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I think I'm going to unsub from all my political groups on LJ and keep the political stuff mostly on facebook. Not that I won't post or rant about politics at all, but I really want to get back into fandom, and keeping this space as mostly-fannish/semi-personal will help a LOT. I may keep a few of my news feeds, but I can read them on Google, so there's really no need.

I'm going to try to make at least two posts here a week to start with. A lot of fandom is passing me by, and I want back in! So, that's where you guys come in. Tell me important stuff that's going on! Meetups? Challenges? I want to WRITE again! Definitely doing DSSS as usual (the day I don't do that, I'll know I'm out of fandom, and I'm NOT OUT OF FANDOM, DAMMIT), so I have to get in gear! Help, plz?

Now I'm off to the YMCA (cue dorky dancing) to renew my membership. IT'S (ALMOST) AUTUMN AND I'M PUMPED, GUYS! :)
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Hey, all,

I'm working tomorrow evening and won't be able to catch this when it's broadcast. Does anyone know if it'll be archived anywhere and/or is there anybody who might have a means of recording/uploading it? I'm thinking it'll be eventually uploaded to the YouTube page, but just in case? :)
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Hey, flist! Got a question for you. Does anyone know where I could find a list of LJ-based RPGs that are taking new members? I haven't RPed in a while and I miss it and would love to do it again. Now that I'm (reasonably) settled in my new place, I have time. I like multifandom ones, but I'd be open to anything.

And hey, why is there no C6D RPG? At least AFAIK there isn't. One of the characters I'd like to play doesn't fit into the category, but still, it would be cool if something like that happened.
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I've fallen madly in love with this scarf and have decided I need desperately to make it. The problem is, I don't really know where and how to start. As generous as the designer is with her posting of the charts for the letters, she doesn't give a pattern for the scarf as a whole. So, knitters on my flist, I need your help.

Does anyone know how to incorporate these charts into a scarf? I don't think it would be terribly difficult, but I'm not sure how to start, how much yarn I'd need, etc. Help?

I want to knit this bad enough that I'm thinking about finding a LYS that offers a bring-your-own-project class. Isn't it gorgeous?

Inspiration scarf
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[ profile] sistermagpie has started a discussion of Susan Boyle and why her story resonates with so many people, and also of reality TV/pop idol shows and why they're so popular. Interesting discussion so far.

Discussion is here, if you're interested.
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I got a spam email with a subject that says, "Определение маркетинговой стратегии в периуд кризиса."

[ profile] _scally, I need your mad Russian translation skillz (and by "mad Russian" I do not mean Ivan the Terrible). What is it saying?

If it's telling me how to have a bigger penis, I can't even do that in English.


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