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A non-Presidential Squee of JOY:

1.Macbeth is coming to Stratford in 2009.

2.Colm Feore is playing him.

I'm there or I'm bloody well square, y0.

ETA: GERAINT WYN DAVIES is playing Duncan OMG.
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  • No g-word!baby yet. I'll let y'all know as soon as I can when s/he finally arrives. *SO EXCITED*

  • For us politics junkies, it's a wonderful time to be a dork. *crosses fingers for Australia and Canada* And yay, The Dalai Lama! I adore him even if the Chinese don't want me to.

  • Slept a good part of the day yesterday because of my evening-into-night double shift on Sunday. This is why I didn't get a chance to officially wish [ profile] patchfire a happy birthday. I'm sure she knows I was thinking of her anyway, but I wanted to mention it here nonetheless. Because she's pushing thirty now, and you know how cranky some elderly people can get (And if she's elderly, I'm DEAD.) *hugs*

  • Speaking of [ profile] patchfire, she and I both have decided that we need to learn to vid ASAP. So, what do you think, darling, maybe we could make up some kind of pseudocurriculum and learn it together that way?

  • Speaking of vidding (don't you love how all this randomness is almost bordering on the not!random? Go segues!), I've decided that since I only have a thousand other things to do, I'd do a post of some of my favourite vids. I'll probably do the non-dS vids first, and then do another post with just dS vids. And now you know. *g*

  • I did get a big chunk of my room cleaned last night. Another reason I didn't make a LJ post. If [ profile] patchfire wasn't out celebrating being almost thirty she would have wanted to chat, and since she's too pretty to turn down I'd have stayed up chatting and not cleaning. Which would have been more fun, but not very productive. *sigh*

  • is fun and addictive and a huge time waster. I'm trying to get all my unbundled tags bundled and it's the main reason I stayed up too late last night.

  • Still on S5 of The Sopranos. I'm still loving the show, but I didn't appreciate the scene in 5x06 that as far as I'm concerned was bloody violence for the sake of bloody violence without really adding to the plot. I mean, yeah, what happened to the character throughout the whole episode sends his life into a tailspin but the violent act wasn't necessary because we already KNEW his situation was tanking and fast. It's a good show, it doesn't need gratuitous scenes like that. No love, Sopranos, no love.

  • Stephen Colbert on All Things Considered. Really. Listen to this interview. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY, I PROMISE YOU.

    Example of why this man is not only an utter genius, but also the Left's best stealth weapon: "I'm on record as saying that reality has a well-known liberal bias." I can't wait to read his book.I want to marry him and have his little stealth genius babies.

  • If the sky doesn't fall (and maybe even if it does)[ profile] peacey and I will be going back to Stratford in 2008 for Hamlet. Believe it or not, I've never seen this play all the way through, although I'm sure I've seen the whole thing in bits and pieces. I'm looking forward to it big time, because, Yay, Stratford!

    It's a real shame my Wayback Machine is imaginary (and therefore nonfunctional) because then I could see this production.

  • [ profile] sam80853, I'm plugging away at your beta. Fantastic idea for a fic, btw. Be prepared to be overwhelmed (or is that overcome) by the sheer wordiness of my beta skillz. You might just hate me forever for being OMG SO WORDY. *g*

  • Today's Website of Awesome: The Cats on the Hill have their own blog. ♥♥♥

    ETA: According to the site, the address of the blogger (name of Klaus J. Gerken) is:

    Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, North America, Planet Earth,
    the Sol Planetary system, the "Milky Way" Galaxy, the Virgo cluster of Galaxies,
    the Universe, and whatever is beyond or ever was before.

    Cat!Blogger wins at addresses.

  • Okay, Wake, it's up to you.
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Ontario picspam, part the first )

More later. It takes forever to resize these things. Next up: An English Garden in Canada.
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"Alas, poor world, what treasure hast thou lost!"

All in all, I'd say it's been a good, long run. The reviews all seem to be raves. I only wish I'd been there for more of it.

Here's to you, sir. May flights of angels sing you to your rest.

*raises glass, drinks heartily*
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The long-awaited Random Bullet List!Update:

  • I just watched the first episode of The Sopranos. No, really, I've never seen the show before, having no HBO and all. If anyone tells me how the series ends I will kick them in the head. Well, okay, I won't do that, but I won't be a very happy camper. Anyway, I really like it. I knew I would; I'm a sucker for mob stories.

  • Ontarians past and present, and People Who Know Ontario: I need your help! I'll be in a. London/Stratford, b. Toronto, and c. Ottawa the last week of July/first week of Aug, with [ profile] peacey and maybe her sister.

    Suggestions for stuff to do? The only definite plan is King Lear at Stratford Theatre on the 25th, and I won't leave without touring Parliament Hill unless the sky falls or I get thrown out of the country for excessive dorkery (just look at these lovely pictures! Politics has never been so pretty. Well, okay, maybe once). Apparently I'll be doing a lot of driving, but oh, well, it can't be helped. Oh, and if you could recommend some local non-tourist-y bookstores?

  • I did not rig this, I swear )

  • Fic Rec: Well, two, actually, both by [ profile] shayheyred. Why haven't I read these before?

    • Objects in the Rearview Mirror (ds, multiple pairings/gen, R-ish). Gorgeous vignettes of various characters' thoughts at different times and places.

      You are my child as much as his -- more perhaps. My blood flows through you just as your father's does. You need someone to free you from the bonds you impose on yourself, someone to provoke you to anger, inspire you to greatness, force you to laugh at yourself, encourage you to cry, make you scream in pleasure. Love may hurt sometimes, but it should not kill your heart, or it is not love at all. Don't let the hurts of the past become your destiny. Live. Feel. Touch. Dare. Win. Lose. Love. Love whomever and however your heart tells you. If you are afraid, then be so. But don't retreat.

      Fight, Ben.

    • It Was a Very Good Year (Frannie/Turnbull, maybe mild R) Backstory for both Frannie and Turnbull, very believable. I have a big love for Frannie stories in general; this one's in firmly in the top favourites group.

      Often he surprised her by being useful. Sometimes he called with information that was helpful in a case. Once he helped locate Benton and her fake brother when they'd disappeared off the face of Lake Superior. Once or twice he acted as a buffer between the cops and that horrible witch of an Inspector who had designs on Her Benton. Yes, Turnbull had his uses. Like a footstool.

      And so of course she never noticed the footstool staring at her with wistful, hopeless, sad-sack adoration.

  • I have to see a dentist like woah. I have a missing filling that's starting to hurt due to weeks of not taking care of it, and I need a cleaning bigtime. I want to find a new dentist in the area. I'd best start searching before I have to get out the ol' string and tie it to the doorknob.

  • I watched a few minutes of CNN tonight while I was at the Chinese Buffet (eight bucks, all you can eat. Greasy, fatty, and yummy). It's getting pretty awful. I mean, yeah, it was Lou Dobbs, and I'm not exactly his biggest fan, but at least he was giving something that sounded like news (although it was really him reading letters from People Who Agree With Him, which isn't news at all).

    Then The Situation Room came on and they started talking about former Israeli soldiers posing for Maxim and how some people in the government of Israel are calling it pornography. Um. Interesting story, but I'm sure there's a whole lot more going on in Israel (and the rest of the world) that's more important. If I want modelling controversy, which I never will, I'll watch Inside Access. Which is right up there with American Idol on the Shows I Will Never Watch list.

  • Circumcision no "Silver Bullet". This basically says what I've been trying to say but haven't been able to find the words. And it's a mainstream news site, too.

  • [ profile] mr_t00by left a bag of clothes on the bus home from New Hampshire. He says it was about half of all his clothes. We tried to go to Kennedy Plaza where the bus was due in next, but it never came and all that happened is I got to use up all sorts of gas driving around while he waited because there is nowhere to park in Providence in the eveniing. The bus company was closed when he tried to call them, so we'll try again in the morning. Needless to say he is not too happy at the moment, poor kid. Cross your fingers that we can get them back. They're in a plastic bag with no ID, which isn't a good idea and he should have labelled them, but it's still a bummer that they're missing. :/

ETA: [ profile] peacey, I left a message for you at your LJ. :) :) :)
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[ profile] peacey (and everyone else!), look, LOOK!


Also, [ profile] stormymouse sent me a LJ gift all the way from Gods' Country! Must. Stop. Looking. At those pictures because the droolage isn't becoming at all. Seriously, this I'm talking landscape porn here.
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Y'know, I did NOT need to read this:

Tornado probably struck near Stratford.

Please tell me that it doesn't get worse in July. Eep?


Apr. 17th, 2007 06:16 pm
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Dear [ profile] primroseburrows:

Thank you for placing your order with us. Your order was received as follows -

TypeNumberStatusSub Total
Box Office14973074APPROVED$101.00


King Lear - July 25 at 8:00 PMFestival Theatre: A+ Orchestra, 7 Row B Seat 54$93.00

 Sub Total:$93.00

If you have questions regarding your order, please contact

Thank you.

Jo-Anne Hood Tidman
Box Office Manager

[ profile] peacey, we must make Plans. *twirls*  

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[ profile] peacey is likely going here. Maybe even on my birthday. I'm already planning two trips this year, and that's not counting [ profile] muskratjamboree. I was even contemplating a third.

I really shouldn't be thinking about this at all. Really. But would I not be crazy if I didn't at least consider it? I mean, look at this year's season, gah. I could see both Othello AND King Lear. On or near my birthday, which would definitely help me forget how elderly I am. Well, okay, maybe King Lear might remind me, but still. I'll keep me clothes on, thanks.

Dear Ontario,

Every time I think about visiting, I never seem to be able to go. Do you hate me, or is it just bad timing?

I'm sure I'll like you, despite what Stan Rogers wrote about you.



If I'm even thinking about this, it's definitely time to pick up some extra shifts. And get my bloody passport. Thanks a lot, US government. *glares*


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