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I've finally outdorked myself by adding this to my wishlist. If I actually end up buying it (it's not released yet), someone lock me up. With lots and lots of books, plz.

I probably have the dorkiest Wish List ever, anyway, so y'all might not want to wait to call the dorkwagon.

In other news, I officially have cable television. I even hooked everything up by myself, with only a wee bit of help from tech support, yay!

So today I thought I'd watch some CSPAN, which was pretty cool, even though I can already get it online. There was a guy from American Prospect and someone from the Census Bureau, and then some reporter from the Nevada Sun who was interesting but drove me crazy saying "you know" every three words . Then they repeated the AP guy, so I thought, hey, I can get CNN, I'll watch that! Today's Big News was--wait for it--something about Tiger Woods. Which made me immediately change the channel to MSNBC, where today's Big News was something about--you guessed it--Tiger Woods. *headdesk*

TV is now off, and I'm wondering whether I did the right thing by getting cable. OTOH, there is DVR and so I'm recording curling. :)
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Scarecrow and Mrs. King is at AOL video. Starring ickle Brucie Boxleitner and one of Charlie's angels.

Hours of productivity are officially in danger here at Chez Primrose. *barely suppressed squee*
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...because I'm too lazy to do anything else.

  • It's official: Barack Obama is NOT the Antichrist. I know y'all were concerned about this.

  • Speaking of elections, now there are two to keep up with. And this one doesn't look pretty, not at all. Stephen Harper is not the Antichrist, either (although I'm not so sure he doesn't eat kittens), but he does break his own laws.

  • Finally saw a doc about my shoulder. The X-rays showed nothing, so an MRI is next. The doc gave me a sling (which I'm not using because it's not immobilizing my arm where it should be and because I'm stubborn like that) and a scrip for naproxen (which I filled even though I can get OTC and just take more of to get prescription strength). I think the naproxen actually helps some. I take that for arthritis in my back anyway, but I ran out, which is maybe why my shoulder's been hurting more recently. I'm still sort of thinking I have a rotator cuff tear. I hope not, bleh.

  • I'm now somewhat spoiled for Passchendaele, but it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. It was my own fault, anyway.

  • Started watching Ashes to Ashes. The first ep is pretty good, although it feels like a genderswitch redux of Life on Mars instead of an actual sequel. I also miss Sam a lot. It's good enough to watch more, though.

  • Someone has apparently declared Paul Gross Week without telling me. At least that's what it seems like on the interwebz. They've also apparently hired [ profile] _scally as Official Spokesperson. Thank you, interwebz.

  • Dear U.S. Media,

    I'm an Obama supporter. I have quite a few issues with the McCain/Palin platform and how it's being presented to the public.

    However, could you please, PLEASE stop making jabs at Sarah Palin's parenting skills? I mean, come ON, does anyone wonder whether Barak Obama ever drove his kids around without a car seat? Does anyone think, hmm. How can he deal with caring for small children and running the country at the same time?

    The answer is NO. So please be fair and lay off Governor Palin as a mother and talk more about her as a politician. There's plenty there to discuss, believe me. Either that or give Obama's parenting equal time. Because the world really might want to know how old his kid was when he started back to work again. Or if he's ever fed them junk food. Or, y'know. Not.

    Stick to the issues, fergodssake.



  • Pictures, thank-yous, etc, still planned for sometime soon. I still have almost no energy. I know if I clean my house I'll feel less like a drip, but, um. See above re: almost no energy. And my shoulder still hurts [/whine].
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  • Some things I don't get:

    • Twitter. I watched the video and everything. Nope, still don't get it.

    • Elective Caesareans, a.k.a. Please Perform Major Abdominal Surgery On Me For No Medical Reason Whatsoever. With this mentality I should be able to get an appendectomy just because it's Sunday and I feel like one. No wonder the US Caesarean rate is 31.1% with a bullet. Quote from here:

      "I liked the idea of knowing what day and time my baby would arrive so I could schedule my parents to be here, a baby nurse, and furniture delivery[.]"

      Um, sure.Go right ahead and put yourself and your baby at risk for convenient furniture delivery. Also, baby nurse? People still have baby nurses? Wow.

    • American Idol and the whole frenzied fanatacism surrounding it. And not just because I loathe just about everything the show stands for.

      There have been plenty of talent programs in TV history that haven't used contestant humiliation as a gimmick (Community Auditions and Star Search, for example). Why has this one, and why is it so freakishly popular despite (or maybe because of) it?

    • How this isn't torture. wtf?

    • Hillary Clinton. She's a smart woman, so why can't she see that she's undermining the Democrats' chances in November by staying in the race? I get that it's a great way for the whole country to have a say in the primary election, but it sucks for the Dems. Yes, I'm supporting Obama, but I'd say the same thing if the situation was reversed.

      Also, I still don't know how I feel about Michigan and Florida. Yes, everyone's vote should be counted. But IIRC Obama didn't participate because he thought that the votes wouldn't be counted, so the outcome wouldn't be fair. One thing I'm positive of: I would definitely not want to be Howard Dean right about now.

      And. Sen. Clinton changing her mind about the whole thing now that she's not the frontrunner? Not On, Hillary, Not On. Besides, in the end it's not one person, one vote anyway. It's all down to the superdelegates and the Electoral College.

    • The Electoral College. See above. I'm sorry, Founding Fathers, but you missed the boat on this one.

  • Some things I do get:

  • A thing I want to get:

    • This. When I have $301.99 plus tax, that is. And to think that until today I had no idea such a wonderful thing existed. I emailed them anyway.Just for future reference, understand.

Obviously I'm procrastinating. Must get out of avoidance mode and go be a Responsible Adult (not easy to do and I'm not looking forward to it). Bleh.
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Tony Soprano: When you're married you'll understand the importance of fresh produce.

Best. Comment. Ever.

I'm (not even) halfway through season two and if anyone spoils me I will kick them in the head be very upset and remind them that I live in Rhode Island.
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Clearly the bullet list is my drug of choice these days:

  • Where is Stan Rogers when we need him?

    He wouldn't have been at all surprised, I'm sure. :(

  • I really want to make a list for [ profile] mission101, but I don't know if I can come up with 101 things I want to do in 1001 days. I want to make them meaningful, you know? I don't want to list something like "start list" and "finish list" and "go to the bathroom".

  • My mother's blood pressure is in the 90/50 range. She also has chronic anemia. She's been dizzy and weak. She's on several BP meds and Lasix. When she told me what her BP was (and it's been somewhat below 90/50) I practically ordered her to not take the Lasix or the BP meds until she saw the doctor. The doctor cut her Lasix in half, and also halved her lisinopril. IMO she needs to not take ANY Lasix. No edema, no symptoms of CHF. She's post-op but doing well considering. Also, one of the side affects of Lasix is ANEMIA. *headdesk* The doc said she may have to go over to Westerly Hospital for blood if her labs come back anemic. Yeah, I'd go with that, but um. I think the fecking meds are causing an exacerbation of the anemia. Of course, I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. If I did, I'd have a newer car.

    Dear AMA,

    Giving meds isn't always the answer. People aren't robots, they don't always respond the same way.

    No love at all,

    Me, on behalf of my maternal unit.

  • [ profile] songdogmi (not to be confused with [ profile] songdog, although both are Very Nice People) links to this:

    Killing wolves is still illegal in Michigan

    Why was it ever legal? Wolves are LESS AGGRESSIVE than dogs. Do we want to open up dog hunting? I don't live in Michigan, but it seems to me that unless an animal is directly attacking humans/livestock/pets, we should leave it well alone. And anyway, since wolves and dogs are almost identical genetically, how is a hunter going to tell he/she's not going after someone's Malamute? I don't remember any news article about pocket DNA tests being invented for use by hunters. wtf?

    Also? Cutest. Thing. Ever:

    (from this site, which says "wolves need friends, not owners.") See? Fraser was right. *g*

  • Fannish projects are humming along, despite RL issues. Yes, even [ profile] axial_tilt. I've also started writing what will likely be my longest fic ever (no, not the Barrett's Privateers one, although that's in the works and I'm gathering info, 'cause that one's hard). I really like the tiny scene I've written; it's one that's been in my head for weeks, and it turned out pretty good on (virtual) paper.

  • Night shift tomorrow. I'll make the obligatory "entertain me" post, I'm sure. No youTube, though, because Butler Hospital is Big Brother about youTube. :/

  • I'm going to have my Tarot cards read with [ profile] tapped_trish, et. al. on Thursday. I haven't done that in ages. I can read my own, ostensibly, but I haven't in ages.

  • My house is clean save for my room. I'll clean some tomorrow when I'm not writing (see list item re: [ profile] axial_tilt). But my kitchen! My dining room! My living room and bathroom! Yay!

  • Little Mosque holds its own opposite American Idol.

    I cannot tell you how pleased I am about this. LM is cute (not great, but cute and very watchable). AI is teh evil, and shouldn't be shown to kids under, liek, fifty. I loathe it from the depths of everything I have depths of. Bleh. Ick. Ptui. Yay, cute little sitcom!

  • Here, have some Stan Rogers:

    Free in the Harbour

  • ETA: How could I forget to add this? Happy birthday to [ profile] mickeyvt, and [ profile] kupukello! Many happy returns, dears.
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News from around the world:

Go, Prince Charles!

I don't know why it is, but I can't help but like the guy.

International soccer body to discuss Quebec hijab ban

Asking a Muslim woman to remove her hijab is like asking a conservative Christian woman to remove her shirt. Someday people are going to get this.

Boy, 14, attacked on school bus

I wish this kind of thing had made the news when I was a kid.

Obama urges DUP to commit to power-sharing

Not sure who I'm voting for yet at all, but this guy certainly in the running.

Edwards details his health care proposal )

I like this, too. I think. It's not anywhere near perfect, but I can't help cheering on a proposal that's "vigorously opposed by the pharmaceutical industry".

Daley cruises to sixth term

Dude. Is this guy liek, Methuselah or something?

In other news, I'm downloading the pilot of The Black Donnellys from iTunes. I can't remember the last time I actually looked forward to watching a new show (S&A doesn't count, it sort of hit me broadside without warning. I didn't have time for anticipation). I could go out and buy me some bunny ears and maybe be able to actually watch it on *gasp* a real television! But nah, I'd rather DL it and get it without commercials, because I pretty much hate commercials. If anyone knows a source? You can email me. :)

Okay, off to renew my nursing license, since today's the last day. Dude, my LIFE is putting things off until the last minute. I should change it, but I probably won't. At least not until the last minute.
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Happy Thanksgiving, America!

I'm going to [ profile] croosa's and [ profile] tapped_trish's house for the day. I'm waiting for the rain to stop because I hate driving in it,so while I do, here's a meme!

Gacked from [ profile] slidellra:

there's links to stuff under here, y'all might wanna click )
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Woah, an actual television meme:

1) What TV show(s) do you find yourself watching the most?

Right now? Slings & Arrows with a (non-LJ)friend, because pimping S&A is my sacred duty in the universe, you see.

Also I've started watching Six Feet Under with the aforementioned friend *g*

Also #2, I have the first ep of Brotherhood and the first season of BSG all ready to go.

2) What, if any, TV shows do you own on DVD?

-Slings & Arrows (S1, have S2 preordered, waiting not-so-patiently for S3. NOT my favourite show ever, or anything. *g*)

-Queer as Folk (S1-4)

-Babylon 5 (S2-4)

-dueSouth (S1)

3) Can you name your favorite TV show theme song (I would encourage you to make a phone post and sing it to us)?

Any of the three S&A themes, although I like the first best because it's the first one I heard, and the last because ohhhh, S3! That's not to say I don't like the S2 theme, and wah, it's all so COMPLEX! And no, I won't sing it. Frank and Cyril do a fine job, I'm not gonna try and compete. *g*

Well, gee, that was easy.
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Do any of you watch The Brotherhood? I'm probably going to be able to see the first episode tonight or tomorrow. It looks like it could be really, really good. And I'll probably be sent to hell or Out West if I don't at least try it.

Besides, I generally love stuff like this. And Jason Isaacs doing The Accent? The only thing better than that is if Alan Rickman decided to try it. I can't even do one, and I've lived here for *counts* erm. A long time. Not that I'd want to do one, mind you.

In other news, I feel vaguely nauseous. And I have to work today. I gotta start getting more sleep.

ETA: it's actually called just "Brotherhood". My bad.
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I may not have internet at home until Monday because of a lot of stuff that is basically all moving blues. I'm almost, almost moved in. I still have a couple of things to bring up from the old house, and the old landlord is breathing down my neck to show the apartment, and I haven't moved the cats and it still needs to be cleaned. I feel like I'm over my head, but the water's receding a little, since the furniture has been moved (to the tune of a hundred bucks and change for the truck).

[ profile] croosa and [ profile] i_am_a_hannah have helped a lot. [ profile] mr_t00by's in school until Monday, Mary's been working, and I've been sick. Did I mention I hate moving?

Oh, and why is it that I always discover good television when the show's been off the air for years? And why are said shows usually not American (Okay, Babylon 5, but that's different. And The X-Files was only kindasorta American until they moved shooting to LA)? Has something to do with not watching TV, I suppose. But yes, yes. Due South is officially in my top ten. Like twelve years too late. I shall now go throw flowers at the feet of [ profile] moonlight69 for talking me into pushing this lovely thing to the top of my "must watch" list. *loves*

Now I'll go finish my break, so I shall. *waves*


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