deliberating on this idea).

Which means it must have been rehearsed and rehearsed, with the music. Which is probably why it's so, um. Well, just LOOK at it. Because some things just connect.

This has been a PSA brought to you by CKR, Hugh Dillon, and my own weird, overactive brain. No actual Real People were harmed in the making of this flight of fantasy.

P.S. For those of you who've never heard the music as a whole lovely thing, here you go:

The Headstones - Cubically Contained

Gorgeous thing, so it is.

This song (from the tiny snippet in the scene) was my intro to the band, and to the sheer poetry of Hugh Dillon.
My inner music!geek was all, FIND OUT WHAT THIS IS AND WHO RECORDED IT.


I always listen to my inner music!geek. She is far wiser than I.

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It's 14 September. Where did the month go?

Being that it's 14 September, it's also the birthday of the very lovely and talented Callum Keith Rennie. *celebrates*

Have a good one, darlin', you deserve it.

This one's for you. Ya done good, kiddo. *raises glass*

Billy Joel - Keeping the Faith (this was in my Fannish lyric meme, but nobody guessed it. *sigh*)

And, keeping with the theme (yay for continuity!), I put together a Ray Kowalski songspam. I have no idea why some of these songs scream "Ray!" at me. It's not just the lyrics, and he probably wouldn't like all of them:

Frank Sinatra - The Best Is Yet To Come (I think Ray's a Sinatra fan. Possibly a closet one, but I doubt it. A lot of Sinatra stuff reminds me of Vecchio, but not this one)

Keeley and Gross - Blind Man (yes, this is a Ray song. Except for the line about haircolour, it's so Ray it isn't even funny. never mind that it hits a whole bunch of rps buttons)

Iggy Pop - Lust For Life (lyrics here)

Melissa Etheridge - You Used To Love To Dance
(It's all about The Stella, obviously)

John Mellencamp - Authority Song (Do I really need a comment here?)

Don Henley - Heart of the Matter (Yet another Stella song. Also in the meme. *g*)

Aerosmith - Same Old Song and Dance. Definitely not the lyrics here. Just the feel of it.

Elton John - I'm Still Standing. (Ray would probably hate this song, but eh. It suits him. I'm thinking post-COTW)

The Who - Real Good Looking Boy. (Because, well, duh, he is. And I think Ray isn't the most secure person in the world. And it's F/K. It so is)

This one isn't exactly part of the Ray!Songspam. Well, it is, because I think he'd like it, but that's not why I'm posting it.

O.A.R. - That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker.


Bruce MacDonald and Don McKellar can co-write the screenplay. I get to cast it. Callum gets to be the lead, and Hugh gets to be the co-star. Any other roles are up for grabs, but y'know,I'm open for suggestions. O.A.R. can do the entire soundtrack, if they want. Or Hugh. Or both.

And if it's not a movie, it needs to be an AU fic of some sort.

Okay, sleep now. I stayed up way too early late to do this.

P.S. Even if you are not fannish, these are good songs. Take, take! *shares*
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In which Primrose is worn out from a double shift, and fortifies herself with picspam, as well as referring to herself in the third person:

clearly it's something in the water )
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Dear Canadian TV Costuming People:

I love you, really I do. But honestly, isn't it possible that there might have been ONE family in the Ukraine somewhere with blue eyes?

Say sorry, but the brown contacts? Do not please me. Anachronistic isn't the exact word I'm searching for, here, but it's close. So is sacrilegous.

I forgive you on the basis of a decent story (from 1990, no less), k.d. lang and the Reclines (ZOMG!), the reappearance of the toothpick, the fact that Alexei is called Sascha (OMGYES), and the fact that thirteen years later you gave me us Geoffrey Tennant (who, thankfully, has lovely, half-crazy blue eyes).

And of course I'm not forgetting about Benton Fraser and his blue, blue eyes. Or Ray Kowalski and his mercurial iced-turquoise ones, either.

And okay, Nicholas Lea is one of yours. How could I not love you and forgive you a thousandfold?

So, in conclusion,

Ray Kowalski

Love anyway,


Also, in a semi-related topic (once removed), take a look at this:

Ka like a wheel )

Oh, and Red Sox? I am not a happy fan at the moment. Papi came through, WHERE WERE THE REST OF YOU? Grrr.

Geh. Must really go to bed. If I keep stopping to write dorky LJ posts, I'll never finish this movie. :/

Day off tomorrow, with much to accomplish. *stumbles to bed*
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So I'm wondering what Nick Lea has been up to recently, and gee, it would be really nice to see him in something again, maybe a movie or TV show.

So. I find out that not only is he in a Cool SF TV show, but also that he's in another TV show that may or may not be cool (if I can even access it, being south of the border, here).

And to top it all off, he's gonna be in Butterfly on a Wheel, which doesn't exactly sound like my kind of film, but.

*looks at rest of cast list*


Yeah. I'm so there.

Also, this is the most random, funniest thing I've heard in ages. It's so random it's isn't funny. Except it is.

Tim Wilson - George is On My Mind

Download, listen. Laugh hysterically.

Okay, going for a walk, now. It's not like my car works, or anything.
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Maybe it's just me, but, um.

Separated at birth? Discuss. )

Oh, how I love pointless posts. Paucity of point, plenty of pretty. Now, apparently, with Alliteration! Okay, shutting up now.

*sways to Rufus*


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