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We got home yesterday and I'm still in post-trip letdown lethargy mode. I've missed a zillion flist posts, woe, but I'm too blah to play catch-up right now. I'll try to go through them tomorrow. I do care, really!.

I'll do a recap and also post pictures eventually (I really did manage to take slightly different ones from last year), but um. See first sentence.

I do have to post this one, though. Found in the hostel washroom, in a frame with no glass:

How weird is this? )

I spent actual time staring at it until I figured out that yes, it really was who I thought it was. And it was in a FRAME. Apparently the universe is telling me to start writing, like now, kid. Okay, okay, when I'm over the blahs. And then there's the whole 'leaving again in less than two weeks' thing.
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In order to finish my story I have to watch me some canon. Trouble is, I don't have the files on this computer which means have to get up and walk into the living room to get my DVDs. I know, the HORROR!

I will finish the story, though because I'm not about to abuse my extension. This means a walk into the living room is in my very near future. *nods firmly*

Here's what I've been doing while gathering energy:

Gods, I'm lazy.
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That eight truths and two lies thing )

Guess them right and I'll write something for you in the comments (fannish or original, whatever. If you want something specific, I'll take a prompt). Oh, and you might not want to read the comments until you guess.

[ profile] patchfire will likely get them right anyway, but still. ;)
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Because I totally have nothing else to do, I now have an actual blog (it's really on account of [ profile] topaz7 having one).

Go see, go see!

Primrose's Blog of Awesome.

And! If you have a blog on blogger, let me know! I mean, I'll natter on in a vacuum if I have to, but I'd rather have captive willing victims readers.

And yes, I'll have those snippets done tomorrow. Because as I said, I totally have nothing else to do. Besides, throwing myself into getting the writing done will help keep me from biting my fecking nails off while waiting for the Upload Fairy ([ profile] malnpudl, don't click link if you don't want spoilers. Not that you're reading this because you are partying in Seattle.)
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  • From [ profile] pegkerr:

    Mom puts bullying daughter in her place. I don't know how I feel about this. On the one hand, school bullying needs to be stopped, like last century. On the other, isn't this just another form of bullying? It's kind of a scarlet letter.

  • If you like new music (and by 'new' I mean 'stuff you might not know' as opposed to 'stuff written yesterday') and you haven't done it yet, go join [ profile] lunatunes. This week's theme is Canadian music, and no, I didn't suggest it. :P.

  • I'm in the middle of a massive triage of my wardrobe. Dude, there are clothes in my closet I haven't warn since the early nineties at the latest. Also I have a whole pile of skirts that are designed to look like hippie-chic but instead serve to make me look like Mother Hubbard. The Salvation Army will be happy to get all of these, I'm hoping. They're in good shape.

  • This wants to inspire a fic. I don't want it to. *resists* :

    Jann Arden - Insensitive

  • Some YouTube for Yoo:

    Thanks to [ profile] sdwolfpup for even more fic inspiration the link:

  • [ profile] aingeal8c has posted the second annual Big dS LJ Fandom Poll. She's trying to garner info on the State of The Fandom '07. Go help her out, if you haven't already. It's fun and painless. *g*

  • My writer's block is definitely over, but still needs a jump start. I think people missed this last time I posted it, so I'll try again:

    Name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudocanon. .
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From [ profile] birth_is_normal. Gods, this is gorgeous. And triumphant and inspiring and all those good words:

In other news, I think my writers' block is going away! \0

So, to give it a push,

Name a character and I'll tell you three (or more) facts about them from my own personal pseudocanon.

(meme lifted from [ profile] dragonflymuse)

Also, if anyone has any ABBA, could you share? I'd love to hear me some ABBA (shut up), and I don't want to open my computer-sucking file-getting program to get it.
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For some odd reason, there's a fireworks display outside my window. Well, okay, not immediately outside my window, but close enough for me to see it, so Pawtucket or Central Falls or North Providence (I have no idea which because I have no sense of direction whatsoever). Did I miss a holiday? (Hmm, it's stopped now. It only lasted about a half-hour, I wonder what it actually was. Tomorrow is [ profile] i_am_a_hannah's birthday, so maybe that's it. :) )

Also, I spent the day with my mom, taking her to the cardiologist and the DMV and shopping, and she's really doing fine. The doc's cutting her lisinopril dosage in half, and is considering cutting it out altogether. Yay for one less med! She's also not showing any signs of being short of breath anymore. When I used to go shopping with her, she'd have to keep stopping to catch her breath, and she doesn't now. She says she's tired, but that's it, and my guess is most of her tiredness is the eleventy-million other meds she's on. Since this was what her surgery was supposed to accomplish (not being SOB, not her being tired), I'd say it worked. :) The doc also said she could drive again, and she's very happy for that, because she hates not being independent. So, yay, everything seems to be going along nicely. :D

In other news, I'm having minor writers' block, and I obviously won't get my [ profile] ds_aprilfools table done in April. I am planning on finishing it, though, 'cause it's fun and I should be able to write again soon. My blocks don't last very long, thankfully. I'm going to work through this one by a. cleaning my room, b. Doing more research for the Barrett's Privateers story, and c. Making a rough outline of the kidfic. Not necessarily in that order, 'cause I'm lazy and hate cleaning my room.

In still other news, Ellen is back from the car hospital, and is also doing quite nicely. She has brand-y new brake rotors and pads, and a new temperature sensor for the engine, which it looks like will help her in going up hills better. The old one wasn't working. No wonder the poor thing didn't want to go up hills. Her engine sounds great, now. Yay. She's been behaving since she came home. Al the mechanic is a nice guy, and she had Bucky with her the entire time (I found him at the Salvation Army and was going to keep him, but decided Ellen needed company. Yes, I'm odd).

In conclusion, Paul Gross with a mullet:

[ profile] omphale23 has labelled the hairstyle the Paullet (in the same post where, I might add, she also commits Aspen Extreme fic). I haven't sufficient words to thank her for either of these things. I am not worthy.
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  • Imeem is like YouTube, only cooler.

    Exhibit A: Best XF Vid Ever. Song choice ftw!

  • Am behind on [ profile] ds_aprilfools due to temporary writers block meets RL. Will have to post several things at once, alas.

  • I missed [ profile] bjohan57's birthday, mostly because she doesn't put it in her profile, and also [ profile] muskratjamboree. She wants picspam as penance/present. Or I could write something, if my block goes away soon.

  • Sent [ profile] peacey the dS pilot. I love being a crack dealer.

  • I'm really going to work on learning to vid, because the ideas in my head won't go away.

  • Speaking about vidding: last weekend [ profile] omphale23 introduced me to WWI Fanvids. No, I am not lying. Look for yourself. Of course, they're called "tributes", not fanvids, but they're identical in form and techniques. It's vaguely disturbing but the weird thing is that it's impossible to look away.

  • Germany has a Complaints Choir, whee! I've been waiting for this.

  • Work for the next three days. I don't do Easter, but I would have liked to have been with the kids. *sigh*

  • [ profile] mickeymvt is going to co-author a story with me. I've never done that. We should chat soon, dear.

  • [ profile] eltonroo! [ profile] mr_t00by and I will be going to see the Sox play the Jays at Fenway July 14 ([ profile] mr_t00by's birthday). I'll be thinking of you the whole time the Jays are getting their arses kicked. It's the least I can do for such a nice guy. :)

  • More later. I'm in a bullet lists kinda mood. :)
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  • I went to bed at 12:30 a.m., go me. Yes, you read it here first, folks. So now I'm trying to talk myself out of talking myself out of going to church. I'm still sleepy like I was last night, and I'm really beginning to think it's Adderall-induced fatigue. I hate that, but darnit, the stuff works for me jobwise. So, anyway, I really should go to church and actually try to be social. I don't have a church up here in the wilds of Northern RI yet, and I've been to this one and I like it (and not only that, they even have a CUUPS group), so, um. Yeah.

  • I have a cell phone again, yay! I was eligible for an upgrade (actually, I used [ profile] mr_t00by's upgrade, since he used mine when his phone broke last year). This thing has all sorts of features, like woah, a camera, which I don't really need, but apparently all the new ones have one.

  • Speaking of cameras, I haven't forgotten the picspam meme. I don't have a camera cable and the port for my SD card doesn't appear to be working, either. As soon as those problems are taken care of, I'll post pictures again. *sigh*

  • The first time I heard about this, I pretty much sat back and waited for this. I'm apparently not the only predictable one in the universe. *loves* Also: Prospect of a S&A spinoff = good. I'm not holding my breath, but still. Much with the yay at the very notion. Also #2: Dear Toronto Sun: Please update your picture files. You can even have one of mine. Honestly.

  • I'd better stop procrastinating and actually get a passport. Trivia: I look naked in my old one, because I was wearing a sundress with no straps, and it was a head shot (and hey, I was twenty years old, I could get away with dresses like that back then). Also, if the US government is forcing me to get a passport, shouldn't they pay for it? I mean, yeah, if I was going to France I'd say fine, because France would make me have one, too. But I'm going to Nova Scotia, fergodssake, and I'm pretty sure it's the US that cares if I have one or not, not Canada. Without a passport I can go there, but I can't come back. *narrows eyes* Hmmmm. "I'm sorry, work/family/etc., I'm not allowed back in the country. I know, it's a tragedy." *buys warm clothes, dresses in layers, enrolls here, joins travelling fiddle troupe, has weekly ceilidhs, wins lottery, imports family, buys us all houses*

  • I finally had to go to the mall last evening, because that's where the Cingular store is. I did my part for Capitalism by purchasing books, how surprising! I got Making Sense of the Troubles: The Story of the Conflict in Northern Ireland (because, y'know, I need another book on Irish history), and also Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Complete Concordance (because the DT owns my soul, say thankya).

  • I never noticed it before, but Stan Rogers? Had a sexy voice (is there another word for "sexy", because I hate that word, and is it okay to say dead people have sexy voices?). I never really noticed it until I put "Fisherman's Wharf" (my current favourite Stan song *g*) on my iPod. Maybe it's just me, because I'm a sucker for husky baritone voices. Here, listen:

    Stan Rogers - Fisherman's Wharf

  • I basically have to go to ComicCon New York, don't I? Because, *sputter*
    Now I just have to figure out what day and buy tickets for [ profile] mr_t00by and I before they're gone. If they're not already.

  • Oh, and [ profile] joandarck? I can't get the whole Barrett's Privateers/Irish Rover/DS/Crossover!Fixit!AU out of my head. I think I might really really have to write it. I'm not sure if I want to thank you for this or run screaming from the room, because I'm thinking serious story, not crackfic, and it's gonna mean research. If I do it, it'll be the first really long thing I've ever written. Now to figure out what's Irish for Kowalski.

  • I've sufficiently talked myself into going to church (because I'm NOT a hermit, honest!), so I'd better go get ready. And then, yay, housework!

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Is this available for download anywhere? I'm going to try for a torrent, but it'd be easier if someone actually had the file.

My inner Incredible Geeking Woman and my ever-growing adoration for the brilliance that is Don McKellar would be ever so grateful.

In other news, I want to stay home and write, not go to work. [ profile] llassah and I were discussing pastiche!fic, and of course strayed OT, and now I've got "Geoffrey Tennant and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" stuck in my head as a title, which I'll probably leave to her to write because she's so much better at it than I am. :) This idea is not quite as brain 'splodey as the idea of Geoffrey as a contestant on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me's "Not My Job" section, which [ profile] sam80853 thinks I should write.


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