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Things accomplished so far today:

1.Read chapter in book.

2.Hung laundry on clothesline.

3.Fed cat and dog.

4.Finished loading/ran dishwasher.

5.Cleaned bathroom mirror.

6.Went for run/jog/walk (of which there was much with the running) which was brought to me by the Headstones, including this Song of Awesome. Thanks, Hugh! ♥

And now I have (7.) made an actual LJ entry (with links!), of which hopefully there will be many more. I miss LJ so much! Facebook is crack, but LJ is to be savoured (not unlike obscene telephone calls). :D
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  • For the five or so people who haven't seen this, here's the video version of Jian Ghomeshi's interview with Hugh Dillon on CBC's Q:

  • CHURCHFAIL: I missed church today because I mistakenly thought the service started at 9:30, when it actually started at 9. I got there at like 9:03 and didn't want to barge into choir without having rehearsed this morning OR on Wednesday night (which was thankfully an excused absence) so I left without even getting out of my car. There was an 11:00 service I could have gone to but I was too embarrassed to do it. Hopefully I can explain myself adequately this Wednesday.

  • Yesterday I saw Capitalism: A Love Story at the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge. As much as Michael Moore has his issues, I'm usually charmed and informed by his movies, and this one was no exception. I still might make a more indepth post about it, but the best thing I learned was what an amazing guy FDR was, and how radically different the world would be if he had lived to make his dream of a Second Bill of Rights real.

  • After the movie I went to Shabu-ya in Harvard Square for dinner. I had been looking for Shilla, where I always go when I'm in Harvard Square; apparently it has recently merged with another place owned by the same family into a shabu-shabu restaurant. Since I had no idea what shabu-shabu was or even that this particular place served it, I went with maguro sashimi and yummy seafood-scallion pancake. Nom nom. I sort of hate the Star Trek TOS-type decor, but the food was really good, so I'll definitely go back.

  • Firefox has been sucking recently--constantly crashing on me for no apparent reason. Is anyone else having the same problem or is it something to do with my computer? I suppose I should reinstall it to see if that helps, but I've been lazy about it.

  • Dear Flashpoint: Cop shows aren't supposed to make me cry. I forgive you completely, however, because you are love with a side of awesomesauce.

  • Which brings me to the Song of the Day:

It's kind of obviously about residential schools (as much as any Hip song can be said to be about any one specific thing), but it also fits in with the themes of the episode really well. Flashpoint
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For anyone who's interested, TV,eh? has a recent podcast featuring an interview with the writers of Durham County (and some other stuff). And YAY, THEY HAVE A SCRIPT FOR SEASON 2!!!!! *crosses fingers, hopes really really hard*

Seriously, if you can find a way to watch Durham County, you should. Even if you're NOT a Hugh Dillon fan (although if you're not, why the hell aren't you?).
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Y'all have seen this, right?

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Dear DS Vidders )

Dear Paul Gross )

Dear Hugh Dillon )

Dear Self )

Also, [ profile] sam80853 and [ profile] stormymouse, you should friend [ profile] mr_t00by, because he speaks fluent German (three months immersion in Germany will do that to a person) and would love to talk to someone to keep his fluency up. He's seventeen and very smart and (mostly) harmless. *g*

Also also, I want to buy this, but it is very expensive. Talk me out of it. Or into it. Am indecisive. And really too broke to spend this much money.

Also GIP!. See Letter Number Two, under the cut.

Okay, going to sleep before I throw up or pass out. Ick. I should be able to get five or six hours before work. *sigh*

*waves* G'night, all. Or morning. Something. *staggers off to bed*
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Commentary on the Kinetic Aesthetics of One S.R. Kowalski, CPD, and, By Association, Callum Keith Rennie:

Y'know, you can't tell me that this scene wasn't choreographed, because if Callum can do that without the music, then he's not just talented, he's some kind of alien moving thing (the jury is actually still deliberating on this idea).

Which means it must have been rehearsed and rehearsed, with the music. Which is probably why it's so, um. Well, just LOOK at it. Because some things just connect.

This has been a PSA brought to you by CKR, Hugh Dillon, and my own weird, overactive brain. No actual Real People were harmed in the making of this flight of fantasy.

P.S. For those of you who've never heard the music as a whole lovely thing, here you go:

The Headstones - Cubically Contained

Gorgeous thing, so it is.

This song (from the tiny snippet in the scene) was my intro to the band, and to the sheer poetry of Hugh Dillon.
My inner music!geek was all, FIND OUT WHAT THIS IS AND WHO RECORDED IT.


I always listen to my inner music!geek. She is far wiser than I.

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Okay, so Hugh Dillon.

The guy radiates talent in waves; he's a poet, singer, actor, musician, all that stuff. Plus he's intelligent, reads a book a week, and has a cool accent (sue me, I like the way he says "possibly").

I adore Hugh in that "yay, smart rock 'n' roll!" way. A pretty-much-platonic rock and roll fangirl kind of way, nothing too crushy y'know?

Also, except for a few notable exceptions (like OMG "Crystal Ship"), I'm SO not a Doors fan.

Then this happens:

Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir - Love Her Madly

I'm such a sucker for low, smoky voices. Mnrgh.

I'm sure I'll get over it. Eventually.

Possibly. :)

And y'know? I really should make shorter posts. This one was just supposed to consist of the file link and the words "OMG*SPUTTER*" Geez.

Oh, and here's another one, because I can:

Headstones - Unsound

Lyrics here. Poetry, do ya.


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