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  • Fic summary: "A black Cadillac, sex, stolen money, and Alex Krycek. Does Scully need anything else?" My answer: Well, if she does I'd be glad to take her place.
  • I finished my paper. I'm actually pretty shocked I finished this early.
  • I've figured out how to send fic to my Kindle. This can never be good.
  • I'm not taking a holiday this summer. I was okay with it at first, but now I'm kind of depressed about it. I might, might, mind you, go here in October as consolation. Because I need to go to Cape Breton again. I really do. And what better time or reason than Celtic Colours?
  • I want some new icons but I don't have photoshop anymore. Alas.
  • I wish I could blow off school and just be fannish. Work is okay, because I need to get paid, but school is boring and all about a pipe dream and I'd rather be doing something for [personal profile] ds_snippets, dammit.
  • Speaking of fannish, I've probably missed a bazillion of posts, so I haven't read or commented on new fic.I will try to reconnect better in the future. See above about school.
  • I want to win powerball so I can buy a whole new wardrobe, starting with lots of stuff from here. Like maybe this And/or this and this. At the moment I have fuck all in the clothing department. And also in the money department.

    In conclusion, Delenn.

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  • If there is such a thing as pre-slash, is there also such a thing as post-slash? And what would "post-slash" mean, anyway? Maybe something like this: five years after a breakup and the two characters aren't romantically involved anymore but they still hang out together at the coffee shop and they bowl in the same league twice a month.

  • As of episode 1.03, Kyle XY seems like a cross between My Life as a Dog and The Forgotten Door (which OMG, I just learned that there was a TV series based on the book). And it doesn't suck. A little preachy, maybe, but definitely watchable. Complaint: Not enough Nicholas Lea as of yet, and I'm upset about this. I mean, he's the real reason I'm watching an ABC Family show made by Disney in the first place, right?

  • It's not for certain yet, but I may be able to DRIVE to Toronto next month. In my VERY OWN CAR. I haven't had my own car in over two and a half years. Having said that, I still will not drive in Toronto. (see "not driving in toronto" on my LJ interests list). I'll park first thing and take the TTC everywhere, but to not have to take the bus across the border would be sheer luxury. I'm border-phobic as hell, and driving is way less crazy-making.

  • I have a new coffeemaker! Well, it's not brand-new, but it's like new, because its previous owner was my nephew Patrick, who is a coffee connoisseur and only stopped using this one because he upgraded to the brand-new model. So this one's in great shape. It looks like this, in matte black. I haven't had any coffee from it yet, but [ profile] mr_t00by has, and he says it's good. :D

  • There are Russian porn ads on at least two three of my LJ comms. wtf?
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I really like LJ better than facebook. I probably use facebook more often, but that's only because I don't have to think as much about posting one or two lines to facebook as I do about making an entire possibly-containing-paragraphs!post here. I guess social networks are like food. I might like to eat at Crazy Burger more than I do at Dunkin' Donuts, but I still eat at Dunk's more often because it's easier and takes less time (actually, I just go there for coffee, but that's not important right now).

Oh, and by the way: If you're ever in southern Rhode Island (yes, [ profile] patchfire, RI is big enough to be divided into sections. There is even a central RI *g*), eat at Crazy Burger. Have the Luna Sea Burger: "Freshly ground salmon mixed w/pistachio pesto, baked in phyllo dough with a side of orange-chipotle mayo."OM NOM NOM.

In other news, I just bought this. The original 1984 version. *scores*

*why yes I do know the last two paragraphs are contradictory, thx
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Entire Funeral Home To Be Auctioned

Seriously, take a look at this stuff.


...and here's some music to accompany your browsing:

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I want this T-shirt:

[/Random Driveby Post]
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  • I took [ profile] meresy's advice and now have a brand-new copy of Top 100 Unusual Things to See in Ontario. This will be v. helpful!

  • I'm finally starting the Lady Eleanor Stole from Scarf Style. I'll be using Classy Dream In Color Good Luck Jade. I tried to make it once before a couple of years ago, but got snagged up with the entrelac, and I was trying it in a solid colour which didn't look as stunning as I thought it would. The subtle variegation of the Classy yarn is close to the original and will make it look more romantic, which is a big reason I fell in love with the Lady in the first place.

    I got the yarn at Unwind, which is also where I signed up for a class in Viking Knitting, something I'd never even heard of before a couple of days ago. I've been wanting to work with metal for a while now--maybe learn to make some jewellery or chain mail. This looks like a good place to start. Plus, the people at Unwind are very helpful and they have drop-in knitting hours which will come in handy when/if I reach a snag with Lady Eleanor.

  • It looks like I'll be moving to Narragansett. Yeah, I know, I said I wouldn't move again until I finally really move (which, um, yeah, too far in the future to even think about), but I have a chance to share an entire house with someone I've known for years and have lived with before without a problem (and this was back when we both had young kids). It's a three-bedroom ranch on a quiet street with a back yard and a deck and a dog and cat. It's a little more of a commute, but not too bad, nothing like commuting from Tewksbury. I'll also be paying less in rent and sharing the cost of internet, telly, utilities, etc. I'm sure there'll be some stumbling blocks, there always are, but for the most part it seems like a win-win situation. And I can pay my mother back what she loaned me for the security deposit, so that'll be one less thing to worry about moneywise. And anyway, my thing about not moving was that I'd only move in-state again if someplace in Narragansett became available. It really is a lovely town. Here, see for yourself. :)

  • John McCain was on CSPAN this morning, basically saying how icky the new healthcare plan is and how it's going to OMG RUIN THE ECONOMY. It's interesting to go back and see that basically the same things were said about Medicare and Social Security. This debate is SO not over, because the Republicans are going to nitpick it as much and as often as possible. They keep saying that the Dems may have won the battle, but they'll lose the war. I can't wait to see what Rachel says about the whole thing. I HEART HER SO MUCH.

  • I found a new hostel in Ottawa. It's very pretty and clean and stuff, and I'm going to be making reservations there as soon as I know when I'll be getting there and where I'm going to stay.

  • Trying, really, really trying to get through . The Fountainhead, but I keep going back to my reread of Perdido Street Station instead. Eventually, I'll have to give The Fountainhead back to my chiropractor. It's not looking good for me finishing it. And I've not even got to any of the political-philosophical stuff yet, so I can't blame it on that. It's just not that good. I mean, changing POV in the middle of a scene is just plain careless, IMO, unless there's a really good reason for it (I couldn't find one). And it reads like a 1940s movie would sound. Probably because it's a 1940s novel, but still. Lovecraft reads like the era he wrote in, too, and I can still read that with no problems. *shrugs*

  • Caprica, OMG. It had better get renewed, is all I can say.

  • Have been teaching Amelia this poem, because she should KNOW it, and stuff. Also, If anyone knows where I can get the pattern for that turtle (which I only found a minute ago when searching for a link to the poem), let me know? I'd much rather make it than buy it.

  • I'd post a Song of the Day, but I really want to get back to winding my yarn. Lady Eleanor awaits!
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Hmm. I'll go to work, and hopefully get home before all the drunk people leave the bars. I'll recover by waking up and being relieved that the stupid holiday is finally over.

Yeah, I know I sound cynical, but I hate New Year's Eve. It's just an exuse for everyone to get drunk. It's not the getting drunk that bothers me, not at all. It's millions of people acting like lemmings that makes me a little sick. It's basically a meaningless holiday as far as I'm concerned. New Year's Day is okay, especially when someone has a party with mimosas and lots of food, but I haven't gone to one of those in a long time.

And anyway, my new year starts in October:

In other news, I'm going to try to peer switch for Monday so I can go here.

In still other news, my (borrowed) car needs a new clutch, to the tune of $675.

In even more other news, I went to a Triple Goddess ritual (during a Blue Moon!) celebrated by Spiral Tree Grove, and it was awesome and all that good stuff, and also very nice to get back to Things Pagan again. I think I'll go to their Imbolc celebration also.
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My Christmas Eve gift to all (very worksafe):

See, this is a truly selfless gift, as I do not actually like bananas. *basks in holiday spirit*

And now? Gotta go to work.
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  • I own three copies of Black House (So far. I'm not ruling out finding another one in a box somewhere). Two of these are hardcover.

  • Mary has invited me to go with her and Juliana to Calgary next year. I may have held my arm out for her to twist gently, before saying yes. Hopefully I can talk her into staying longer than her suggested five days. Because um. FIVE DAYS? Still, yay Calgary!

  • Song of the Day:

  • Tomorrow we go to Meadowbrook's annual Holiday Faire. I've missed the last couple of years, which is a shame since I do a whole bunch of my holiday shopping there. They have all sorts of professional vendors who rent tables and sell everything from silk dresses to handmade wooden toys to organic herbal bath products to hand-dyed wool for felting to one-of-a-kind glass ornaments--all sorts of unique stuff like that. Since my goal every season is to get non-generic gifts and get all my shopping done without once setting foot in a mall, it's the perfect place. And it supports an awesome school.

  • Have finished Torchwood (which is a very amazing show; you should watch it if you haven't yet), and have read some fic, with mixed reviews. Not all are bad--some are really very good, but I still haven't found a fandom with a more consistently talented bunch of writers than C6D. Having said that, the Torchwood bunch are pretty resourceful when it comes to AUs. My theory is that it's because for TW, AU is canon. Also and possibly unrelated, some of the stuff I've read about the behaviour of the more fringe-y part of the fandom makes me want to do this:

  • Blog of the Day: Stuff White People Like. I'm particularly partial to this one, this one and this one.
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So, y'know how there are all sorts of US versions of British shows that have the same basic premise and plot as the original but are set in middle America instead of the UK?

Well, along those same lines? There should so be a Torchwood Canada. No, really, there should.
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  • For the five or so people who haven't seen this, here's the video version of Jian Ghomeshi's interview with Hugh Dillon on CBC's Q:

  • CHURCHFAIL: I missed church today because I mistakenly thought the service started at 9:30, when it actually started at 9. I got there at like 9:03 and didn't want to barge into choir without having rehearsed this morning OR on Wednesday night (which was thankfully an excused absence) so I left without even getting out of my car. There was an 11:00 service I could have gone to but I was too embarrassed to do it. Hopefully I can explain myself adequately this Wednesday.

  • Yesterday I saw Capitalism: A Love Story at the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge. As much as Michael Moore has his issues, I'm usually charmed and informed by his movies, and this one was no exception. I still might make a more indepth post about it, but the best thing I learned was what an amazing guy FDR was, and how radically different the world would be if he had lived to make his dream of a Second Bill of Rights real.

  • After the movie I went to Shabu-ya in Harvard Square for dinner. I had been looking for Shilla, where I always go when I'm in Harvard Square; apparently it has recently merged with another place owned by the same family into a shabu-shabu restaurant. Since I had no idea what shabu-shabu was or even that this particular place served it, I went with maguro sashimi and yummy seafood-scallion pancake. Nom nom. I sort of hate the Star Trek TOS-type decor, but the food was really good, so I'll definitely go back.

  • Firefox has been sucking recently--constantly crashing on me for no apparent reason. Is anyone else having the same problem or is it something to do with my computer? I suppose I should reinstall it to see if that helps, but I've been lazy about it.

  • Dear Flashpoint: Cop shows aren't supposed to make me cry. I forgive you completely, however, because you are love with a side of awesomesauce.

  • Which brings me to the Song of the Day:

It's kind of obviously about residential schools (as much as any Hip song can be said to be about any one specific thing), but it also fits in with the themes of the episode really well. Flashpoint
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Yeah. So I'm trying to download something, and this guy is watching YouTube after YouTube and slowing it down. and then there are two guys who keep switching back and forth between tennis and Monster Truck Jam on television.

People actually enjoy watching giant trucks with giant wheels and names like "Maximum Destruction" and "Grave Digger" drive over things. I can't figure out how they score it. How many big things someone can drive over without flipping their truck, maybe? Jeebus.
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  • So my amazing family and my BFF all got together and bought me the best birthday present ever. I haven't used my desktop since I got it. :D :D

  • Oh, and speaking of presents, thank you so much to [ profile] eldritchhobbit for the virtual presents!

  • Moving into a much, much smaller place is some kind of Buddhist act of casting off worldly goods. Or a hair-pulling act of frustration. I'm trying really hard to think of it as the former. And oddly, I'm succeeding. For the moment, anyway (which, um. Is also Buddhist. *g*).

  • Of all the dorky comms out there--and I mean this as an extreme compliment--I've yet to find one more wondrously dorky than [ profile] rockmemrspeaker. I've always thought that [ profile] h20_wtf ran pretty high up the dork-o-meter, but I think this one tops it.

  • Dear Stephen Colbert: MARRY ME PLZ. Dear Mr. President: LESS THAN THREE X ABOUT A BAZILLION.

  • Whether it's science or God or technology or magic or plain blind luck, I will never be convinced that there are no such things as miracles. Case in point.

  • One of the three thousand cool things about Scarecrow and Mrs. King is that all the guys wear suits. I guess even hardcore KGB agents want to look their best when they show up at spy headquarters in the morning. This is also a good show for playing Generic Bad Guy Bingo (which I suck at, but mneh).

  • I've offically cancelled my vacation for June. Since I've been out of work for almost a month, you'd think this wouldn't bother me much. Thing is, schlepping around southern New England trying to move house and recover from random and very owie back issues does not equate with hanging around London and Stratford and Toronto (oh, my!) with my kid. I'm putting in for vacation in mid- to late August, but still. Wah.

  • Now that I'm seriously pushing fifty, I've been thinking about doing some Epic Travelling to celebrate. It's two years away, so I've got a little time to plan (and save money OMG). I've been thinking about doing the Northwest for a while now but haven't figured out exactly how. So, anyway, yesterday's Vinyl Cafe broadcast was recorded from this train, and Stuart MacLean waxed so eloquent about the trip (and yeah, I know, using "Stuart MacLean" and "waxed eloquent" in the same sentence is redundant), I've added it to the List of Possibilities.

    Also on the list are:

    • U.S. Route 66.
    • U.S. Route 1, probably the north to south trek. And I could visit [ profile] patchfire along the way, whee!. Well, okay, it's not exactly "along the way". But I'd definitely make the detour. :)
    • Belgium. I'd try very hard to talk [ profile] bjohan57 into doing at least part of this one with me.
    • Oz and New Zealand.
    • Ireland (this sounds like a great tour group, even though my usual trip of choice is to travel by myself).
    • The Dempster Highway. Not so much alone for this one. I'd be afraid of breaking down in the middle of nowhere and dying of exposure or being eaten by lemmings or something.
    • The Alaska Highway.

    Some of these will eventually rule themselves out for sheer cost, and some could very well mean skipping vacation entirely next year (I'm not entirely sure I could DO such a thing, mind you). And I'll probably add to the list a lot in the next few months. A couple of these trips could actually be combined. You know, like if I win the lottery or something. I figure some kind of tentative planning should happen within a year or so.

oh, dear.

Apr. 7th, 2009 09:38 pm
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What is wrong with the Hill Cam? *angsts*

ETA: It's fixed! The world is again officially safe for beaurocracy democracy.
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Blog post title I found while doing some story research on the interwebz:

No I've Never Been To Spain, But I've Been To Tuktoyaktuk.

Why yes, I am easily amused, why do you ask?

ETA: And because now I can't get the darned thing out of my head, here:

Three Dog Night - Never Been to Spain

*goes back to writing furiously*
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Annoying RL is annoying.

This? Makes me happy:

[ profile] suchthefangirl, you may now commence with the mocking. ;)
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Since I've been awake since four-thirty and since [ profile] marymarymaryk has this thing called "television":

Cee Enn Enn, baybee, now with bullet list! )

Okay, I'm gonna be done now. I got up way too early.


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