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I think I'm going to unsub from all my political groups on LJ and keep the political stuff mostly on facebook. Not that I won't post or rant about politics at all, but I really want to get back into fandom, and keeping this space as mostly-fannish/semi-personal will help a LOT. I may keep a few of my news feeds, but I can read them on Google, so there's really no need.

I'm going to try to make at least two posts here a week to start with. A lot of fandom is passing me by, and I want back in! So, that's where you guys come in. Tell me important stuff that's going on! Meetups? Challenges? I want to WRITE again! Definitely doing DSSS as usual (the day I don't do that, I'll know I'm out of fandom, and I'm NOT OUT OF FANDOM, DAMMIT), so I have to get in gear! Help, plz?

Now I'm off to the YMCA (cue dorky dancing) to renew my membership. IT'S (ALMOST) AUTUMN AND I'M PUMPED, GUYS! :)
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I had just about finished formatting and entering my story for [ profile] ds_ssdiscussion, complete with a lot of minor story edits and important stuff like that, and Firefox decided that this would be a jolly old time to crash on me. sflhsd;f asf;s. Will re-edit and post in the morning because right now I'm too pissed off and would probably miss stuff.

Grr, argh. I'm going to the wine store.
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Aaand now for the big reveal!

[ profile] elementalv wrote A Partner Called Ray (F/K, PG) for me! And it's a crossover! And there's Dead!Bob, just like I wanted, and all sorts of wonderful other things, like good writing and everyone being all IC and all. Everyone go read it and tell her how cool she is.

Also, for the four of you who couldn't tell, my DSSS fic is First Day of my Life (F/K, PG-13, written for [ profile] ximeria).

When I was frantically finishing it up (last minute as usual, at my mother's house on Block Island without my own computer or a room of my own to write in), I swore I would NEVER do DSSS again. IIRC, It's what I said last year, too. I'll almost definitely do it again, though. It's like having a baby, sorta. It's good pain, it's creative pain; the kind that's forgotten as soon as it's done.

This is the video that inspired the thing, and even though I've linked to it before I'm doing it again because it's such a beautiful vid that everyone needs to see it (and I dare you not to get at least a little teary, in a good way):


And eep! I almost forgot! [ profile] dragonflymuse, I got your present! I love it! I'm going to stick it on my new coat and confuse the heck out of my co-workers. *hugs and twirls*


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