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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] patchfire!

Here, Willie wants to sing for you:

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Happy birthday to my [ profile] patchfire, sine qua non. *throws confetti*

♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Here, have a song:

Elton John - Elderberry Wine
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Top 100 book meme from [ profile] aingeal8c

I should really make my own list )

I'm not sure what publication put this list out, but geez. Is this really what most people read? Because, yeah, I've read a few, but still, some of them are in serious wtf-ville.

I'm interested to see how many you guys have read, with special emphasis on [ profile] peacey, because she's a reader, a writer, and a lover of Great Works of all types, and also [ profile] patchfire, because she reads incessantly and insightfully (and reallyreallyfast).

ETA: There was a section left out of the meme that puts some sense into the list: "The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed. Well let's see."
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[ profile] patchfire, have you ever heard of Red State Rebels: Tales of Grassroots Resistance in the Heartland?

It's not specifically about the South (in fact, I think it's more about the Midwest/West), but it sounds like something you might like.

Also, [ profile] stormymouse, [ profile] j_s_cavalcante and [ profile] eldritchhobbit sent me LJ-prezzies.!

*looks disdainfully at recent posts*

Hardly any fannish stuff recently. Not Fun. Maybe after my weekend from hell is over? Yes, definitely. I have a story due, after all. :D

Things that are not hellish: [ profile] mr_t00by graduates from high school today, and later I get to see Amelia. Whee!

Things that are definitely hellish: Moving heavy furniture this Sunday after a night of no sleep in really hot weather when I have to work AGAIN Sunday night. I'm thinking of saying screw it and paying this month's rent so I can do it next week. Because ugh. I don't think it's healthy.
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Axial Tilt assignment done.

Going to bed now, but EEEEEEEEEP!.

[ profile] patchfire, I know you probably weren't in the area, but do get in touch nonetheless, darling. I worry.

P.S. Cabbagetown? I thought that was in Toronto. Maybe it flew south for the winter?
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...because I'm surfing YouTube and also because this song reminds me of my [ profile] patchfire, who I adore utterly and don't talk to nearly enough these days:

(and really, this vid should be viewed fullscreen, so go here to do it).
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  • No g-word!baby yet. I'll let y'all know as soon as I can when s/he finally arrives. *SO EXCITED*

  • For us politics junkies, it's a wonderful time to be a dork. *crosses fingers for Australia and Canada* And yay, The Dalai Lama! I adore him even if the Chinese don't want me to.

  • Slept a good part of the day yesterday because of my evening-into-night double shift on Sunday. This is why I didn't get a chance to officially wish [ profile] patchfire a happy birthday. I'm sure she knows I was thinking of her anyway, but I wanted to mention it here nonetheless. Because she's pushing thirty now, and you know how cranky some elderly people can get (And if she's elderly, I'm DEAD.) *hugs*

  • Speaking of [ profile] patchfire, she and I both have decided that we need to learn to vid ASAP. So, what do you think, darling, maybe we could make up some kind of pseudocurriculum and learn it together that way?

  • Speaking of vidding (don't you love how all this randomness is almost bordering on the not!random? Go segues!), I've decided that since I only have a thousand other things to do, I'd do a post of some of my favourite vids. I'll probably do the non-dS vids first, and then do another post with just dS vids. And now you know. *g*

  • I did get a big chunk of my room cleaned last night. Another reason I didn't make a LJ post. If [ profile] patchfire wasn't out celebrating being almost thirty she would have wanted to chat, and since she's too pretty to turn down I'd have stayed up chatting and not cleaning. Which would have been more fun, but not very productive. *sigh*

  • is fun and addictive and a huge time waster. I'm trying to get all my unbundled tags bundled and it's the main reason I stayed up too late last night.

  • Still on S5 of The Sopranos. I'm still loving the show, but I didn't appreciate the scene in 5x06 that as far as I'm concerned was bloody violence for the sake of bloody violence without really adding to the plot. I mean, yeah, what happened to the character throughout the whole episode sends his life into a tailspin but the violent act wasn't necessary because we already KNEW his situation was tanking and fast. It's a good show, it doesn't need gratuitous scenes like that. No love, Sopranos, no love.

  • Stephen Colbert on All Things Considered. Really. Listen to this interview. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY, I PROMISE YOU.

    Example of why this man is not only an utter genius, but also the Left's best stealth weapon: "I'm on record as saying that reality has a well-known liberal bias." I can't wait to read his book.I want to marry him and have his little stealth genius babies.

  • If the sky doesn't fall (and maybe even if it does)[ profile] peacey and I will be going back to Stratford in 2008 for Hamlet. Believe it or not, I've never seen this play all the way through, although I'm sure I've seen the whole thing in bits and pieces. I'm looking forward to it big time, because, Yay, Stratford!

    It's a real shame my Wayback Machine is imaginary (and therefore nonfunctional) because then I could see this production.

  • [ profile] sam80853, I'm plugging away at your beta. Fantastic idea for a fic, btw. Be prepared to be overwhelmed (or is that overcome) by the sheer wordiness of my beta skillz. You might just hate me forever for being OMG SO WORDY. *g*

  • Today's Website of Awesome: The Cats on the Hill have their own blog. ♥♥♥

    ETA: According to the site, the address of the blogger (name of Klaus J. Gerken) is:

    Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, North America, Planet Earth,
    the Sol Planetary system, the "Milky Way" Galaxy, the Virgo cluster of Galaxies,
    the Universe, and whatever is beyond or ever was before.

    Cat!Blogger wins at addresses.

  • Okay, Wake, it's up to you.
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  • See, now, this is why I get the CBC newsfeed:

    "It's a little bit of a shocker. Not the greatest way to wake up, but beats a cup of coffee, I guess, to get the blood going."

  • Am taking fiddle classes at the Blackstone River Theatre. A world of yay. I finally got my own fiddle back from the Fiddle Fixer Guy. Complete new set of strings and the bridge is back where it belongs (of course, I proceeded to break a string while tuning it and had to get another one). Am going to practise as soon as I'm wearing clothes instead of a post-shower towel.

  • I had a strange dream about Cape Breton last night. I was going with staff and patients from some random unit at work. Apparently we were only going to be there for a couple of days and were staying in a tiny tent with very little room to move around (I think this is the result of reading more of No Man's River directly before going to sleep). We were trying to decide where to go and one of the staff (a woman who reminded me of a cross between [ profile] mr_t00by's class teacher in grades 3-8 and my psych clinicals professor) showed me a picture of somewhere I'd never heard of and said she wanted to go there. I was all, no, we have to go to Baddeck". I don't remember what was decided. Also there was a female patient (who AFAIK doesn't actually exist IRL) who was obsessed with the colour purple. Everything was purple, her notebook, her pen, her clothes.

    I remember walking around in the sunshine, and at first I thought it was summer but then there was all kinds of snow on the ground so I figured it was late winter/early spring (apparently I didn't know what season I was travelling in) I remember saying, "I can do Cape Breton in the Winter". Which I can, since I've never been there at any other time. We were also at a beach at one point, which was windy and cold.

    I woke up with an awful sense of melancholy that I couldn't quite figure out until I realized that Celtic Colours starts in two days and I will not be there. *sigh* One good thing about not going is that if I'd gone I probably wouldn't have gone to Ottawa, and that was fecking amazing (and necessary, and quite possibly catalytic). See next list item for Another Good Thing.

  • My reason for not going to Celtic Colours isn't melancholy in the least. [ profile] tapped_trish is expecting her baby on 10/17, and I went with her for her doc's appointment yesterday. [ profile] croosa was there, too. *g* I was pleasantly surprised when he said he wouldn't check her for dilation unless she wanted to be checked (she didn't). Doc Rating is now up several points.

  • Had another dream last night which I remember almost nothing about except that I'm pretty sure Diefenbaker was in it (this Diefenbaker, not the other one, because well, that would have been really really weird). Now I'm really blaming my dreams on Farley Mowat, because there are wolves in No Man's River.

  • Finally talked to [ profile] mr_t00by about reinstalling AIM. He told me which version to try. Cross your fingers, [ profile] patchfire.

  • Speaking of Ottawa (we were, honest, just a few items ago), the other day I was out for a walk around Providence (I took some pictures which I'll post as soon as I have access to a computer that can upload them) and stopped in at Cellar Stories Bookstore. I'd never been there before. It's musty and full of old shelves and tables cluttered with all sorts of books (like a really good-condition version of Lovecraft's Providence which I've wanted forever and would have bought but I didn't want to spend seventy bucks). Anyway, I found Building the Rideau Canal: A Pictorial History, in really good shape. Of course I bought it. I'm a dork, remember? Also I found an old copy of The Library of Parliament. It doesn't list a publication date, but it has to be after 1976 because it mentions the Centennial of the Library, and before August 1979 because the foreward is by John Diefenbaker (now it's the other Diefenbaker. :D), and he died on 9/17/79 (and no, I didn't know that already. I looked it UP).

  • YouTube video of the day (I should really actually post one every day, but I'll probably forget):

    Oh, Pete. *loves*

    "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy" is prophetic and is pretty much how I feel about what's happening today in Iraq.
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Dear Flist,

I'm not ignoring you, I'm just in the midst of packing/running around/reading Harry Potter. I'm leaving tomorrow and I'm not exactly sure where I'm spending the night. Hopefully I can make the border by the time I have to stop (why does this sentence sound like a songfic of El Paso?). I have Stuff to Do as far as fic, etc. goes, but as I'm bringing my laptop and I should have quite a bit of downtime, I should be able to get stuff done.

Also, [ profile] patchfire! The battery on my phone died and I got your message late (and only part of it). Call me tomorrow? I'm going to bed early. *loves*



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[ profile] peacey, [ profile] patchfire, and anyone else who for some reason wishes to get in touch via IM tonight, I'll be around, but probably about elevenish. I've been invited to see Maya Angelou at PPAC, and who am I to turn such a wonderful opportunity down?

I shall return. Er. I'll be back.

Okay, don't really want to sound like Douglas MacArthur OR the Governator.

Catch y'all later. Okay, that works.

*dashes off*
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[ profile] peacey and [ profile] patchfire: AIM isn't letting me sign on tonight. I'm hoping it's just a glitch and that I'll be able to get on tomorrow before work. [ profile] patchfire, you can call me if you have any info that I need before I call AAA. I don't have your number on my new phone or I would have called you earlier.

Bleh. Technology fails when you most need it.
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  • If someone doesn't use this in some sort of crackfic, it'll be a crying shame.

    • Oh, and speaking of fic:

      Moments by Veronamay. She says it's "mostly gen"; I think it's a little more complex than that. And gods, it's gorgeous.

  • Paul Gross needs a blog. No, really, he does. Think about it this way: Neil Gaiman is this intelligent, outspoken, enthusiastic guy. He has a million ideas in his head and he likes to talk about them, so he uses his blog to do just that. If it works for Neil, why wouldn't it work for Paul, who's also an intelligent, outspoken guy with a million ideas in his head that he likes to talk about? Hey, I'd read it. He could call it "A Bizarre Unholy Collision Between Art and Commerce" (accessible at bucbac dot com).

  • While we're on the (semi) subject, I realised earlier that in yesterday's post I linked to a picture of Stephen Harper in a cowboy Hat (this picture just had to have been taken during a campaign trip to Alberta).

    • Now. Willie Nelson is much more of a cowboy than sai Harper will ever be, so he deserves to be showcased in a hat, as well:

    • Also, Paul Gross looks better in a cowboy hat than Harper, and was actually born in Alberta:

    • He also makes a prettier PM:

  • [ profile] patchfire and [ profile] peacey: I'll be around tomorrow evening for Holiday Plan Discussion.
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Also, [ profile] patchfire and/or [ profile] peacey, I'm running out to the store (well, walk out to the store, as opposed to driving, since Ellen is in car!hospital), then I'll be back. If you're around, we can discuss Travel Plans.

Yay, I have Travel Plans to discuss, whee!


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